Tory MP: Conservative Gay Marriage Plans ‘Barking Mad’

DaviddaviesWith David Cameron, Boris Johnson and other high-profile conservative leaders across the pond coming out for marriage equality, expect to hear and see plenty of dissension from party peers who stick to more traditional right-wing politics, particularly MP David TC Davies.

He’s actually already started, saying this weekend that his fellow Tories’ plan pushing for same-sex marriage are “barking mad.”

“There is a political calculation here, at some level, that this is going to be good and if we go ahead with it David Cameron’s going to be carried shoulder high back into number 10 by Stonewall activists, and it simply isn’t going to happen,” said Davies during an interview with BBC Radio Wales.

“What is going to happen is that we’re going to lose a large number of very loyal activists who’ve gone out and campaigned for us over the years and who don’t like this idea, so politically it’s barking mad.”

The most egregious of Davies odious remarks, however, was his assertion, most parents would prefer their children not to be gay.”

I think most people are very tolerant and have no problem at all if people are gay but, and I hate to say this in a way because I expect it’s going to cause controversy, but I think most parents would prefer their children not to be gay, knowing most parents want grandchildren if nothing else.

Despite his clear aggression toward gay people, Davies also claimed, “If there are any sort of areas where there isn’t full equality with married couples then I’d be more than happy to support making changes to civic ceremonies…” How generous…


  1. melvin says

    Barking and Dorking and Shellow Bowells! Most people would probably want their kids to be right handed, blue eyed, Christian subscribers to whatever dominant paradigm is on offer, but guess what?

    Most people are fecking loons, that’s what.

  2. Ron says

    The real people who are “barking mad” are the anti-gay Christians who bully LGBT people and the ex gay anti-gay Christians and anti-gay Christian psychotherapist who cause children and adults to kill themselves. Those are your mad men who are barking mad.

  3. Greg says

    he doesn’t sound like a bigoted man at all. He disagrees with a political position on gay marriage but is in favor of complete equality otherwise. I sure wish the GOP had this brand of bigot.

  4. simon says

    There is no space for civil discourse if the opposite side keeps on using irrational arguments. Like Lily Allen, a UK singer, in one of her songs said : f**k you very much.

  5. TampaZeke says

    @GREG, we actually DID have politicians in this country who supported a position like his. They were called “segregationsists” and they, like he, were rightly called ignorant bigots.

  6. Stefan says

    This is far from “clear aggression toward gay people.” Is he a jerk? Yeah. But he was talking about the politics of a conservative party supporting gay marriage, and obviously his opinion that many loyal voters and activists will be lost is probably true. If Romney had supported gay marriage, for example, would he not have received even fewer Republican votes. Sure, obviously.

    I don’t like the guy or his politics, but there are a lot more odious politicians to deal with.

  7. Kevin Foster says

    Logic shoots down every “point” this man makes, revealing his stance is based solely on the rankest of bigotry or just plain hate:

    “We’re going to lose a large number of very loyal activists…”

    If so, Davies has a quaint definition of “very loyal.”

    “I think most people are very tolerant and have no problem at all if people are gay…”

    Good, so they’re fine with marriage equality then.

    “…but I think most parents would prefer their children not to be gay…”

    And this is relevant how? Most parents would prefer not to have to change diapers, and for their kids to bypass the teen years, but the only way you can avoid those is not to have kids at all.

    “… knowing most parents want grandchildren if nothing else.”

    And, somehow, getting married prevents that instead of facilitating it?

  8. Tim doro says

    to be fair most parents would prefer their children weren’t gay, from the fact (as we all know) life being gay can be much more difficult, but that’s simply parents wanting their child to have every advantage afforded to them. I know that if i had children i know i would prefer if they were straight if i had a choice, but also if i had a choice i would have them be able to fly, be incredibly smart and poop gold bars. but i can’t control those things and i would love them all the same if they don’t fly, have average intelligence or didn’t poop gold and are gay.

  9. andrew says

    What is egregious and odious about his assertion that most parents would prefer that their children not be gay? Of course the great majority of parents prefer that their kids be straight.

  10. johnny says

    If I had children, I’d want them to be what they wanted to be: themselves. I would hope that I’d not be so selfish as to deny them their identity or their selves. I would hope that the world could be at peace and that they could grow up in a society where ones sexuality did not matter and I’d do everything in my power to see that happen. I would hope that they could grow up in a world where no matter what their sexuality, they could have children so that I could be just a little selfish and have grandchildren.

    If you’re gay, you endure some hardships, some close calls, some even get killed or kill themselves. But that life is not any different from any other minority or handicap. To wish ones child would be protected from hardships is natural, but to wish ahead of time that they’d not have a certain kind of sexuality is a bit twisted, in my estimation, somewhat akin to eugenics. And the last guy that practiced that to any great degree was a bit twisted as well.

  11. Steven H says

    @Stefan: Sure, but Romney would have faced a primary challenge from barking mad tea partiers from sea to shining sea. Cameron doesn’t have that problem; he only has to win his own constituency– which already knows he supports marriage equality– and continue to hold together his current coalition, which has held together fine thus far, partly because of, and partly in spite of, his very well-known view towards marriage equality, among many other issues. Besides, who are the barkers going to vote for, if not for a Tory? The British Nazis? That’ll be the day.

    @Andrew: “Of course the great majority of parents prefer that their kids be straight.”

    Of course they do, but only a drunk or a jackass would admit as much in public. Who the hell ends their debate with “well, your momma didn’t want ya.” Classy.

  12. niles says

    To all the stinking trolls on here: jump in the proverbial lake. As for these remarks, they are extremely cruel and mean-spirited. In addition, they have zero to do with same-sex marriage. It’s just another way to say: we wish you didn’t exist. Well, buddy, if I ever had a child, I would wish that he not become a Tory (or a Republican).

  13. Matt N says

    Not sure what most parents wanting straight kids has anything to do with this, unless he’s implying sexual orientation is a choice.

    If he admits it’s not a choice, then kids will be gay regardless of their parents’ ‘choice’

  14. alexoloughlin says

    First of all, the equal marriage legislation in the UK is going to have a whipped vote for both Labour and Liberal Democratic Parties, guaranteeing 311 votes. 326 are needed for it to pass. Currently, there are 187 Tories who will vote “yes”. So it will pass comfortably in Parliament, then heads to the upper chamber (the Lords) for a final vote. If it were to fail there, probably won’t, David Cameron can invoke the Parliament Act and the bill becomes law.

  15. Betty Treacle says

    In a few months, when gay marriage comfortably passes in the UK, the shrieking of a few people who think they are authorities on religion but actually have got the main bits all the wrong way round, will have been forgotten. Just as it was when the age of consent was legalised to 16, just as it was when gays were allowed in the army.

  16. Randal Oulton says

    @ alexoloughlin : If it were to fail there, probably won’t, David Cameron can invoke the Parliament Act and the bill becomes law.


    ” His colleague, Mr Jackson, predicted the new laws will be defeated in the House of Lords as the Prime Minister will not be able to force through legislation.

    By convention, governments can only use the Parliament Act to overrule peers if the new law relates to a policy that was included in their election pledges. The Conservatives only pledged to “consider” it in their equality manifesto.

  17. Jim says

    This is one instance where he sounds like a reasonable guy with an opinion. They MAY lose supporters over this, and most straight parents probably DON’T want their kids to be gay. Just sounds like facts to me.

  18. Chitown Kev says

    He’s right.

    It’s not simply the grandchildren thing, I think that most parents feel protective of their children and don’t want harm to come to them.

    Unless the LGBT can hide, that child will be in danger and no parent wants to see their child in danger and if he or she is LGBT, the world is a little less safer.

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