1. woodroad34 says

    Does John not realize his hair dye and cut make him look like a mannequin and alien….not young and alluring to the massage therapists out there? That’s such a bad dye job and tres desperate.

  2. Quest says

    WTF does John Travolta have on his head? He’s become a parody of the man he once was…Someone please snatch that dried up astro-turf off his skull please!! John everyone knows you’re a bald closet-case. You aren’t fooling anyone either with your toupee or your beard.

  3. huskerman68 says

    What the hell is that pach of fur on his chin and his head? I think that color is called “Shoe Polish Black”!

  4. BrokebackBob says

    Guess what everyone!!!
    None of you will look as good or still be rock’in like Olivia and John when you’re their age. Jealous bitches.

  5. Will says

    Even when I was a kid and saw Travolta in movies I always thought there was something different about him. I’m pretty sure the man is gay and should come out. He was famous and made all his money in a bygone era where gays were seen as evil. Maybe if he came out and could be himself he could reclaim his former glory? Hiding who you really are is the worst. If this man is completely hetrosexual I will eat my hat.

  6. johnny says

    It’s a serious disconnect from reality when your head looks like a cartoon and you don’t realize it.

    I can’t begin to imagine what his friends must have to say to his face when you know they’re thinking “OH MY GOD, IT LOOKS HORRIBLE.”

  7. MichaelJ says

    I usually am bored by bitchy comments about people’s looks, but I’m going to add one to this thread anyway. Travolta looks like a wax figure in the still photos, and in the music videos he looks like a digitally animated figure made without using the most up-to-date technology.

  8. Disgusted American says

    I dont care if JT is gay/straight – whatever- but seriously doooooood – whats that on your head?

  9. Bart says

    This made me sad. His hair, her face. And to showcase that mess with this lame song and home movie-ish video. Wow…just wow…

  10. The Manny says

    What a bunch of messed up fools. Ellen looks like a methed-up librarian in a provincial gaybar, Olivia’s pillowface is suffocating her (although she could definitely land a part in Batman…) and Jane Travolta needs therapy for her drag-king wig. Hollyweird is such a creepy place….

  11. bareback rider says

    Good god .. they’re both stretched within an inch of their life. Does he know he’s wearing a black shower cap on his head?

  12. Peter Hargmier says

    I had to stop that at 1:26, because if i had cringed any more intensely, I might have literally imploded.

  13. BETTY says

    After watching the video I’m beginning to think the Mayans were right….the world IS coming to an end and this is one of the signs!

  14. Caliban says

    In related news, scientists announced today they’ve genetically engineered Chia (salvia hispanica) seeds that produce pitch black plants.

  15. Dback says

    Had lunch with a friend who met ONJ backstage after one of her concerts a few years ago, and he said she was GLACIALLY cold to everyone there to see her, no matter how nice they were. So I don’t have a lot of sympathy for how terribly stretched she looks.

    However, I do feel somewhat bad for Travolta–yes he looks ghastly and is approaching “joke” status, but I have never heard anything but wonderful things about him as a star and as a man. He is supposedly one of the kindest, most gracious, lovely people you could every hope to meet, and regardless of the circs of his marriage, he still lost a son tragically two years ago.

  16. will b says

    All three of them look like bewigged, botoxed freaks. That’s what’s considered NORMAL in LA. Seriously, people strive to look like that. God help us.

  17. Clayton says

    If that had been a homemade youtube video, it would have been moderately cute, but as a professional endeavor, it was embarassingly bad.