Ugandan Gay Group’s Office Burgled As Bishop Claims They Don’t Exist

RollingstoneLGBT activists in Uganda had their Christmas cheer dampened by news that an unidentified vandal or vandals broke into the offices of Sexual Minorities Uganda, the African nation's leading equality group, and stole most of their essential equipment.

Among the stolen items, as listed on their press release:

5 Desk top computers – CPUs and Flat Screens
1 water Dispenser
One gas cooker
One Gas cylinder
One refrigerator
One audio recorder
One spy pen
And other unidentified property.

SMUG activists are concerned that the thieves will be able to gain access to member databases on the computers, thereby jeopardizing people's identities and safety in a country where homophobia runs rampant. It could even be used to fuel another one of Uganda's increasingly frequent tabloid tales outing and endangering gay people.

Meanwhile, prominent Ugandan Bishop Godfrey Makumbi from the Church of Uganda pulled a Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and claimed that there's no such thing as homosexuality in Ugandan culture.

"Realistically this is not in our culture. Because our African sexual values are completely heterosexual, I personally have never seen people fancying it here," he said.


  1. nick says

    We have Pastor Warren and his ilk from the good ‘ol USofA bringin’ their own version of fundamentalist Xtianity to Uganda and other African nations —spreading hate, intolerance, et. al.

  2. Eddie says

    I’m sure he’s never personally seen God or Jesus either but he believes they exist.

    Is that tabloid cover for real? “Heartless lesbians destroyed my life at 16″ – sounds like a parody. Scary to think about. Such ignorance costs people their lives.

    SMUG isn’t a very good choice of acronym for a rights organization.

  3. says

    Has the USA provided money and assistance and encouragement to this fermenting postule of christian inspired hate and bile of an Idi Amin hole ?
    Have the evangelicals of the USA aided and abetted the criminal incitement to hatred now rampant in this country ?

  4. Troy says

    The anti-gay Christians are had at work doing Satan’s work and they seem to have no idea of the evil they are doing to harm God’s children, but one day they will find out and it may be too late for them. The anti-gay Christian agenda has been trying to ignore God’s gay children for a long time and now that God has given them the power to rise up and take their place the evil possessed anti-gay Christians are starting to destroy LGBT people any way they can using by force and psychological warfare. Make no mistake it is Satan these evil devils who are the anti-gay Christians, they have lost their souls and are no longer Christians but tools for Satan the destroyer who wants all to suffer like him. My advice for my gay brothers and sisters is to pick up the shield and sword of God to defend against these evil possessed demons who were once Christians but now are controlled by evil Satan and his demons who think that they have to kill and destroy everyone and everything. God is now on the side of LGBT people now that Satan has possessed the one time Christians who have been tricked into hating and destroying by Satan. Evil will never win but we must stand up to it and stop it at all cost before these evil possessed Christians destroy the world.

  5. Diogenes Arktos says

    One good point from the full article is that the Bishop thinks that the Kill-the-gays bill pales in comparison to the real problems in Uganda – which should be the focus of the government.

    Unfortunately, the k-t-g bill is anti-democratic, anti-scientific, and anti-
    Christian. It would prevent any scientifically-based information campaign about LGBT issues and HIV. It would also prohibit the introduction of any modern (liberal) theological thinking.

    @Nick & JackFknTwist: The Religious Right (e.g. Warren) is only fometing what already existed under colonial legtislation. They are stuck several decades ago:(

  6. Bill says

    If they pass their “kill the gays” bill, I wonder if people can use “the Bishop’s Defense” to get off: “Your Honor, I can’t possibly be guilty as is evident from the expert testimony of Bishop Godfrey Makumbi, who has publicly stated that there are no gays in Uganda. That picture of me with a you know what apparently in my mouth is obviously a photoshopped fake.”

  7. Diogenes Arktos says

    While we usually call it the “Kill-the-gays bill”, it’s official title is “The Anti-Homosexuality Bill”. That makes it as difficult to vote against as “The PATRIOT Act”:(

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