1. William says

    “Dieu aime les hommes” is “God loves men”. God likes men would be “Dieu aime bien les hommes”. In any case, go France! Liberté, ÉGALITÉ, fraternité!

  2. UFFDA says

    Oh PAUL – “God likes men” means take’em by the balls. They’re sweet, thery’re nice, thery’re handsome, they kiss like fire, and they love to f**k…what’s not to like.
    Jeeze man get a grip.

  3. ratbastard says

    Oh man…there’s endless political demonstrations and protests in Paris. Causes all kinds of problems getting around. The natives hate them. I’m sure they were moaning about all the provincials clogging up their streets.

  4. simon says

    By the way, the demonstrators were mostly locals. The provinces had their own demonstrations. Since the organizations which oppose “marriage for all” bussed in the “provincials”, that explains why they had that many people.

  5. tinkerbell says

    Actually (and although I did not directly participate, having recently become a “provincial”), according to friends, there were so many more people than were expected that they created two marches — the estimate by the police at 125 000 was put at over 400 000 by other sources (news polls etc.). What I don’t understand is that it’s regularly reported that 65% of the French population support gay marriage (the PACS—civil partnerships for anyone gay or straight—went through years ago without anyone even blinking an eye or shedding one small tear).
    By the way, Ratbastard, Parisians are so used to all kinds of demonstrations on all subjects that they don’t even notice them anymore. It’s part of their heritage and part of the constitution. Nobody complains. Except American tourists.

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