1. Michael says

    Can we stop making such assumptions. If James Buchanan lived in the White House with his lover then most likely there’s been an “out” gay Senator before.

    Maybe it would best be titled “First out gay Senator in our modern era where religious extremists have taken control.”

  2. Alex Parrish says

    As a Wisconsinite I am very pleased and a proud supporter of Tammy for many years. I continue to be baffled by the question of how WI — traditionally a progressive state — could have the 1st ‘out’ gay Senator (Michael’s comment notwithstanding) and yet have the most gawd-awful state governor in Snot Walker (a puppet of the Koch Brothers) and a tea-party beholden state legislature.

  3. JakeSFExPat says

    @ Alex Parrish

    Don’t know why my birth state could give us Fighting Bob LaFollette AND Joe McCarthy.

    We were the first “gay rights state” with legislation signed by Repub Gov Lee Sherman Dreyfuss in 1982.

    These things happen in cycles, I guess. Today I just choose to rejoice. I and my friends worked with her on gay stuff in Madison when she was on the Dane Co Board and I KNEW she would end up in the US Senate someday. Glad. Proud.

  4. Mike says

    Nobody was out in the days of James Buchanan. If he were out in the modern sense, he would have never been in politics and most likely have been locked away from the rest of society. Yes, this is a big deal and it shows how far we’ve come.

    Today I’m very proud to be Badger. Tammy is my senator and Mark Pocan, Tammy’s successor in Congress and Wisconsin’s second consequetive openly gay 2nd Congressional District Representative, is my congressman.

    Now we need to get rid of Scott Walker and Ron Johnson.

  5. TonyJazz says

    This is a great day in American history.

    I expect her to ‘do us proud’ and odds are pretty good.

    I don’t know what went wrong with Wisconsin and Michigan, but at least Tammy is a positive sign…..