1. Linda says

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  2. KidoKinko says

    I love Lance Bass. He’s always so genuine, and fun and charming and his work for LGBT has truly been inspiring the past few years.

  3. says

    Lance is adorable. If after all he’s done for us and our community, the first thing you want to do is bash his looks, then you’re just projecting your own insecurities.

  4. 2 Dads says

    Hair looks dated? face is weird? he looks bad?

    Well, firstly. It’s lovely we have super models anonymously posting in the comments section of this site. And secondly, I’d do Lance in a second and proudly so. And so would the majority of people I know. But listen, when you’re insecure in your own appearance, you need to project it on someone else. I get that.

  5. LazerLightBeams says

    He looks good to me. And moreover, his fun personality makes him even cuter.

    It’s amusing to me; ANYTIME a picture or article of any hetero male is done on here and all you get is droves of messages worshipping him and gays making a complete fool of themselves sucking up to a hetero who has no interest in them. Post a pic of ANY openly gay man and it’s a vicious b-tchfest with attacks on that persons A.) Looks B.) Character C.) both. In that order. You preach respect for your community but are the LAST to show yourselves respect, amongst each other.

  6. says


    It’s because gay people have a real unhealthy fixation with heterosexuals, and romantically being with them. It’s partially the unattainable factor, and partially because of internalized homophobia. But you’re right. It is always fascinating the duality between the praise any straight male public figure gets on here, vs. any gay celebrity. The gay celeb will be ruthlessly bashed, while virtually any straight celeb will be drowned in compliments. In some small way, it’s actually pretty sad when you think about it.

  7. Hunty says

    Not as dated as gays calling out other gays for calling out other gays. And so on and so on.

    I’ll be bitchy if I want and I seriously couldn’t care less. Lance’s face looks worked over. And that always looks awful on a man. I think he’s funny and attractive in a self deprecating way. But he definitely is looking like he’s had some work done aroudn the eyes and that nose.

    If he can’t be happy with the way he looked, why should I be happy with the way he looks now?

  8. says

    Is Hunty had botx injections lately? The U is her names appears to be more more rounded. Like there are a few extra pixels. Traaaaaaaagic.

  9. Michael in Toronto says

    Looks a little different? Yes, it’s called GETTING OLDER.
    I like him. He’s genuine.

  10. Moz's says

    keep the scalpels away from your nose!

    Lance is going to end up ala michael jackson’s nose if he doesnt stop the plastic surgery

  11. ratbastard says

    It’s called AGING.

    Yeah, the hair style needs to go. He’s look better with something less obvious.

  12. LanceLover says

    Lance has been independently wealthy from a young age, and he’s managed to avoid addiction and so many other negatives of privilege. He even managed to emerge from his Reichen Lehmkuhl folly relatively unscathed.

    Skype distorts the face especially if you have used botox.

    With the number of hatchet faced women (and men) I encounter everyday, I wouldn’t consider Lance overworked.

    Haters gonna hate, I guess.

    I think he’s terrific and a good role model for other independent wealthy single white gay men.

  13. AngelaChanning says

    Um, for the folks, who thinks he looks bad, you do realize this was on Skype. We are basically seeing him through a web cam with no professional lighting or makeup. We could put the hottest porn stars on Skype and they too would look *different.* LOLs.

  14. Em Lee says

    Some of you are stereotypical “Just Jack” queens who get a wet box from bashing others. Do us all a favor and just continue to fantasize about the “straight” men that will NEVER want you.

  15. Bill says

    I thought the interview was funny – a very cute parody – but don’t get the childish comments some made about him.

    BTW, distortion of images is not really the fault of Skype, but of webcams in general, which may have low-quality optics and that may use a wide angle
    lens due to the “victim” typically sitting very close to the cam.

  16. Bill says

    As a thought, what really makes it funny is Lance’s bad acting (Lance Armstrong, that is, whose statements were probably carefully scripted, hence all the strained yeses). It reminded me of Singing In the Rain, where they replace some lame dialog with what one of the actors always said because the actor was used to that in his preceding silent films. Then they show some guy watching a preview of the movie and saying, “Did they pay someone to write that?”

    Even better, there’s the scene in the film withing a film where the villain says, “yes, yes, yes”, and Lena Lamont says “No, no, no”, but the sound gets out of sync so Lena sounds like a bass and the villain sounds like a soprano. Curiously, a previous Tour de France winner, Greg LeMond has a last name that phonetically is very similar to the fictitious Lena Lamont, so I guess it is somehow all tied together, even if just by coincidence.

  17. Jolie says

    No, Ratbastard–I think you are terrific. With you musing insight on privilege negativity, Botox hatchets, Reichen’s malignancy, and lastly your self pep talk of haters going to always hate- one can hardly resist to muse over your terrific-ness. lol