Boston Law School LGBT Group Vandalized with Vulgar Graffiti


The office of the Lambda Law Students Association at Boston Law School was vandalized over the weekend by someone eager to demonstrate the breadth of their potty mouth vocabulary, Above the Law's David Lat reports.

One Lambda Law member told the blog that it isn't the first time: "This seems to indicate a systemic issue that the undergraduate body has with racism and homophobia, as opposed to a reflection on the law school’s students or administration. I have never encountered anything but openness and acceptance at BCLS and refuse to believe that this recent incident was committed by a member of our community."

Dean Vincent D. Rougeau released a statement:

The cowardly act of vandalism that was discovered this morning is reprehensible and runs counter to everything we stand for as a law school. We are working closely with the Boston College and Newton Police in the hope of resolving the matter, which occurred over the weekend in an unlocked room in an unlocked building. I have attached a copy of letter that I have distributed to all members of the BC community.


  1. bobbyjoe says

    The vandal sounds like a thirteen year old who just figured out his parent’s password to the internet.

  2. AngelaChanning says

    I sometimes get a little nervous with these things because my fear is that it is someone in the LGBT community seeking attention. Doesn’t happen often but it has happened before.

  3. Sam says

    This is kind of weird. Not many straights know these sex terms. Im just glad “rosebud” isnt up there.

  4. Katie says

    I would agree with BobbyJoe except I work with thirteen year-olds and not one of them could spell all those words correctly.

  5. Steve says

    Sounds like someone wrote down the categories from a BitTorrent porn tracker and then added some more terms found there

  6. AngelaChanning says

    Sam, I had to check Urban Dictionary for “Rosebud.” LOL. I was close but not exactly on target.

  7. Paul R says

    The weird thing is that not many of the words in that picture are insults or derogatory. (I just noticed two on the far right, and maybe the flag was put up to cover some.)

    Most just describe sexual acts (with a few exceptions like “hardcore”…??). There are plenty of ways to insult gays more directly. I agree that this story seems a bit odd.

  8. shane says

    agreed, odd. and the handwriting is SO NEAT. kudos for penmanship, at least. haha, PENMANSHIP.

  9. Francis says

    It’s an odd story, and one would believe the flag itself would have been defaced if a homophobic statement was wanted to be made. Whoever did this is clearly very immature, and it seems like a trolling act more than a hate incident.

  10. Michael says

    Yeah, um, there isn’t one word on there that is a derog term for gay people. Something isn’t adding up at all, as in whoever did this wasn’t trying to slam gay people.

  11. Bill says

    When I saw the word “rosebud,” the first thing that came to mind was the brand name on a young Charles Foster Kane’s sled in the film Citizen Kane, a name Kane muttered as he expired at the start of the film, with the rest showing reporters interviewing people in the hope of finding out what “rosebud” meant.

    Seriously, though, the article claims the building was unlocked. It could have been kids from the area, not necessarily students.

  12. says

    I think someone just decided to write all my favorite words on a wall. It’s a crime but is it a bias crime?

    It did remind me of my favorite part of watching All in the Family reruns, mentions of the Reverend Felcher.

  13. says

    if life hands you lemons, make lemonade!

    so rather than be upset, let’s all use these terms as fun plans for the weekend!

    i call dibs on the interracial rimbjobs!

  14. Francis says

    Well, the students see this as an incident targeting them so at the very least, especially considering there has been an issue with graffiti before supposedly, it’s something to take into account. It looks like the flag itself was moved to the middle of the wall, so perhaps it’s blocking more hateful words. The LGBT students in this group say they’re keeping the words on the wall and using it to remind people hate exists, and as a learning experience.

    Hopefully the vandals are caught because regardless of who it is, no-one should feel as if they’re targeted.

    Some of these words are TOO gay-oriented/non-mainstream for me to think some random young straight kid(s) would know them, unless they had a list from urban dictionary. Like frig, felching, creampie. It’s odd. I wonder if surveillance is available.

  15. Alex says

    This looks like a set from a gay haters episode of SVU. And apparently they threw in MILF just for funsies.

  16. says

    Obviously written by one person using several colored markers, all caps, all categories found in porn sites, gay, straights and in-between. If a law student did this, it’s a poorly thought-out way to get attention to the ‘office’ and 10 bucks says he/she won’t pass the bar.

  17. ATXtall says

    This story is misleading. This did not happen at Boston Law School, but Boston College Law School. BCLS is located on a separate campus from the main BC campus, one that also has the majority of the freshman dorms on it. Most likely this was not the act of a law student, but of a freshman from the undergraduate community,

  18. NE Rich says

    Ya so, I like doing most of the things on the wall (not muff diving sorry)so …what’s the point?

  19. David says

    You’re a law student. You refuse to believe it was a fellow law student and had to be an undergraduate student? When you’re a lawyer you’re not going to be able to prove your case simply by saying you believe yourself to be right but present absolutely no evidence.

  20. Mark says

    Something similar happened on our campus a ten years ago, and much like the two apologist posters who want to overlook thousands of cases of anti gay crimes, and drudge up the significantly less amount of cases where an LGBT was responsible for “attention seeking”….the police easily dismissed it and blamed it on us, and said it was an inside job. Well, that little theory changed when they caught the guy who did it weeks later after he was assaulting a gay student on campus.
    Homophobia DOES exist folks. I know some of you have been pampered all your life in Manhatten with nothing but supportive rich people around you. But the rest of us do deal with homophobia, and often, and don’t apologize for bigots.

  21. Bill says

    @David: I had turned 18 a week or two before starting college, and some freshmen are 17 years old. The sort of immature behavior shown in that graffiti is more typical of a 17 year old guy than someone in his early 20s. In addition, the people who get into law school, med school, or graduate school are generally those who took their classes seriously, which generally implies that they spent their undergraduate years studying, not goofing off or partying.

    While it could have been done by anyone, the chances that it was done by someone serious enough to get into law school, graduate school, or whatever is very small – people that focused
    usually don’t spend their time on childish pranks.

  22. nikko says

    The writing looks fishy-too neat and colorful to have been vandals. I smell a set up from an gay insider!

  23. Sam says

    Kind of forgetting this happened at BC. Good chances it was a severely closeted music major. Having gone to a Boston-area school, they’re basically known as “coded gays”.

  24. unruly says

    Beyond lame. Whoever the vandal was should be ashamed for lack of creativity and just generally being a loser.

  25. Bill says

    @Sam: while many straight guys may not know those some of those terms, many, many years ago, the first time I heard the one starting with ‘f’ and ending in “ing’ (would spell it but am wary of Towleroad’s filters), was explained to me by a straight guy in gory detail, and that was the first time I heard of it. He also was going on about anal sex in general and how he had had a girlfriend who liked it. When it was humorously pointed out that he better be careful because there wasn’t much of a difference between a male butt and a female butt, and it was only a short step down the “slippery slope”, he (jokingly defensively?) said that he didn’t like doing that but had to to keep his girlfriend happy. The good news – he wasn’t homophobic – he was just young enough to think any crude remark about sex was funny.

  26. Morty says

    Bill: While those are valid points, their time is better spent actually trying to find the culprit(s) rather than moronically pointing fingers and trying to save their “reputation”.

    The idiotic implications that just because someone is in law school (or has a degree) that they are suddenly exempt from racism and homophobia are still there. All you have to do is look at Antonin Scalia’s disgusting actions throughout his career.

  27. Francis says

    I read that several other minority student group offices were also vandalized over the weekend.

    So, there you go. Now I fully believe this was a hate incident, and given the Boston College Law campus is shared with general-college freshman dorms, it was probably one or two of those 17-19 year old kids who did this, thinking they were being funny by writing these sexual terms, and only exposing their immaturity. Law students are more or less likely to be way above doing something this idiotic compared to a freshman kid. It definitely isn’t an inside job, and given other officers were damaged, the attacker was probably not gay and yet a stupid straight kid thinking he or she was funny by writing these terms all over. Doors were unlocked and an idiot(s) took advantage. Hopefully the vandal is caught and this incident is used to start/further the conversation of homophobia at Boston College and how to fully stamp it out.

  28. Rob says

    Where is the C word in this story and these comments? BC is a Catholic school and very, very conservative. My kid was appalled during his interview there and walked out.

  29. Ken says

    It looks suspiciously like someone in the LGBT community did this to get some attention, sorry to say.

  30. AJ says

    Sorry. I laughed all night about this. This is the most polite “vandal” in history. Not only is there a lack of derogatory terms, but they did this on a whiteboard. Umm. Erase it! I also tried to picture coming home and finding the same spray-painted on my garage. I cannot picture doing anything but laughing really hard and adding a few of my own. “Fanny bandit” is my personal favorite, so I would add that. I would also remove the garage door and try to sell it to the Walker Art Center for big bucks.

  31. BobN says

    I’m thinking this was some sort of contest. One person with a blue pen, one with a red one. A game of one-upmanship. I bet drinking was involved.

  32. Chitown Kev says

    Too many “in-the-know” words on that board for me not to be suspicious but, then again, I’ve been surprised as to what straight folks know and don’t know about gay lingo before.

  33. db says

    The words here make me wonder about this. I don’t think your average homophobe vandal would use some of these words–and in different colored markers?

  34. ratbastard says

    It’s not ‘Boston Law School’, it’s Boston COLLEGE Law School.

    I see these students by the boatload everyday, and there are more than a few gay. They may be attending a Catholic university, but this is [Boston] a very cosmopolitan place.

    This incident is dubious at best. I really hate to say it, but looks like another fake hate crime. This kind of sh*t only makes it more difficult for gays or any other group who engage in provocative fake hate crimes.

  35. ratbastard says

    And if there were additional vandalizm incidents at other ‘minority’ clubs during the same time period, it wouldn’t be inconceivable [at least to my jaded self] that a group of ‘advocates’ decided to pull off a series of ‘hate’ crimes to attract attention. Fact is, real hate crimes are few and far between around here [aside from hate crimes that may be directed at a ‘majority'(?) person], in which case they’re always dismissed. The ‘advocates’ need to keep things fresh and keep the ‘community’ radicalized and on edge.

  36. Bill says

    @Morty: it is not “idiotic” to point out that a higher percentage of 17 year olds engage in such childish behavior that graduate students or law students. Trying to find the culprits is a search problem and there are known advantages to using “best first” search strategies.*_search_algorithm has an introduction in a purely technical (and hence hopefully not controversial) context.

  37. BCLS says

    Having gone to BCLS and having chaired the Lambda group there, it would shock me to learn this this was done by a BC Law student, and in particular a gay law student seeking attention. While BC is a Jesuit school and while the undergraduate administration and campus is more conservative certainly than the administration, faculty, and students on the law school campus, it is still a pretty large, decently ranked law school with a diverse student body. I didn’t find it to be altogether different than my undergraduate experience at a non-Jesuit school. They like to drink, go to football games, etc. just like most college students. And the law school was, for the most part, entirely welcoming and open to gay students and we always had incredible support from the student body and faculty at the law school.

    While it is likely just some idiotic college nonsense, I fail to see why anyone should be dismissing it or pointing fingers at alleged attention seeking gay law students.

    When I was there, we had locks on the doors to the student offices. Apparently that is not the case anymore. Hopefully that will change. It is nice to see that they haven’t updated the furniture though.

  38. BCLS says

    And just to clarify, this office is one floor above the “common room” and cafeteria for the freshmen who live in the dorms on the law school campus. All they have to do is walk up the steps to get to those offices.

  39. Thomas Cardellino says

    Seems that the Neanderthals missed scribbling one of my favorite gay slurs once told to me about a third person while I was in law school by this pretty clueless (about me & a whole universe of other matters) dunce: “sperm-gulper.” Although I have to say that these Pleistocene remnants were enough of throwbacks to put in that tried-n-true zinger “inter-racial” it seems. All in a day’s work for the truly stunted in our midst!

  40. says

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