Boy Scouts Successfully Bully Troop Into Dropping Non-Discrimination Policy


Maryland-based Boy Scout Troop 442 defied the national leadership’s anti-gay culture by posting a non-discrimination policy on their website last week. The national Boy Scouts of America responded by threatening to pull their charter, and, sadly, the threat did the trick: Troop 442 had no choice but to remove its inclusive notice, but vowed on its site to keep welcoming all families.

Here’s a screenshot of Troop 442’s notice announcing the reversal:


The Boy Scouts of America’s bigwigs sure know how to bully the little guy.


  1. UFFDA says

    Goliath wins…but not for long. That wholesome bronze statue of a boy could be someone’s gay son just as easily as a straight one, and has already been many times over.

  2. Tothepoint says

    No one should want to be a member of an organization that USES God’s misinterpreted “word” to make a certain group of young people and leaders to feel like the scum of the earth. Just what the hell does that teach the children. OK to bully to get your own selfish way. F*CK the BSAs message of bigotry and belittlement of those in our society they “DEEM” disgusting, pedophilic and wicked. F*CK THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. bandanajack says

    the current leadership of BSA speaks for itself only, and NOT the overwhelming, and i use that word advisedly, majority of local and regional leaders. the reason there haven’t been more such challenges is that the same response is guaranteed.

    let it be known however that the root cause of this is in the original charter that NEVER anticipated that scouting would become the tool of fanatic religious organizations. because of this, the governance of the BSA is totally top down, accepting NO feedback from troupes, communities or local leadership.

    even the roman catholic church as a power in scouting never went this far, nor would it dare to were it not for the mormon control of the levers of power. BSA has become THE youth program of the church of latter day saints, into which EVERY mormon boy join as a condition of full membership and eventual priesthood. they even wrote their own scout handbook. were the mormon church withdraw ALL their boys, and all their leadership, and most of all, ALL their money, the current BSA would wither and quite probably fold as we now know it. the action would also quite probably reveal the true numbers of scouts and scout troops, which has been inflated and the books cooked for decades now.

    if scouting as a result of this furor loses its many pro bono benefits, the club the organization wields will be splintered, and heads will roll.

  4. DLRnATL says

    I was never a boy scout and not familiar with their structure. Could those who are frustrated with the scouts just create a “junior campers” sort of organization? Maybe I’m naive, but I think there could be an organization that would be without the discrimination and teach the good parts of the scouts.

  5. says

    to DLRNATL’s point, that’s how “non-bigoted, non-exclusive, non-dogmatic” religious denominations came about.

    enough people said “we’re tired of this b.s.”, they formed their own thing, and did so with openness, understanding and love.

    Boys Scouts – go broke. go broke and disappear. You’re proving you’re in the wrong century.

  6. Francis says

    This is a war, and it’s a war that we’re going to win. The Scouts may win a few battles but this isn’t a war they will survive. They’ve exposed themselves to be little more than a indoctrination arm for fundamentalists.

  7. Scout says

    They are not leaders they are followers, slaves to a corrupt system that uses their power and money to control them like the slaves to the system they are. Just like the pedophile Catholics are no longer the “religious leaders” they are but only slaves to a failed system and they will die like all failed systems that make people into slaves in a last ditch effort to try and stop them from getting equal rights and freedoms. No slave system has ever worked for long, they all end in death.

  8. Bill says

    @Scout: to be historically accurate, “slave systems” have worked for all of human history minus less than 200 years (it still exists even today, but only in backward parts of the world). While we like to attribute its demise in the U.S. to Abraham Lincoln and the fighting that took place during the Civil War, what really killed it was the industrial revolution, which made slavery pointless.

    A technology-based approach should be able to handle the BSA nicely – you clone the national organization, fix what is broken in the rules to prevent this sort of discrimination, and then off any local boy scout packs/troups/whatever to “reparent themselves” by leaving the BSA and joining the new group. To start it, you’d need web servers and then use zazzle, cafe press, or whatnot to manufacture badges and the other things you have to hand out. You can call the new organization the YSA (Youth Scouts of America) instead of the BSA, and pretty much clone the program regarding “merit badges”, camping trips, etc. In terms of feasibility, take Craigslist as an example: you’d think of it as a large organization give its usage, but in reality it has 30 or so employees, and started with far less.

    The BSA would, of course, have a fit, but there is probably little they could do – the copyrights should have expired on terms like “merit badge” or in many cases on the design of the badges, and they can’t patent anything as it has all been disclosed to the public years ago.

  9. UFFDA says

    Bill and Arrant, I want a three way.

    That was a whole lot of smart in three paragraphs. That’s how it works, that’s how you do it. In fact starting your thing with a group of like minded people is not only the way to go it’s the classic way to go i.e. the founding and creation of the United States.

    Thank you.

  10. Mary says

    Uffda, I agree with you and with Bill. Starting a new scouting group independent of the national group would be the way to go. Eventually the new inclusive scouts would outnumber the old homophobic scout groups until the old group just died out for lack of members. The old scouting group couldn’t complain that it was being forced to do what it doesn’t want to do – or that its “rights” are being violated. Offended members of any organization can always start a new group. It’s the American marketplace of associations in action.

  11. Tré says

    Starting a new “inclusive” scouting troupe wouldn’t be as easy as it seems. That’s like me saying, I hate Clear Channel Radio…so I’m going to start my own radio station that attempts to clone its basic outline, but has a different playlist and office atmosphere. CC would laugh and not give it a second thought, while I ultimately failed. It’s an internationally sponsored corporation, with money, backers, affiliates, prestige… and lots of power to remain at the top of its field and to drive competitors out of business if need be. Same with BSA. I’m pretty sure in its hundred year history they’ve probably already had other groups unsuccessfully attempt to clone and compete with them, and yet they still monopolize the scouting field.

    I don’t know what the solution here is. It seems like this local troupe was trying to be earnest and good, but in actuality they went rogue and deliberately violated/defied the rules of the organization they belong to…rules that they are well aware of, and agreed to when they set up shop. That’s like a local McDonald’s refusing to sell Big Mac’s because they’re not healthy. Yeah, you do that…but you can’t be a McDonald’s. Go ahead and let gay scouts in, but you can’t be BSA. And if you wanna go independent, more power to you…but the chances of your local group growing large enough to compete with and ultimately put the BSA out to pasture is extremely unlikely.

  12. UFFDA says

    TRE – You don’t anticipate failure, that just assures it.
    You go ahead anyway. No one said it was going to be easy, but when you try some level of success is always achieved. Then you try again, and again, and then again. Progress is always made. Never doubt it.

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