1. Sam Davidson says

    What the hell is up with white gays and lesbians wanting to date their clone? Vain narcissistic fantasies of gay white people 1 on 1!

  2. Ugh says

    Sam, I’ve noticed this as well. It seems like a lot of white gays/lesbians want to partner with someone who looks just like them. Kind of creepy.

  3. Morbo! says

    meh – who cares if people want to date their twin? aren’t we supposed to be, like… inclusive, or something? isn’t that, like, our schtick? what with the rainbow flag and all? hey i’m just sayin.

    i knew a guy in college who openly admitted he wanted to date himself. the problem was that he was far more narcissistic about his personality than his body/appearance, and he was one of those gay guys who has the soul of a surly old man who says things like IN MY DAY WE ATE PEAS AND ENJOYED THEM, WHIPPERSNAPPERS, in the body of a skinny white hipster boy with a scarf collection. so he ended up dating mostly surly old men. he was attracted to their misanthropy, which, he felt, was a reflection of his own desire to eat bland food and pooh pooh people who didn’t. and they were attracted to his hairless, smooth chest, which was actually concave enough to eat cereal out of. i don’t think there is a point to that story.

    anyway. yeah. so, are we all supposed to date people who specifically DON’T look like us? i mean, i don’t generally like being told who is appropriate for me to date. that’s why i’m not a scientologist. that and i still have student loans.

  4. ashtpn says

    ok really people what is wrong with beautiful ladies being together. I swear so much hate here. I believe that 2 people whatever they look like should be able to be together without people looking at them strangely.