1. nick says

    Zuckerberg sends a really bad signal to those who discriminate, that’s it “okay.” If it was up to people like Chris Christie, I doubt Zuckerberg would have been able to get married- it would probably be considered an interracial marriage. His support for Christie is hypocritical. Christie is a bigot. Are there no repercussions at all for people like Christie who make such bigoted decisions and get a pass for them?

  2. Edward says

    Boo hoo Chris. Sorry you can’t control everything. If Zuckerberg wants to support Christie, it’s his right. Maybe he’s got a more realistic perspective on reality and the future.

  3. taxpayer says

    It’s Hughes’ right, and mine, to object, and speak out.

    Of course Christie should be held accountable for obstructing equality — and Zuckerberg in turn for supporting Christie. It’s seriously not OK.

  4. Michael says

    Marriage equality is not a “single-issue”. I can’t stand it when people qualify their support of marriage equality as one of many reasons as to why they vote the way the do. If you can’t marry your partner, you are not considered equal in the eyes of the law which means that you lose out on rights, protections and priveleges afforded to every straight human being in this country. Sound like a single issue to you now?

  5. Belthazar says

    @Michael – that’s exactly right. Can you imagine if someone said to Zuckerberg, I agree with you politically on every issue, BUT you cannot marry the women you love? As a matter of fact, we should ‘undo’ your current marriage [as some have proposed to marriage equality States].

    Would he still support me? Doubtful! Like Michael said, “Sound like a single issue now?”

  6. says

    Well here I am, the only person commenting with his real name on a political post, AGAIN!

    If you can’t put your name to a political opinion you must not hold it very dear.

    By the time Christie runs (and at best he’ll walk briskly, btw) he’ll be pro-marriage equality. The other stuff will still be crazy and nuts but he’ll be on the side of marriage by 2015, trust me.

    Christie is not a problem unless he changes his visuals, folks. No one’s gonna vote for Christie at his current weight and he won’t get thru half a Presidential campaign without dropping serious poundage. I don’t know if he’s capable of that. Busy sked as gov and he still finds the time to eat that much, which I have to tell you from experience is hard to do.

    Also hard to lose all that. I know that too.

    I don’t see it happening.

  7. db says

    Edward, where did he say he tried to control Zuckerberg? He didn’t even really criticize Zuckerberg. Are you so thin skinned that you can’t hear any criticism of Christie? Christie’s vetoing of the marriage bill was extremely cynical and I think he will regret it when he has to back away from it. I also question whether you watched the video.

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