1. Matt26 says

    I remember what he looked like back then before the tats etc. I can see a little bit of it in his face in the second pic. I wish I could say he looks attractive to me.

  2. WebHybrid says

    Really? Not seeing what a controversy could be about… is there something outlandish about the visible shapes in question? Looks ordinary to me (sincerely; no offense).

    These newspeople must be a little bonkers.

  3. says

    It’s well known in the industry the look is achieved with cheap white sliced bread packed around the basket. this enhances the size evenly and smoothly without any visible join or other unnatural contours. Try it!

  4. Marty says

    Decent enough legs (thanks to soccer). He is still attractive enough, but has clearly hit the wall. Oh, and he’s Irish, so let’s not pretend we don ‘t know the answer to the real question. No shade.

  5. Caliban says

    Obviously he’s using some sort of cup or covering to prevent there being a Visible Penis Shape or silhouette. The type of ads Beckham poses for don’t want to flash the actual meat and potatoes, just remind you that they’re there. He’s not posing for Nasty Pig.

    FWIW, David Beckham has never never done much for me. The tattoos make him less attractive IMO, and marrying the heinous Victoria/Posh was the nail in the boner coffin. I don’t know exactly what it is (or there are are so many things it’s hard to narrow it down to one), but I’m actually repelled by her, like I’ve just bitten down on a piece of aluminum foil.

  6. GregV says

    @Chilly Willy: Judging from the pictures, it could well be some slices of bread in the basket of the shorts (or maybe a slightly flattened bra cup or a wad of cotton balls), but whatever is in there, it DID result in very “unnatural contours.” Pack these shorts with bread slices and put them on a woman and you could have a similar shape on them. Genitalia is not shaped like bread slices.
    Beckham has a great body but the H and M brand doesn’t flatter him..

  7. Yupp says

    Marty : I don’t believe Beckham is of Irish descent at all. I heard he was all-English and half English Jew (a lot of people are surprised to learn). I could be mistaken, but..

  8. barney says

    David Beckham is a god. He is one of only a few players that can just step on the field and change the game. It is amazing just to watch these players play the game. They are truly god like.

  9. ratbastard says

    Yes, it’s called AGING…none of us are immune.

    Beckham is 1/2 Jewish or at least part Jewish or something. I still think he’s kinda hot, although I do find the tats pretentious. What I find interesting is how normal or relatively average his physique is. I like that. The gym bunny look doesn’t appeal to me at all.

  10. ripper says

    My god, the comments on this site just got more and more retarded. Stuffing sliced bread down your shorts is possibly one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard because, ya know, bread crumbles. And Beckham is Irish is just an outright lie.

    Anyways, Beckham mania is over. The H&M campaign was never good to begin with. Soon, it’s going to be about Frank Lampard if he decides to come to America.

  11. Yupp says

    Mike : It’s a religion, but also an ethnicity. In different people who “are Jewish” it’s sometimes both, but often almost totally just one or the other.

  12. Rick says

    “Oh, and he’s Irish, so let’s not pretend we don ‘t know the answer to the real question.”

    Where did the idea that Irish guys have small peens come from? There was even an off-Broadway play about it called “The Irish Curse.” Never really noticed any difference myself between Irish guys and other guys.

    “…and half English Jew (a lot of people are surprised to learn).”

    “Oh, well, then that means the big package is real.”

    The tiniest peen I have ever seen was on a guy who was half-Jewish (Swedish-Jew, though). He was so embarrassed by it that he would not shower at gyms, but insisted on going home in sweaty clothes instead and showering at home.

    Overall, though, I have just never noticed any correlation between peen size and ethnicity, at least WITHIN the same race.

  13. Joe says

    Got to love the old queens on this site. Always bitching about tattoos or age. Seems that the only definition of attractive is smooth muscle guys at age 22.

    Newsflash: People find other types attractive. Becks is handsome and hot with the tattoos. However they are irrelevant.

  14. Derrick from Philly says

    Oh, Gawd, Rick is here. They must’ve opened up Bellevue’s library, and put him on the computer. Just to ease their baby-sitting burden they’re going to torture us?

  15. MalaysianHo says

    Remember how geeks are unpopularly portrayed stalking girls who aren’t at least a bit sexually attractive them. It is similar to how gays are so obsessed with straight men.

  16. Zlick says

    Forget the tats and age and all the other claptrap people are complaining about … it’s that Cup look that destroys it for me. I hate that. There are a few underwear lines that have cup-padding to make your package look bigger underneath pants … but I think it looks ridiculous. Thankfully, I’m more than half Jewish (all the ethnicity, none of the religion), so I personally have no need to artificially enhance the size of my package. At least *something* in my genes works for jeans.

  17. stephen lucas says

    David Beckham is yuck. Yuck, yuck, yuck. Anyone who finds him attractive needs to have their head read.

    As for the package, the fashion industry sells illusions. It will lie to you in order to make a sale. The name of the game is to make you think something exists where it doesn’t. It’s the ultimate fraud industry along with Hollywood.

  18. MaryM says

    Dear Towleroad,
    Please stop funding homophobic bigotry. Each time you link to the Daily Mail (or the Daily Heil as it is known in the UK) you are contributing to an extreme right newspaper.

  19. Kyle M. Sullivan says

    Gorgeous man, no matter what. But then, I’ve never been a size queen and don’t care about sociological makeup. Funny how all these shallow people consider that important.

  20. Tom Perez says

    I’ve seen Mr. Beckham’s package and it was far from small or even normal size. It was big and had potatoes to match the meat. True he is not a twink, and any self respecting adult male would want to grow into a full fledge man including body and genetalia. Shut up and grow your own pair of balls.

  21. millerbeach says

    He’s hot, not wild about the tats, but then again, the tats are on HIM and not ME. I doubt I’ll ever get a crack at him…LOL…but hey, an aging man can dream, can’t he?

  22. Bobby says

    Colin Farrell is Irish and he proves that small peen thing completely wrong. However, small peen, big peen, it’s all preference. There is such thing as TOO big.

    Don’t all clutch your pearls at once.

  23. pscheck2 says

    I like his pics where he is showing a buzz cut (almost skin head) he looks nasty and sexy. somehow, my gaydar seems to ping whenever I see him in these ‘jocky’ ads. (IMO!).

  24. stanhope says

    Beck’s body looks like q nice, NATURAL, athletic one vs a gymed up steroided version. I prefer natural. I don’t get the tattoos but then I don’t have to. Bottom line…that ass is on fire!!!!!!!

  25. Guy says

    “I always thought jewish was a religion…”

    Jewish, or Judaism, is a religion. It is probably the only religion based on genetic make-up, i.e., one is not considered Jewish unless one’s mother (not father) was Jewish to start with.

    Of course, you can convert to Judaism, but that underlines the stipulation that your mother has to be Jewish.

  26. steven says

    wait. we’re discussing the size of a straight guy with not much in terms of brain. this strikes me as shallow.
    jes sayin…

    aren’t there enough gay people to focus on and aren’t there other areas to concentrate on?
    aside from that he is as vapid as this piece of journalism

  27. bambinoitalianoba says

    I think Guy Ritchie got a bigger package. Any guy Madonna slept with has a big package with the exception of Sean Penn. She was young and thought that big ego equal big package. She truly got the Shanghai Surprise then.

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