Dennis Kucinich Joins FOX News

Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) has joined the FOX News Channel, according to the Hollywood Reporter:

KucinichKucinich, a former U.S. representative from Ohio who once tried to impeach President George W. Bush,  has inked a multiyear deal with Fox News, where he will begin as a contributor, debuting Thursday night on the top-rated The O’Reilly Factor hosted by Bill O’Reilly. After that, Kucinich is expected to appear on various shows across Fox News and Fox Business Network.

“Through 16 years in Congress and two presidential campaigns, Fox News always provided me with an opportunity to share my perspective with its enormous viewership,” Kucinich said.

This should be interesting.


  1. Jeff Kurtti says

    Fox ratings have plunged since summer, Hannity lost half of his viewers, O’Reilly lost 30 percent. Watch them try to do some pretend moderating of messages and personalities in an attempt at damage control.

  2. Paul R says

    Things could be worse than having a liberal perspective on an awful network. I agree that it’s an odd move, but his career hasn’t exactly been taking off.

  3. Disgusted American says

    it looks like Dennis is taking over for Alan Colms…as the Left Voice…well good for him….tho it probably wont mean much- being OUTNUMBERED by rightwing loons at FOX…..but hey…whatevs.

  4. Nat says

    It makes a great deal of sense from the perspective of Fox.

    Colmes worked well during the Bush-Iraq era because he came across as simpering and mealy-mouthed – an emblem of timid, ineffective liberalism in a period when the major brands of conservatism were in their ascendancy.

    Kucinich works well now because he’s as far to the left as one can reasonably go in national American politics. Most Fox viewers will operate under the mistaken assumption that Kucinich’s views currently dominate in American discourse and define modern American liberalism. In essence, he’s a useful strawman.

  5. Nat says

    “Democrats are Republicans in drag. ”

    If there was any Democrat that I thought would meet your standards Perdue, I would have assumed it would be Kucinich.

  6. Opinionated says

    I opened the comments to this announcement expecting the usual negative reaction from this viewership. Thanks for not dissapointing ones expectations. Such a thankless lot.

    Kucinich put in his dues and took a lot of punches for liberals across the country. To call him a sell-out is a discrage and utterly slanderous. He has ALWAYS spoken his mind (and more often than not for the likes of the little guy) and will continue to do so wherever he is.

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