1. Steve says

    He clearly confusing the way the Anglican church is run with the top down dictatorship of the Catholic church

  2. Lymis says

    Clown REALLY doesn’t understand how the Episcopal Church works – he’s trying to map the way that Catholics work on the the Anglican Communion and the Episcopal Church, and it doesn’t work that way. They aren’t breaking any of their own rules.

  3. RHR IN TN says

    NOM clearly believes that the United States should be governed by Catholic doctrine. The gays were just their first target. They will be bullying other minority groups (including other religions) until the entire country is turned into a Catholic theocracy. It’s time the straight population of this country recognized this group for what they are.

  4. chasmader says

    I just have to laugh when I see these statements for Romans and assorted wignut evangelicals telling me how to run my church.

    Steve and Lymis are correct. One of the really great things about being an Episcopalian is free will.

  5. Jack M says

    Maybe it’s none of his business? Ever notice how these people spend all of their time telling other folks what to do?

    NOM = National Organization of Morons

  6. fgsweetdog says

    WTF does he know about the prayer book OR the Bible? These holier than thou bigots really piss me off. I am Episcopalian and it makes me VERY proud to be one. They have taken the right step forward in promoting tolerance and compassion. Can you imagine the Baptists doing this? No, didn’t think so. We are ALL children of God – apparently this retard doesn’t know that.

  7. simon says

    The Catholic Church is not doing well either.
    The number of Mormons in the United States increased by nearly 50% between 2000 and 2010, while the number of “active members” of the Catholic Church declined by 5%, according to the latest decennial religious census published by the Association of Religion Data Archives

  8. TomTallis says

    John Eastman is a superannuated fool; an embarassment to the State of California, to the legal profession, and to Chapman University, which should quietly retire him and hire someone who is actually competent and respects the law.

  9. foobar says

    Fantasy indeed – Anglican churches in Canada bless (and perform?) same-sex marriages and have openly gay deacons and such in their ranks.

  10. Geoff says

    So sad. The man is clearly dead from the neck up…and it appears to have happened about 3000 years ago.

  11. daeds says

    there was marriage before the Church came into being therefore the Church does not OWN the concept of marriage.

  12. Paul says

    My Christian religion teaches me that God created us all equal to love one another and as a gay Christian that is what I choose to do, follow God’s command to love one another. I choose love and freedom over the anti-gay Christians who want to oppress LGBT people. I also think that it is the anti-gay Christians who are possessed by Satan the destroyer who is behind the anti-gay Christians who want to stop gay marriage and hate gays and destroy LGBT people who are also God’s children. Satan and evil wants to destroy and God and Jesus wants us to love. I will take my chances with God and Jesus and love. Don’t let the anti-gay Christians who are possessed by Satan pull you down into hell with them and their hate and destruction.

  13. Pedro says

    To Simon: Are you on drugs?! The only places the Mormon church is experiencing any real growth is in countries where the desperately poor, uneducated and uniformed are still impressed by white American teenagers in cheap JC penny’s suits. The average rate of growth in the U.S doesn’t even stay ahead of natural population growth. You are either an LDS apologist or greatly misinformed.

  14. Bob Conti says

    Others have said it, I’ll just add: This dimwit knows nothing about the Episcopal Chruch, the Anglican Communion, the BCP or anything else associated with my church. So piss off. With that said, this gob-smacked pratt is going to be debating marriage equality 1/24 up at the Reagan Library (hey, at least they have the old Air Force One there…). I’m going and hopefully we can put him through his paces.

  15. Steve call says

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  16. Diogenes Arktos says

    Eastman is right that the BCP 1979 *does* restrict marriage to heterosexual couples. So do TEC’s canons. (Incidentally, the canons do *not* mention children.) The rite of blessing same-sex couples is in the Book of Occasional Services.

  17. Diogenes Arktos says

    It’s interesting that Eastman (like Scalia in a recent dissent) is giving backhanded approval to marriage equality.

  18. Bill says

    One thing he said was that they are asking the Supreme Court to respect the decision of 7 million Californians – that is, 7 million out of a state with a population of roughly 38 million, with a turnout for registered voters of 79.42 percent. “7 million” sounds better than “52.24% of the vote.” has a map of California, showing which counties voted for Proposition Eight and which voted against. Excluding some small islands, three areas voted against it: a group of counties along the coast including San Francisco, a county around LA, and two counties on the eastern edge of the state around where most of the ski areas are.

  19. Fu'ad says

    This awful man, Eastman, is a Professor at Chapman University and a former law clerk for Justice Clarence Thomas.

    Taken together, his sleaze quotient is off the charts.