Empire State Pride Agenda Backing Quinn’s NYC Mayoral Run


This should come as no surprise… Empire State Pride Agenda will endorse City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's run for New York City mayor's office today.

"She's got a great track record of delivering for the LGBT community and our families, so we are thrilled to endorse her candidacy," executive director Nathan Schaeffer told The Wall Street Journal of the out and proud politico. 

More from that paper:

Mr. Schaefer said the group looked beyond her commitment to LGBT
issues, citing her "progressive" policy agenda as a key factor in the
endorsement. "We think she's the best candidate to lead the city to the
next level and she's got the best vision for New York," he said.

In November, President Barack Obama's 3-to-1 advantage in exit polls among voters who identified themselves as gay played a role in his victory. Ms. Quinn's campaign hopes the gay vote in New York City, estimated at 10% of the electorate, will be a powerful force in this year's mayoral election.

Ms. Quinn said in an email that she's thrilled to have the support of
an organization that has been "at the forefront in [the] fight for
equality and justice for the LGBT community."

Speaker Quinn also highlighted how she and the group have worked together to tackle tough issues in the Big Apple and elsewhere in the state, "Working together, we have gotten real results for New Yorkers—from
securing more funding to fight AIDS, to standing up against hate crimes
to, most recently, passing marriage equality in Albany."

Reporter Michael Howard Saul also pointed us to a Quinnipiac University poll showing that 35% of the city's Democrats support Quinn, 24 points higher than the next most popular Democrat, public advocate Bill de Blasio.


  1. Ms. D. Meaner. says

    I appreciate her record on LGBT issues, but I don’t think she’s the right person for the job, OR even up to the job. She does not seem intelligent enough or capable enough to represent the city’s interests on the one hand and be a positive image of an LGBT politician on the other. She’s kind of like Rosie O’Donnell with a better haircut. I’ll support Quinn for a lot of things, but not for mayor.

  2. DavidGroff says

    Christine Quinn is in thrall to Mayor Bloomberg and the reigning powers in New York City. She proved her venality by ramming through the city council a change in the law–against the wishes of the New York electorate–that allowed Bloomberg and Quinn herself to run for a third term. She’s just another ward pol and lacks the vision and skills to be a good mayor. We LBGT people should get over the pride reflex and support the best candidate for mayor, whether that person is LGBT or not.

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