Frank Ocean Wants to Press Charges Against Chris Brown


Frank Ocean wants to press charges against Chris Brown for an assault outside Westlake Studios in West Hollywood on Sunday night, Reuters reports:

Brown is serving five years probation for assaulting his on-and-off girlfriend Rihanna in 2009 and risks having his probation revoked should charges be filed. In the incident on Sunday, sheriff's deputies responded to a call about a fight involving six men in West Hollywood. The deputies cited witnesses as saying that the Grammy-winning Brown, 23, punched Ocean during the brief altercation.

No charges have yet been filed, but Ocean "is desirous of prosecution in this incident," said Los Angeles County Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore.

Brown and Ocean have a history. In 2011, they exchanged hate tweets that erupted into Brown sending family members to attack Ocean. Asked to comment on Ocean's coming out last year, Brown told a reporter, "Man, no homo."

Meanwhile, Brown was thought to comment about the Ocean incident on Instagram yesterday where he posted this photo, comparing himself to Jesus, with the caption: "Painting the way I feel today. Focus on what matters."


 And Brown reportedly wants to talk to police, MTV reports:

Unnamed sources told the site that Geragos' team have a surveillance tape of the end of the scuffle that shows that Brown did not throw any punches. TMZ reported that the tape also clears Ocean, who does not appear to throw punches either. The fighting appears to be between the singer's respective crews. The video, however, only captures the end of the fight and is not conclusive, because it started in the parking lot of a Los Angeles recording studio where there were no cameras.

The altercation ended up in the lobby of the studio, where it was caught on camera. TMZ said Brown's account is "radically different" from that of an unnamed witness who claimed that the singer threw the first punch. That witness told TMZ that Brown started the fight after Ocean dissed him in front of his crew and refused to shake Breezy's hand. The source added that Frank laughed at the dis, while Brown was so angered he "coldcocked Ocean and started an all-out war."

Once the fight moved to the lobby, sources said it demolished the studio, as the brawlers "managed to break almost everything in the room and scare all of the staff members" before the receptionist called 911. The Sheriff's spokesman said officials do not believe the incident rises to the level of an assault and could just be a "minor scuffle over a parking spot."


  1. ryansson says

    OMG. Brown’s comparing himself to Jesus now? What an insufferably grandiose narcissist.

    The only talent he really appears to have is for being a world class d-bag.

  2. Seth says

    Anyone else find it odd that Brown says “no homo” to Ocean’s coming out, but then spends extra time painting very, very detailed abdominal muscles on Jeebus?

  3. Seth says

    Anyone else find it odd that Brown says “no homo” to Ocean’s coming out, but then spends extra time painting very, very detailed abdominal muscles on Jeebus?

  4. kodiak says

    So…. he beats someone up then paints himself a bad picture of Jesus and his homeboys that somehow reflects(in his mind) the situation he has put himself in. Hmmm… and it ain’t a black Jesus either… hmmmm…. maybe painting the words “no homo” on the cross would be a good idea… hmmmm…I think he might have a good career in the prison art studio.. hmmm…hmmm…

  5. says

    Ocean is not innocent here. Honestly, they are both ridiculous fame whores and I can’t stand these “fights.” Giving Brown any more attention for his behavior just fuels him, and Ocean sounds like he’s blowing things out of proportion.

    Bottom line, none of us were there, we’re relying on unreliable news sources for information, and are giving creedence to ignorant childish behavior.

  6. Caliban says

    That “abs-of-steel Jesus” painting is hilarious. With hunky Dismas and Gestas (the two thieves supposedly crucified at the same time) on either side it looks like The Passion Of The Magic Mike.

  7. ratbastard says

    Knock yourself out,Frank. It’s you right to press charges, and even sue him civilly if you want. Doesn’t mean you’ll win or that he’ll be convicted, of course. Sh*t like this happens how many times a day in country of 315 million people?

    Why is this news?

  8. Kim says

    @Michael Graye since we don’t know what happened how do you know Frank is not innocent or blowing anything out of proportion.If someone assaulted me I would press charges but I guess men don’t press charges when assaulted.

  9. Robert Ellison says

    It’s amazing how mainstreams (white) gay media is so far up Frank Ocean’s behind all because he wrote his “one time in band coming out letter”. Pretending to like his music, buying his album just for novelty, wanting him so bad to be the poster child for urban black gay men. Always describing him as a “rapper” (because I guess that makes him seem more urban and black) when he’s really just a weird little stoner r&b singer. Frank Ocean is no saint. This is not the first or second time he’s been involved in something like this and I wouldn’t be surprised if he instigated this altercation. It would be wise to wait until the FACTS come to light.

  10. Billy says

    Frank Ocean’s camp could possibly be the instigator of this whole thing. Too bad for Chris he already has a horrible public record so he’s guilty until proven innocent. Price you pay for trying to be a bad boy.

  11. jjose712 says

    Robert Ellison: How do you know people predent to like his music?
    His album was universally praised, and not just by the white gay media.
    He is a very talented singer, and i find amazing that he has such success because his album is not exactly what i call mainstream.

    And he is a good vocalist not only a good musician. And yes, he is an R&B singer not a rapper, but he is linked to hip hop as a member of odd future.

    I think Brown is just a spoiled brat, he really needs a good friend that tell him to stop trying so hard being a tough guy.

    It’s curious that Adam Lambert had a lot more trouble with tv stations for his kiss in the AMA’s than Chris Brown for beating Rihanna

  12. Chitown kev says

    Yeah, I don’t know whether Ocean’s side has been instigating some of this stuff or not, so I will defer on that issue.

    But…uhm, Chris, that drawing of abs-city Jesus…you neede to keep that in your sketchbook, hon. People will talk about such things.

  13. bendskier says

    I know it is wrong to wish that Chris Brown dies in a painful car accident.

    But I do wish that.

    And hopefully, somehow John McCain is in the car with him.

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