‘French Elle’ Comes Out For Marriage Equality

FrenchElleAs the French people clash over whether or not same-sex couples should be allowed to marry and adopt, French Elle has come out on the side of full rights.

Their latest issue's cover, featuring two of the most beautiful brides in the land, declares: "Marriage For All."

In her editor's letter, found via The Cut, editorial director Valerie Toranian notes that unlike other countries, where the debate is divided down predictable lines, the French conversation has been marked by an often contradictory and intersecting array of interests, ideologies and cultural beliefs.

This debate is not primarily between old and modern, right and left, homophobes and progressives: there are gay, pro-marriage Catholics,  left- and right-leaning psychologists fiercely attached to the symbolism of gender difference as a necessity for any potential child. There are feminists who advocate for IVF for lesbians, but who oppose surrogate mothers for gays because they denounce the commodification of women's bodies.

And it's this swirling fondue of emotion that makes the debate such a strenuous one, and also helps explain why French citizens are more supportive of military action in Mali than marriage equality.


  1. nhuixnhuix says

    I don’t understand your obsession with that Mali tidbit. French support for marriage equality has been stable around 60% for the past six months. That the Mali intervention get higher ratings only means it is very popular, not that marriage equality is unpopular as you make it sound.
    Also, the most controversial parts in the discussion have been the adoption and procreation parts which is what the Church’s rhetoric has been focused on to mask the fact they have no arguments against gay marriage itself. For some reason, French have been more uncomfortable with gay parenting (although as this interesting article points out, it has to do with their love for philosophical debates, in this case about gender differences) but even that is an even proposition (things like 48% support) and not an adamant opposition.
    And finally, none of this matters since in the French institutions, the political dynamic (aka strict partisan loyalty in Parliament) means it will pass, regardless of whether it is unpopular or not.

  2. Wil says

    “beautiful brides in the land”? “swirling fondue”? Andy’s style of relatively objective presentation of information, and letting readers editorialize for themselves, is lost when others are standing in for him. Just the facts please! This kind of poor figurative speech weakens the message.

  3. Paul R says

    At first I thought that they were models, but that cannot be the case with the one on the left.

    If you don’t like Belonsky’s writing, don’t read the articles.

  4. Rick says

    “There are feminists who advocate for IVF for lesbians, but who oppose surrogate mothers for gays because they denounce the commodification of women’s bodies.”

    And there you are, guys. As I have always said, feminists (including the vast majority of lesbians) are strictly about empowering women at the expense of men, including gay men, and they clearly see the idea of two men marrying and having children as being a threat to women’s social power, which relies entirely on their keeping men emotionally, sexually, and socially dependent on them.

    So please stop kidding yourselves about feminists and women in general. Their only use for gay men is as props and underlings, and they expect you to know your (inferior) place and stay in it. Expect true equality for gay men–which implies the kind of independence for men from women that women are terrified by–and, as in this instance, you see how they react.


  5. I'm Layla Miller I Know Stuff says

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    My deepest hope is that this offering of insight will help break the silence of women loving women and initiative a deeper speaking of the truth that will inform and inspire a reformation of psychological theory and practice

  6. Rick says


    As much as it may distress you to discover this, recreation of the human species is impossible without SPERM, which women are incapable of producing.

    That’s right–you are nothing without men, in this as in every other sphere of life.

  7. Wil says

    Hi Paul, that’s a bit tough when the bylines are at the end. Though I can usually tell when someone other than Andy has written a post by the telltale typos and florid language.

  8. DAN says

    WIL or whatever other name he/she goes by (sounds like Jason) is angry and has some chip on their shoulder. For reasons we don’t know. Constantly whining about this writer. It’s getting so old.

  9. Wil says

    No chip on my shoulder, and no anger either. Just a longtime reader of this blog who doesn’t want to see it go downhill. And I’m not the only one. Check out the Manti post for a number of complaints about confusing, meandering writing. We’re simply trying to suggest that the site maintain its reputation for quality content. If we wanted anything less there are plenty of poorly written blogs out there.

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