Gay and Lesbian Band Heads to Inaugural Parade: PHOTO


The Lesbian & Gay Big Apple Corps is one of the regional bands that will make up part of The Lesbian and Gay Band Association which is marching in today's inaugural parade.

Here's a cute photo of them shot this morning by Mike Szabo of the band in their bus on the way to the parade staging area.

The Washington Blade's Chris Johnson has a nice piece up about the contingent:

It won’t be hard to pick out the Lesbian & Gay Band Association amid all the other contingents on Monday during the 57th Presidential Inauguration Parade.

The honor guard will be carrying a rainbow Pride flag as it leads the rest of the band members across Pennsylvania Avenue. One of the selections the band will play is “Edge of Glory,” a hit from gay icon Lady Gaga. And the band members will be clad in fitted black outfits with purple accents.

Adam DeRosa, president of the Lesbian & Gay Band Association, says the outfits were chosen with a nod to symbolism.

“Purple is in some ways, if you’re going to narrow it down to one color, a much more of a universal for the gay community,” DeRosa says. “And for the camera, again, we wanted it to be something that was really going to stick out.”


  1. vwdavy says

    my friend and fellow chorine from Twin Cities Gay Men’s Choir, Jim Davies, is in this group. we are all so very proud of him, as always, today. the work that he does in life, and in his social outreach is priceless, and selfless.

  2. Nanuq says

    Please, please, please, if you can find it, post video or at least a link to actual footage of the Gay Bands Association actually passing the reviewing stand! We don’t have cable or satellite, and broadcast coverage cut off after the first few military units (5 pm Eastern).

  3. AnnaSmith says

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  4. dexter says

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