1. says

    “spent her whole life struggling for some sense of normalcy” – Charles Perez on Jodie Foster.

    This is probably true. She was struggling in that speech. From sentence to sentence.

  2. Bollux says

    The other day Thomas had NY State Senator and vehement marriage equality opponent Greg Ball on to discuss gun control. At the end of the interview, Ball very nervously complimented our handsome host on his rather plain necktie. Watch the replay on MSNBC’s website and tell me the Senator is not flirting with Th.Rob.

  3. Jay says

    Bollux…saw it when it was on the other day…I told my husband at the time that Mr. Ball was flirting. Not knowing Mr. Ball, I did a quick internet search. Apparently, he doesn’t have a private life.

    Hmmmm…handsome, 35, single…yet arguably quite successful…Ex-girlfriend apparently had a protection order against him

    Is this yet another instance of internalized GOP self-loathing? I mean…Ball fumbled through it but he really complimented Roberts… seriously?

  4. says

    Straight news anchors mention their straight partners all the time. ALL THE TIME. And I’m talking the journalists too. In passing, casually they’ll state:

    “So my husband/wife and I…'”

    in between segments.

    So to hold a double standard and say “You should never ever let it be known you’re gay because you’re a journalist” is drenched in subtle homophobia.

  5. Scott Johansen says

    @ Duartion & Convexity

    I agree. I watch The Morning Joe, or even most Fox News programs and have been trying to observe how often the news people -even field reports- mention something that gives away their being heterosexual and it happens far more often than we realize. It’s just, we’ve been conditioned to overlook when a straight person makes it identifiable that they are straight. When a gay person mentions a partner, or significant other, or their marriage like Sam Champion casually did on Good Morning America, it can be seen as “activism,” Luckily, we’re moving to a place where a person can be allowed to reveal they are gay and not have people feel threatened by that. And why should they?

  6. 2 Dads says

    I salute these brave men for being transparent, and honest, and R-E-A-L. It’s their job to do so professionally when covering stories, so I can imagine how fulfilling it is for them to be allowed to just….be. And not have to put on a facade.

  7. Greg-Cali says

    Honestly? and this may just be me, but I swear I see an improvement in not only coverage, but presence and delivery and on air charisma in Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper and Thomas since coming out. They’re all far more relaxed, and comfortable in front of the camera, and their ease is both obvious and visible. I felt in each case, there was a bit more of an awkwardness when they were not publically out. And now- they get to report the news, be themselves, and come across more relaxed as a result. Just my humble observation.

  8. TookMelt says

    Dang, aside from all these men being accomplished, and successful, and forthcoming about who they are….can we just take a moment and say
    they are FINNNNE! LOL I find all of them incredibly attractive!
    and I also applaud them for the courage it takes to be who they are and not apologize for it.

  9. jamal49 says

    I never miss Thomas Roberts nor Don Lemon. Both are class acts and Thomas never lets anyone off the hook easily.

  10. Zee says

    Don Lemon’s out of his mind acting as if Mel Gibson should be forgiven. Redemption? Screw that, Gibson is a virulent bigot, homophobe and a misogynist and should be shunned in Hollywood, but apparently they’ve forgotten all about that.

  11. Mojo says

    Still wondering how it would be a Honey boo boo moment to simply say, Yes, I am also a lesbian. Was Thomas or Don’s coming out the stuff of reality TV trash?Their stories are not trashy. But aside from the oblique statements she made about coming out, if she is so private, why, on camera with millions of people watching, make such a heartfelt speech to her mother who apparently has dementia (and would not be able to understand her)? What is more private than that? If privacy is SO important to her, she should have said that to her mother’s face without an audience.

  12. Glen says

    Something about Charles Perez smacks as self serving. He was outed when he was in an on camera relationship with Norm on the first Real World on MTV back in 1992 over 21 years ago.

  13. Gary says

    Why should Jodie join this club? It’s a sexuality. Who cares that she didn’t give the right speech to “satisfy” the community. And stop saying we’re possibly killing kids by not confessing our private lives to the world. Get real. Why not confess your narcissism publicly? It’s your driving force.

  14. jamal49 says

    Gary, honey, it’s not about sexuality. It’s about one’s humanity, of which sexuality is a small but important part. It’s about the capacity for love and loving honestly. To even claim that it’s about “narcissism” shows just how sorry, pathetic and self-loathing you are. Sad. Now, go away, little boy and let the adults continue talking.

  15. Gary says

    Honey?? If it weren’t for sexuality, however small, this would not be an issue. If you had any sex you might be less the control freak. You get your kicks by thinking you are always right. Your comments are a mirror of yourself… genuine, sorry, pathetic, self-loathing and you spew it like proud, self-serving vomit. Your humanity? No thanks.

  16. says

    if the grown adults in north america who continue to refuse to stand up to be counted did as much work on overcoming their fears and insecurities as they do making excuses for them, we’d be over this stage in society by now.

    yes, not every person has the strength to do it.
    yes, not every person has the circumstances of life to be able to do it “safely” – but COME ON. we have people, young and old, coming out in Uganda. Iran. Afghanistan.

    and i dare say a lot of the grown-adult Closet Cases could come out and have it be FINE. so why don’t they.

    usually vanity. you live a lie for long enough you get a false investment in it.

    everyone comes out in their own time, and that’s as it should be. but there’s a culture of excuse-giving here in North America that simply isn’t helping – it’s just enabling people to keep on lying to others and themselves.

    YES – Foster’s life and circumstances play a big part in what seems to still be a rough issue for her.

    but then i read about young people coming out overseas and I simply don’t know what it is about wealthy, privileged, entitled adult north americans who continue to flippantly act coy about something that Visibility is the cure for.