Hillary Clinton Given Helmet Upon Return to State Department


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton returned to work today following recovery from a concussion and a blood clot. She was give a welcome back gift, CNN reports:

Deputy Secretary of State Thomas Nides handed Clinton a box, saying, "As you know, Washington is a contact sport."

"Inside was a football helmet with a State Department seal,  lots of good padding and also a football jersey that said Clinton on the back and on the front it says #112 which symbolizes the number of countries she visited as secretary of state," Nuland said.

"She loved it.  She thought it was cool.  But then being Hillary Clinton she wanted to get right to business."


  1. ObservantandCaring says

    Her stylist did do well.

    It’s a cute gift, unless you have an intellectually disabled child who has to wear a helmet to protect him-/herself from injury.
    Then it’s kind of in bad taste.

    I’m glad she was gracious, but got right to work.

    Why did no one think of this gift for Gerald Ford when he kept falling down airplane steps?

  2. Jason R. says

    Whoa! Calm down, they gave her a FOOTBALL helmet and jersey. It was a sports joke, not a jab at disabled children. “Washington is a contact sport.” not “Hillary is a special kid that needs a helmet.” Why look for controversy where there is none?

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