Illinois Marriage Equality Vote Uncertain Today as Two Supportive Senators are Absent

Two Illinois senators supportive of the marriage equality bill have been called away from the legislature on family emergencies, leaving the fate of the vote uncertain, the Windy City Times reports:

IllinoissenateLGBT leaders and lawmakers declined to name the two missing Senators, but said that unless they can secure two more "yes" votes, a vote on the bill Thursday would be unlikely.

Sponsors of the bill had hoped for a vote on marriage, now tacked onto another bill as an amendment, on Thursday. The amendment was expected in the Executive Committee Thursday morning with a vote possible later in the day. But the absence of the two Senators appears to have stalled efforts.

The glitch has raised questions about whether or not the bill will be called to a vote in both the House and Senate by Jan. 9 when new lawmakers are sworn in.


  1. mike/ says

    how ‘convenient’ for the two senators who have been called away on ‘family emergencies’!

    my cynicism is not overwhelming; it’s just from lots of experience with these people…

  2. Bob Rutledge says

    at 1:08pm EST, They are ‘debating’ an unrelated bill (a resolution congratulating a departing politician). Could be productively stalling while they await the arrival of the two missing Senators.

  3. Randy says

    In some jurisdictions, as a matter of respect and decency, politicians from one side will remain absent in number equal to those from the other side unable to attend due to emergency.

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