Indiana Lawmakers Forge Ahead with Plans to Constitutionally Ban Same-Sex Marriage

More lawmakers wasting the world's time.

IndianaIndiana Republicans don't read The Hill, apparently.

The AP:

Rep. Eric Turner, R-Cicero, said he plans to introduce the measure in the House this year. And Sen. Dennis Kruse, R-Auburn, has already filed the proposal in the Senate.

The General Assembly already overwhelmingly approved the constitutional amendment once in 2011. It would have to sign off on it again, this year or in 2014, and then send the proposal to voters for final approval.

"We do have some flexibility between this year and next. We recognize that," Turner said. "But frankly, some of us would like to put it behind us and let the public weigh in.


  1. TomR says

    Can someone possible explain to me why the fanatics and bigots always start out by tightening the hermetic seal and upping the pressure in their bubbles? Perhaps someone should send each lawmaker a copy of the recent Crate and Barrel catalogue, which shows a very positive image of the same-sex world.

  2. andrew says

    The Republicans in the Red State of Indiana have gone so far right that we have a new Democratic Senator representing Indiana in the U.S. Senate. Keep doing what you are doing guys.

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