1. Jerry says

    Somebody needs to eat two grilled cheese sandwiches. He looks like he just escaped an internment camp.

  2. Sad says

    Jerry, I agree with you. Guys with absolutely NO fat on them creep me out. He looks like skin and bones.

  3. Oliver says

    Adam Levine = narcissist

    he creeps me out. he is the epitome of the It’s All About ME generation

  4. Ken says

    I like Adam Levine and I think he’s hot… but last night’s show seemed pretty homophobic to me. Why is pretending to be gay supposed to be funny?

  5. rhett says

    The Bill Hader / firehouse skit was hilarious. It was so out there. He finally cracked a smile with the Mary J. reference. I agree, “Not the B!”

  6. Remote Patrolled says


    I agree on the clips I’ve seen but Levine is pretty gay friendly and has a gay brother.

    That said I’m not sure much of the audience would have known this. And I wish the SNL writers were less fratty when it comes to gay skits

  7. Paul R says

    Last night had way too many gay “jokes” and characters.

    Sorry, but how do you not see any fat on Levine? Sure, he’s got a great body, but he’s not exactly anorexic.

  8. Stefan says

    SNL continues to have only the occasional funny skit or two over an entire show, plus Weekend Update. And for having a crew of supposedly liberal or progressive writers, they resort to the “gay is funny because it’s so different” and “gay is funny because it’s awkward” tropes.

    Levine is not as hot as he thinks he is. Anyone who is skinny and exercises a couple times a week will look like that.

  9. jason says

    Adam Levine recently collaborated with homophobe 50 Cent on his new song My Life. Not a nice man. He’s a phony in my book.

    Saturday Night Live lost its mojo years ago. But I see it can still attract assholes as special guest hosts.

  10. Gary says

    Levine is the poster boy for a day gone by. Tattoo’s will identify a generation of narcissist losers.

  11. Eric26 says

    Let’s dislike him because he love love loves himself, not because he’s thin. I’m so tired of “ew, that guy is too skinny/fat/hairy/smooth”
    Apparently every goddamn man in America is hideous.

  12. Glen says

    I found the gay tv skit offensive. Apparently all gays dress in crazy pattern combos and have deep southern accents. I wonder how offensive it would have been if it was a BET show skit and they were all eating watermelon and drinking grape soda so we just new they were black.

  13. Pete N SFO says

    I thought Levine was terrific. It’s got to be tricky to change the way you perform & to do it live.

    The skits were kind of homophobic… but I’ll admit, I go back & forth about it. Is it too soon for us to be able to laugh at ourselves w/ others in on the joke? Maybe.

    Bill Hader is a riot & is very in on the joke, but is his audience? That’s the worry.

  14. UFFDA says

    Saturday Night Losers. These guys are all so Over: witless assh**les, snots, snarks and shred-feathered peacocks. What about Fresh? How about Unspoiled.
    Maybe Wholesome? (cringe). OK, just actually Funny will do.

  15. Pitt90 says

    @Gary, agreed. I don’t really like tattoos, but if people like them, I can respect that. However, WTF’s going on with Levine’s ink vomit? That’s just all kind of tacky …

  16. ratbastard says

    Oh c’mon…the dude is a tool, but he does have a nice body and he’s decent looking … though I’ll never get the business of some guys body shaving; I have little body hair but am not unattracted to guys who have normal amounts of body hair, I find it attractive. Levine has IMO the almost perfect body…not roid over-built … normal but muscular.

  17. JAMES says

    This one of the worst SNLs ever. Seriously. Not eve him being shirtless can make up for it. And his hair. What is up with his hair?

    And Justin Bieber is the host and musical guest next week? Ugh.

    I’m disappointed with SNL right now.

  18. Jerry6 says

    When I saw those tattoos, I had an urge to vomit. Anyone that has so little respect for their body that they cover it with tattoos is a charactor defect that makes me not want to have anything to do with them for any reason.

  19. Uriah says

    I wasn’t surprised that Adam Levine took his shirt off on SNL! However, I was surprised that Cameron Diaz, Andy Samberg and Jerry Seinfeld all staring on the show. I wasn’t able to see the show on Saturday since I was working late at DISH. I set up my DISH Hopper DVR to record SNL for me, so I didn’t miss it. My roommates always see it on TV when it aired, so it’s nice knowing that we can watch 4 shows on different TVs in our home thanks to my whole-home DVR.