1. John says

    I believe that he should be left alone. The world is ridiculing him for something trivial. The gay community is pushing anyone they can out of a closet, that may or may not be there, to get their first “out football player.” He’s a 21 year old college kid. KID. It is hypocritical to get angered by forcing a young person into something like ex-gay therapy, but not caring about forcing a young person to speed up the coming out process if they aren’t ready or if it is even who they are. Would you like the media (blogs included) to do that to you? Just let him play football.

  2. ratbastard says

    I agree with those who say it’s really a very trivial thing. It’s sad this guy will have to pay an inordinate price for it. If only those who commit real serious offenses got equal attention from the public, media and law enforcement..but it seems like the bigger the crime [especially white collar crime] the more likely you’ll get a slap on the wrist or even become a semi-celebrity. Stuff like this story is ultimately just a distraction from far more important issues.

  3. ratbastard says



    The media and entertainment industry love to highlight stuff like this because their dominant demographic and the demographics they and their advertisers are primarily after are female, and they know stories about human relationships, drama, emotion-driven are especially appealing to the female demographic. It’s the same reason why TV news presenters try to come across as really folksy, like they were your friend, and why they engage in a lot of ‘banter’ … it’s designed to appeal primarily to a female demographic. 80 plus percent of all advertising is aimed at females.

  4. marc says

    I really don’t understand why anyone cares about this or why it is news.

    Can anyone explain the fascination with him to me please?

    He lied about something…..having a girlfriend. SO WHAT?
    why do we care? who has he harmed? what is going on?

  5. says

    I think the only reason this “mattered” is because some people think that this was a ploy to get sympathy and attention in hopes of winning a Heisman Trophy, while others think it was maneuver from Manti to stave off any gay rumors that might ruin his chances of winning the Heisman.

    Considering that he told his father that he met this girl in person, it sounds like this was a lie of his own making.

  6. jomicur says

    We are constantly being told, in defense of the vast amounts spent on scholastic sports and the privileged position scholastic athletes occupy, that “sports builds character.” We’ve seen more and more indications that that isn’t the case at all, and this is one more example.

  7. jawole says

    Don’t flaunt your sob story in public and then try and convince me that you need your privacy. This probably isn’t his doing, the school probably pushed him to, but still.

  8. jawole says

    Don’t flaunt your sob story in public and then try and convince me that you need your privacy. This probably isn’t his doing, the school probably pushed him to, but still.

  9. SpunkyBunks says

    If he was in the closet, he missed a huge opportunity to come out and explain how homophobia in the football league drove him to this. They might have given him a contract to prove him and the rest of America wrong.

    Now he’s just damaged goods, his credibility is shot even if he comes clean later. If he were straight, who on earth is that good looking as has pretend girlfriends? The whole story doesn’t make sense.

  10. deedrdo says

    For the life of me, i cannot see why this is an issue worth days and days of discussion and speculation. If you listened to Michelangelo Signorile on Sirus he was absolutely apoplectic. He was not the only one. i don’t get it.

  11. says

    oh, the “reason” it’s interesting is that if indeed this is a whole front for closeted homosexuality then it speaks specifically to what a culture of anti-gay animus reduces a person to.

    making up a fake girlfriend to cover one’s tracks.

    mormon. football player. at a catholic school.

    the proverbial “girlfriend who lives in Canada” – it’s an oft-used way to try to get The Questions to go away, before one is ready to be real about them.

    but he’s 21. 21yo “kid” or not, he can vote, drive, drink, get a gun, go to war, marry, have kids.

    the factors that lead people to lie are why it’s important. they’re the root.

  12. Bill says

    @OS2Guy: the idea that whatever he fibbed/lied about was as bad as Lance Armstrong sounds like a gross exaggeration. Did it help him play football better? Did he make any money off of it? Was it something that would give him some sort of advantage over his classmates? If not, why should anyone care?

    The press reports indicate that someone pulled a prank on him. Years ago, such a prank might have resulted in some laughter from some guy’s friends, and that would be it. It wouldn’t be on national TV.

  13. Thomas Cardellino says

    He lied even before his phantom “love of his life” went into a coma, for which he never visited her? He lied after “she” got cancer and he never visited her? He lied when “she” died and he couldn’t attend the funeral? He lied when “she” called him from the grave? Seems to me the only sin worse for a Mormon idolater of his parents to commit is to admit to being gay. As to just how “far from gay” this young closet case is turns out to be 360 degrees.

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