NOM To Protest SCOTUS Prop 8 Hearing: ‘Could Be The Roe v. Wade Of Marriage’


The haters from the National Organization for Marriage announced today that they'll rally in Washington DC on March 26th, the day the Supreme Court begins hearing arguments in the Proposition 8 marrage equality case.

From their press release, via Joe.My.God:

When the Supreme Court convenes to hear oral arguments in what could be the Roe v. Wade of marriage, we'll be there — and we hope you'll be there with us!

…[We] hope that you can show up in person to stand with us on March 26th for what we pray will be an unprecedented outpouring of support for society's most fundamental and sacred institution: marriage between a man and a woman.

Together, we'll stand before the Supreme Court and make sure our voices are heard that we will not allow the dismantling of marriage by Judicial fiat to happen on our watch!

Hopefully those voices will be drowned out by the majority of Americans who support marriage equality, instead of the minority who stand by discrimination and vitriol.


  1. jleo71 says

    Thinking back to the 60’s I can’t imagine anything more useless than our public protest. Let’s put the money for that to better use. Can anyone think of a better use for our money? I’m sure that isn’t a great challenge.

  2. Diogenes Arktos says

    One major difference between Prop 8 and Roe is that there is an undoubted momentum for an increase in acceptance of marriage equality. It will not be the battleground Roe has been in the past 40 years.

  3. Critifur says

    I look at the poster and thought it was for marriage equality. I want to stand up, and protect my marriage (from crazy right wingers), and I certainly want to protect our(everyone’s)freedom to marry…

  4. Anthony says

    Whoever compares this to Roe is an idiot. Nobody will be protesting gay marriage in 40 years because it will be seen as the same as interracial marriage.

  5. says

    it really is amazing how some people refuse to see that the world only spins forward.

    they’re adamant about cementing their places on the wrong side of history.

    and, yes, they’ll be looked on with the same disgust people have for anti-integrationists.

  6. Glenn says

    Rowe vs. Wade is about life and death. Gay marriage is about acceptance and validation by society, masked as “Equality”

  7. Glenn says

    Kiki: The world rotates. History has no sides, and often repeats itself. Your “disgust” is a reflection of you.

  8. Damien says

    Well, if the NOM rally has the same impact in DC that their French efforts had, sounds like they will make for at least a small uptick in the percentage of those favoring equality. I suggest that they import thousands of French citizens to boost their numbers. I just know conservative Americans love to hear the French tell them what to do.

  9. jleo71 says

    @Glenn: Gay marriage is not making you unequal it is putting our relationships on the same level as yours. That is not “masking” anything. It is, by definition, EQUALITY.

  10. says

    “Together, we’ll stand before the Supreme Court and make sure our voices are heard that we will not allow the dismantling of marriage by Judicial fiat to happen on our watch!”

    If I remember correctly, the normal procedure is to file an amicus brief. It seems NOM knows as much about the judicial system as it does about marriage.

  11. Stefan says

    The analogy of the gay marriage cases to Roe is only appropriate when considering the cultural-legal context within which they are happening. Roe was decided at a time when the country was divided about a woman’s right to abortion, and most states had statutes placing some restrictions on abortion, but a nascent movement had started to secure abortion rights through the legislative process. Roe created a backlash, galvanizing the anti-abortion movement. While such an outcome is possible in the short term with gay marriage, the demographic difference on gay marriage is that younger people are overwhelmingly pro-marriage equality. By contrast, abortion opposition is fairly robust across age and other demographic cohorts.

    The key legal difference between the cases, however, is that Roe relied on what even liberal scholars view as judicial overreach by creating a penumbral privacy right emanating from the 14th Amendment Due Process Clause, against which the state interest could be balanced. By contrast, marriage has already been termed a fundamental right in prior SCOTUS cases. The only judicial stretch of constitutional interpretation would be in establishing sexuality as a dimension upon which a suspect or quasi-suspect classification can be made. But the 14th Amendment analysis would be well within that used in myriad other cases.

  12. says

    I’m not so sure protesting outside the supreme court is in their best interest. Do they really want to give the justices a front row seat to how they treat other people? Isn’t that like shooting someone on New Year’s Eve in Time Square while a national channel is broadcasting it live to the country?

  13. simon says

    They protest because Scotus takes up the cases? If the supreme Court doesn’t hear the cases, the lower court decisions will stand. That would be a nightmare for NOM. They should celebrate the court decision instead. At least they still get a last chance.

  14. Glenn says

    Wow, out come the same tired cliches. If you always reach for the wrong weapons, you’ll never win the war. My comments require more thought than you are capable of understanding.

  15. says

    “Gay marriage is about acceptance and validation by society, masked as ‘Equality'”

    Wrong, @Glenn. While validation and acceptance are natural by-products of equality, they aren’t the reasons for equality. Equality is its own reason, no masking required. It isn’t really about “gay marriage” at all–it’s about marriage, period. And the question is whether gay couples should have the same freedom to marry as straight couples and whether legally married gay couples should have the same federal recognition as married straight couples. That is equality. And it is supported by the Constitution. Whether NOM-types ever accept it, or not, is not of consequence. They’re on their way out to pasture.

    They can hold their dinosaur rally, but that won’t change the fact that the trajectory on marriage equality is in our favor, and since younger generations already overwhelmingly support equality, a Roe v. Wadeish backlash is purely a product of their desperate imaginations.

  16. Alan says

    Glenn, your comments require the same small amount of thought to understand that you put into them. Marriage equality is about, well, having equal rights. Acceptance and validation by society has gone up, and will continue to.

  17. Charlie says

    There will probably be a contingent that wants to have a counter march. May I suggest that a mass wedding would gather more media and have a bigger effect. Groups marching in DC are a dime a dozen and get little notice.

    March4Marriage vs. Marry in March

  18. Tré says

    Using interracial marriage as some kind of an analogy of how the country will more quickly come to ‘accept’ gay marriage, as opposed to the way it still struggles with RvW, is rather flawed.

    The general thinking that I’m inferring here is that once gay marriage is the law of the land, people will immediately see that the sky didn’t fall, that their earlier fears/bigotry were unfounded and weren’t necessary, and it’ll quickly cease to be an issue…just like Interracial marriage. Guess what? It wasn’t until 1991, nearly 25 years after Loving v. Virginia that the support of interracial marriage became more favored than opposed. Guess what again…there are still many people who don’t approve of interracial marriage, and are willing to say so.

    The gay marriage debate will absolutely continue for decades after it becomes the law of the land. The naysayers aren’t going to quietly accept defeat, or have an fast epiphany on the issue. If anything it’ll anger them to the point where they’ll cling to their opinions all the more and come up with alternative ways to separate and exclude. There will still be those city clerks who make the news for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, or at the very least will do it with rudeness.

    Religious culture will continue to preach against gay marriage long after its legalized, and that alone will continue the debate. Yes, religion is losing its power in the country, but it’ll take another century for that to happen completely.

    Finally, the flagrant attitude that ‘young people support marriage equality and oppose anti-gay bigotry’ gets tossed around very naively. Gay teens are still being bullied in schools. They’re still being kicked out of the house. They’re still committing suicide. Anti-gay sentiments and epithets still get casually tossed around amongst the young. I see it all the time. Not every 12 to 25 year old is an ally, or has an indifference that leans more towards the pro-gay side of than the opposite.

    People are buying too much into how the left-leaning media tries to snow issues of empathy, tolerance and acceptance.

  19. Mary says

    “Yes, religion is losing its power in the country, but it’ll take another century for that to happen completely”

    Tre, I’m interested in why you think religion will completely lose its influence in another century. Surely you must know that there were many people in previous centuries who were certain that religion would be extinct by the 20th century, and they proved to be wrong. You see religion in decline and assume that the trajectory will be completely one way – in favor of religion’s demise. Yet what is old to one generation can be new and fulfilling to later generations. Why are you so certain that “the decline of religion” won’t become boring and a revivial of religion won’t take its place?

  20. says

    @TRE: Of course there will be resistance from the predictable suspects, and bullying isn’t going to magically evaporate with greater equality, but all evidence points to most people quickly adapting to the idea of gay couples marrying, even if they’re not crazy about the idea due to homophobia. In states and countries where equality exists, support only goes up with the passing of time. 20 years ago marriage equality in my state seemed a fantasy; now, a few short years into it, overturning equality is a complete fantasy. You’re buying into NOM’s snow job–and the only reason they care about the issue is that it pads their wallets. Or did….even in 2013 their funds are drying up.

  21. says

    P.S. The religious influence in my state–admittedly a non-evangelical place–was as much on the side of equality as against it. One of the largest presences in our Pride Parade this year was faith groups. and, when I got married, my mother’s mainstream Presbyterian pastor was one of the first to congratulate me. Of course some of the so-called religious will dig in their heels, as some did because their Bibles told them it was ok to be racist, but if they choose to drift farther and farther out of the cultural mainstream their congregations, along with their influence, will continue to diminish.

  22. UFFDA says

    CHARLIE – it is a magnificent and workable idea to counter the Marriage March with a gay Marriage event. How media-atractive, amusing and wonderfully ironic to counter the haters with the lovers. AMERICA WILL LOVE IT.

  23. Oliver says

    @Mary, ever go to a Church in Europe on Sunday morning for mass? There you will find a small handful or 70+ year-olds. I live in Europe and have witnessed first hand the death or religious interest. I agree with Tre. Young people everywhere see that the Church is only interested in your wallet and that most wars are routed in religion and they therefore have zero interest.

  24. Matt N says

    “we will not allow the dismantling of marriage by Judicial fiat to happen on our watch”

    Really.. So, what is NOM going to do if SCOTUS rules against them? Overthrow the government? I mean, really..

  25. Randy says

    I have a t-shirt that says in big bold letters: Nobody Knows I’m Gay

    I think I’ll wear that to the NOM rally.

  26. RK says

    Time for the LGBT community to organize a counter march and overwhelm the haters and show support for equality. PS> Glenn you are an idiot.