1. stephen lucas says

    Er, there should be NO immigration reform. Illegal means illegal. Gay or straight doesn’t change the status. People who have entered America without the requisite documents are like people who enter your home without your permission.

    Besides, without ENDA, being gay means you can be discriminated against in federal employment contracts.

  2. Kent Peterson says

    Stephen: You are an idiot! Gays who are getting married to someone from another country cannot presently have their husband or wife sponsored like every straight person. That is not illegal immigration you dope. That is the same right straight people have!!

  3. kpo5 says

    Wow! So maybe we won’t have to move to Singapore after all! I was just starting to like the idea of daily 90 degree temps considering this frigid Massachusetts winter…

  4. ryansson says

    Ignore the halfwit named Stephen Lucas above: immigration reform for bi-national gay couples is a CRUCIAL aspect of the repeal of DOMA and the attaiment of LGBT equality under the law.

    If the law permits heterosexual imiigration rights then it must be do likewise for us.

  5. Pete N SFO says

    Skip to about 6 min in & avoid having to watch the craziness of Jan Brewer…

    All the media yesterday was saying ‘until the borders are secured’ amounted to a Poison Pill. Maddow, is correct though. If they can kill reform by utilizing this provision, it’ll never happen.

  6. ratbastard says

    Why not just cut to the chase:

    The U.S. shouldn’t have any immigration restriction s or control…just open the friggin doors wide and let a flood of mostly economic immigrants and few genuine refugees come on in. Why is this expected of only ‘White’ countries like western Europe, North America [U.S./Canada], Australia/N.Z.? How come it’s OK for Asian countries to be 99% homogeneous and racist to their cores, for M.E. and African countries to be what they are, for Mexico{!} to have very restrictive immigration laws….but the U.S. and European countries are ‘Racist’ when they try to sensibly control immigration, especially in a bad economy?


    And yes Pete in S.F.,

    The borders SHOULD be secured. This is not unreasonable. We have a case here in my city where an Irish woman in the country illegally for something like 12-15 years [!] … she over-stayed her tourist visa… has been charged with beating a young child under her care as a nanny to death. The woman has a rap sheet with numerous assault and domestic abuse charges [one of them is she beat up her female ‘room-mate'; maybe she’s lesbian]. How the F did she manage to live, work, and prosper while being here illegally for so long? And literally a week doesn’t go by here without some story of an illegal ‘immigrant’ drunk/careless driving and killing so one, while of course having no insurance or often even license.

  7. sean says

    What a great message this sends to the rest of the world: ignore our immigration laws. Come here ILLEGALLY, and eventually you’ll be permitted to stay.

    Oh, and for all of you who waited in line patiently and followed the rules? Screw you, suckahs!!!!!!

  8. DB says

    I don’t know that illegal aliens should be able to legalize just by marrying Americans. However, if opposite-sex couples can do so then of course same-sex couples must be allowed to do so.

  9. Matthew Mollinedo says

    People should just come to this page if they want to get rid of the stereotype that all gays are nice, happy, and caring people. All people advocating for deportation truly are heinous people. I see disgust when I read this page.

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