1. andrew says

    As a fellow leftist, I agree with most of O’Donnell opinions. However he sure is good at giving himself “pats on the back”. Sometimes even when they are not deserved.

  2. simon says

    There are always crazy people running for president, knowing they have no chance to win. The same reason why the old crazy McCain chose her as vice presidential candidate.

  3. Markt says

    That was somewhat enjoyable but it could have been really great if he was less self-congratulatory and less ponderous in the beginning – it should have been more light-hearted.

  4. Michael in Toronto says

    Don’t care if he’s smug, that’s how much I LOATHE this woman.

    Next on the block (I sincerely hope): Michele Bachmann, with Ann Coulter in the wings.

  5. tperez says

    Thank you Lawrence O. for giving Sara the final send off with your gracious palm of USA soil onto her political grave. It’s perfect. Lets hope she is not a Zombie that rises from her grave in 2016. Truley a sign of the apocolipse for all man kind.

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