1. Yupp says

    If he’s an Evangelical Christian then why is he surrounded by all the Catholic stuff in that photo?

  2. Mykelb says

    I would say that Joe needs a long convelescence in a secluded sanitarium with a lithium drip 24/7 and round the clock psychiatric care.

  3. Mykelb says

    I would say that Joe needs a long convelescence in a secluded sanitarium with a lithium drip 24/7 and round the clock psychiatric care.

  4. Paul R says

    Well he certainly seems like a bright and reasonable man who I’m eager to take advice from. Exactly how long ago was he a porn “star”?

    Perhaps he had health issues because he wasn’t doing BDSM properly. I’ll just take a wild guess that he was heavy into submission and abuse.

  5. Bob says

    This made me very sad. he obviously needs psychiatric help and is very damaged. I hope he finds the help he needs.

  6. qj201 says

    Clearly suffering from some mental disorder that he probably had long before he gave anal birth to the devil on camera.

    FYI: doing porn doesn’t make you a star. Making more money per scene than everyone else on set does.

  7. jamal49 says

    The poor man is obviously mentally disturbed. Further proof that evangelical christianity is a dangerous pathology.

  8. Caliban says

    According to a commenter at JMG his “porn career” consisted of jerking off for a bottom of the barrel website. However, if he named his satanic butt-baby Brian Brown it would certainly explain a lot.

  9. Robert says

    When was Nancy here a porn star? Before or after the operation that switched her brain with a Kumquat?

  10. Jerry says

    Yeah, that whole “refuses to release his porn name” thing does so much for his credibility.

  11. Hugh says

    If this guy proves anything, it’s that ex-gays have been going about conversion all wrong. The way to becoming a happy, healthy, heterosexual is a rigorous combination of medicated therapy (brain damage from heavy drug use) and aversion therapy (years of rampant gay hedonism).

  12. saunakarhu says

    But Blanche Are full of it!!! And if you were doing gay porn, why were there women involved? Don’t you know that str8s love anal sex too? And why are there so many nerves in the area to create such good feeling?

  13. Daniel says

    After I reviewed his website, I have decided that he is clearly suffering, and I have great compassion for him. I have written to him and wished him find true peace. One need not be on a pendulum between the two opposing poles of utter religiosity, ostentatious spirituality, and Jesus-addiction on the one end, and flagrant, continuous, promiscuously unbridled sex, self-violence, and sexual addiction on the other. There are plenty of us who love men physically and sexually (or “a man” as the case may be) who are well-adjusted, secure with themselves, and “happy” (whatever that means, in honesty, to the individual). It starts with loving yourself, and accepting nature *as it manifests within you* – there are no rights and wrongs of who you are, or what you feel, or how you express yourself. Just be you, and you’ll be true.

  14. Gene in L.A. says

    He wasn’t a porn star. Stars make more money and are the draw for the movies they’re in. He was just a prop for porn stars.

  15. ChristopherM says

    It is nice so many of you have compassion for this fruitcake. I would too if I didn’t know how damaging his bs is to vulnerable teens trying to come to terms with themselves.

  16. rjp3 says

    sad – mental illness is so common and so easily excused when wrapped up in religious beliefs that support the radical right wing = the wealthy elite

  17. Justin in Oaklawn, Dallas, TX says

    Ooooo – bet THAT hurt – giving birth to Satan, that is.

    This guy needs a more fervent imagination, though. There’s already even been a movie about this. It was called “Rosemary’s Baby”.

  18. WF says

    If he was such a “porn star”, why is it that there is no porn name that can be traced to his name?

  19. says

    Once again, like with Alan Chambers, a question pops back into my mind:

    how does this man, his mannerisms, his vocal inflections….well, why do they exist?

    we get the trolls who insist such Isms are the product of peer-pressure from the Monolithic Stereotypical Gay Community. Why then do these men who live each day to distance themselves from anything related to the Communities embody nearly all of these very specific, and still debated, Isms?


  20. camde says

    I’m calling Joseph Sciambra out as a liar. Joseph Sciambra´╗┐ has never been verified as being in the porn industry at all, whatsoever.

    AND…I have a sneaking suspicion he’s involved with Westboro Baptist Church. In June 2012, Westboro picketed a funeral in Belleview, Washington…the same city listed on the WHOIS lookup of Joseph Sciambra’s website. There’s more to this story…

  21. Yupp says

    Well….IS he Evangelical Protestant or Roman Catholic ?? Or some insane mixture of the two opposites ?

  22. Matt26 says

    Watched just some of it. Disturbing and sad. Cry for help perhaps? Someone close to him should advice him to seek help.

  23. UFFDA says

    Some of these comments are hilarious, I’m hooting like a rooster…”fruitcake” is the perfect word. And KIWI he is not the work of monumental gay pressure, he simply falls into line (grossly) with typical gay stereotypical mannerism and behaviour. You’re being obtuse.

  24. ameoba says

    he would be called an adult film worker rather than porn star. most people like to watch attractive people having sex

  25. Markt says

    My first anal kiss WAS literally a doorway into the demonic and supernatural. I will never forget it. There have been some devils who have stood at that door since – and everyone of them is burned into my memory. Those spermatic “releases into the world” bring a smile to my face all these years (or hours) later. He’s totally right – everything he said. He apparently had a scare from some defective benwa balls or something, but he’ll be back on top and riding high minutes after he takes his lithium. Sounds like he had some fun though, before he fell down the rabbit hole.

  26. Gast says

    He seems to be bouncing off extremes here. Please don’t use Jesus to preach nonsense. Find harmony and balance. Be well.

  27. Paul says

    God help us crazy anti gay ex gay Christian who was a pron star and now has found Jesus, he is possessed by Satan. Ex gay anti-gay Christians and psychotherapist kill LGBT people and are dangerous to society. Stop these anti gay Christians who want to use voo doo and quack science done by anti-gay Christian psychotherapist who murder LGBT people for money. Anti-gay Christian psychotherapist are the devils who need to be put in cages and kept there forever.

  28. says

    ahhh…. so he just IS…and it has nothing to do with some bogus “Gay Culture of Effeminacy”.

    got it.

    well, i’ve always known that. feel free to catch up, plebes ­čśÇ

  29. testington says

    is this whole thing a joke? the youtube channel is “on your knees for jesus” I really hope this is just satire and nobody is actually this stupid.

  30. Bill says

    @camde: Bellevue, Washington is near Readmond (where Microsoft is located) and has a number of “technology companies,” so it isn’t surprising that his web hosting service is located there. That’s probably what the WHOIS service reported. If the WBC picketed something there, it was a coincidence. They picket lots of places. I even have a picture of them – they picketed one of the high schools in the town I live in, plus an adjacent university (a Jewish center in particular), so I dropped by to take a few pictures of the freaks and get a free bagel + coffee for breakfast.

  31. Bill says

    @UFFDA: while it might sound hilarious if it were in a movie, this guy seems to have serious mental/emotional problems. I don’t think it is appropriate to ridicule him given that he is obviously suffering from a serious disability. Unfortunately, youtube and similar services have nearly zero in the way of editorial controls, so there is no reliable way of preventing mentally ill/disturbed individuals from turning into a public spectacle.

  32. Tory says

    I’m with testington, this seems like it’s a big joke. The YouTube account is called OnKneesforJesus4 and the ID photo is the picture of Michele Bachman that Newsweek published (the one that made her look so crazy that her camp complained about it). And as a few people pointed out, he’s an (alleged) Evangelical posing with Catholic items.

  33. DannyEastVillage says

    Bless him–clearly a very disturbed individual who is still inhabited by a devil.

  34. says

    Within the religiosity and the guilt are some real concerns about how much more popular anal sex is getting among the population in general, the health risks this poses, and about the influence of internet porn that, framed in a totally different context, are also being taken up by the women’s movement.
    On a lighter note, he still seems to be possessed by the Demon of Nasty Argyle Sweaters.

  35. says

    Correction: SHELLY LUBBEN. Shelly has been trying to evangelize the straight Porn industry out of business with her Pink Cross Foundation (read: money -grab) for several years now. Oh, goody, she’s diversifying. Let me slow clap with one hand…..

  36. Tre says

    “Anal sex LITERALLY opens a doorway to the demonic…” Sister friend needs some serious mental help.

  37. horserotorvator says

    Just because somebody holds a bizzare belief does not make him mentally ill. The guy is clearly ignorant, but there’s no evidence in this video that he is mentally ill. Pathetic, certainly. But not mentally ill. There is just as much evidence to support his belief in demon anal birth, as there is to support a belief in virgin birth, or even the existence of a god. We don’t call people who believe virgin birth or god mentally ill even though such beliefs are just as absurd and improbable as what this guy believes. He’s not ill; he’s an idiot.

  38. fred says

    Obviously, a very unhappy and disturbed individual. Deserves our compassion, but not so much our attention.

  39. JT says

    I’m pretty sure he’s possessed! You’ve heard the expression “Stupid is, as stupid does”? I think it has manifested right here before our very eyes!