‘South Park’ Creators Trey Parker And Matt Stone: Pro-Gay, Pro-Gun

SouthparkSouth Park
and The Book Of Mormon creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone don't discriminate when it comes their satirical portrayals: Christians, gay people, Jewish people, black people, white people, Muslims, celebrities… They're not afraid to offend anyone and everyone.

Yet rarely do they discuss their personal political views as openly they do in an interview with The Guardian, telling journalist Hadley Freeman they're for both gun rights and gay rights, often thought of as opposed positions. The interview, it is noted, was conducted before the Sandy Hook shooting.

The men also point out that liberals complain more often than conservatives about being made fun of:

"The big lie of our whole career is that rightwing fundamentalists are always trying to shut us down," Stone says. "It has literally never happened. The Mormons haven't, the Christians haven't – OK, the Scientologists did, but they don't count. But when we make fun of liberal people, they're like, 'What?!' I think religious conservatives are more used to taking a beating." And as if to antagonise their long-suffering liberal fans even more, Parker announces that the two causes he and Stone believe in are "gay marriage and guns. We're for both of those." [This interview was conducted before the recent shootings in Sandy Hook].

"We're from Colorado, and look at the way Colorado's gone politically in the last few elections," adds Stone, "it's now gay-friendly, weed-friendly, gun-friendly. There's an element of Colorado that I think is in us." Parker nods stoutly.

If there can be a concise summary of their political views, writes Freeman, it is this: "Be tolerant and be temperate, because only blinkered idiots are entirely on one side or the other." That's pretty fair.


  1. Gary says

    Couldn’t agree that liberals are hypersensitive today. They are so caught up in their rules of what constitutes offensive language and behavior. They can be so pious. It almost makes be want a negative Supreme Court ruling in June. Well, not almost, actually. Now I’ve kicked the liberal bees nest. At this point I’ve probably crushed the bees nest. I really don’t care.

  2. Gast says

    I don’t get what makes their views relevant. I can’t recall a cartoon shaping or influencing any of my sociopolitical views.

  3. Craig says

    Yeah, I’m not sure why I should care about what any celebrity thinks. Whether it’s the South Park guys, Cher or Stephen Baldwin – really don’t care.

    Also, I’m not sure why being pro-gay rights has anything to do with gun ownership. I consider myself pretty liberal but I also believe in gun rights (even though I would never care to own a gun). I guess maybe I’m a closet libertarian.

  4. Billy Crytical says

    These two don’t go after Jews or Muslims like they do with other groups. Matt Stone considers himself Jewish. The depictions of gay characters on South Park are always terrible and debased no matter if they are supposed to be good or bad. These two are not brave although they think they are. They punch down. They attack those they know either don’t really care or won’t fight back.

  5. aneas taint says

    There are blinkering idiots in this equation alright, but it’s not me for being pro gay and anti gun.

  6. jd says

    Yeah, being from Colorado is a great argument against gun control! (Flips over to Yahoo, sees yet another headline about yet another mass shooting in Aurora.)

  7. says

    I don’t think you’re a blinkered idiot to be “on one side or another.” Definitely I don’t think that being anti-gun means you’re blinkered. I think people who blithely argue on behalf of guns are more blinkered as to the realities facing the country today. Libertarians and “independents” like to think they’re better than either side because they’re somehow more thoughtful or measured. They’re not better, and I’ve rarely found them to be more thoughtful or measured.

  8. ripper says

    This post is a wreck. Surprise, it’s by Belonsky.

    Gay rights and gun rights are opposed positions… Since when?

    The South Park guys aren’t open about their political views… Are you serious? Their politics are well known, there’s even a wikipedia page about it (see South Park Republican).

  9. Polyboy says

    Being pro gay and pro gun isn’t unusual at all. All of my friends are pro gay and pro gun.

    I do think that the “liberals” supposedly too sensitive to be made fun of a are celebrities and since there aren’t that many conservative celebrities featured on their show it creates an impression that “liberals are too sensitive.”

  10. Randy says

    1. I don’t think it was liberals who caused portions of an episode to be blacked-out on Comedy Central, nor did liberals warn Matt and Trey that they would be murdered.

    2. How to contradict yourself in ten words or less.: “Be tolerant and be temperate, because only blinkered idiots…”

    Matt and Trey believe in Matt and Trey. That’s all.

  11. candideinnc says

    I am with Craig. What these vulgar, sophomoric and basically frivolous people think is irrelevant. All the world’s hillbillies aren’t in Appalachia. Some of them got lost and ended up in Colorado.

  12. BZ says

    Um, last time I checked, Parker and Stone *are* famous. Otherwise you wouldn’t be writing a post about them.

    And I agree with CandideInnc that they’re sophomoric and juvenile. I’ve never found South Park to be funny. Parker/Stone are masters of the content-free cheap shot.

  13. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Matthew Rettenmund: I totally agree. As we have seen just on TR, not being “thoughtful and measured” is a valid criticism across the board.

  14. NullNaught says

    I get the impression from all the homophobic slurs on their show that they are not pro-gay in the first place; they can claim whatever they want to the contrary but their vile language gives them away. They are uber-scum.

  15. Dback says

    I think a lot of Parker and Stone’s mean-spirited spoofing of Streisand goes back to their political differences–they tweak conservatives on occasion, but they definitely have some special scorn for high-profile celebrity Democrats (Baldwin, Clooney, Damon, etc.), and Streisand’s about as high-profile as they come. She picks up the phone and says “I want to sing and do a fundraiser,” the Democrats automatically pick up a few million dollars. Must be very galling if you’re a Republican or Libertarian.

    (In all fairness, Seth Macfarlane hates–HATES–George W. Bush, and “Family Guy” has roasted him on a spit for years, so yes, animated politics and hatred goes “both ways.”)

  16. ratbastard says

    What they said, as posted here, is 100% cool IMO. I’m 100% for gay rights and law abiding citizen firearm ownership rights. I don’t want criminals, thugs, psychos and police to be the only armed people. Call me effing crazy. I know police VERY RARELY are around when a violent crime like home invasion, armed robbery, serious assault, is occurring, especially in out of the way places, which a gigantic country like the U.S. has a lot of [western Europe and the UK far less]. I believe fully in a citizen’s right to defend themselves, including deadly force if necessary. By comparison, people in England who defend themselves in their own homes {!} are routinely prosecuted and imprisoned. Screw that. What I also find particularly galling is the very people who whine the most about how ‘progressive’ and liberal they are, and how guns are bad [m’kay], also generally look down on and even hate cops, who they want to be solely in charge with the responsibility of protecting them, never mind the fact most of them couldn’t protect themselves if their lives depended on it. Too much irony.

    And yeah, Parker and Stone do definitely go after Christians a lot harder and more harshly than Jews or Muslims, no question. I’m quite anti organized religion period, but still can’t fail to notice the extreme level of anti-Christian hate compared to any other organized religion among the ‘progressive’ left.

  17. mikeflower says

    One of them is gay, Trey, I think. But no matter cuz when you are a zillionaire, you owe allegiance to no group but your fellow 1%’ers

  18. Joseph F Wilson says

    LOL, Liberals are cry babies. If you do some searches about South Park making fun of Liberals, it brings up all these websites wanting to ban South Park. Liberals are a joke and in my opinion are anti-American and pro-censorship.