Straight Pro Footballer Matt Jarvis Makes Shirtless Appeal for Gay Footballer to Come Out


Matt Jarvis is the third straight football player (after David Beckham and Freddie Ljungberg) to appear on the cover of UK's Attitude magazine, and is also the latest to appeal for a gay footballer to come out, the Guardian reports:

In an interview, the winger said it was time that a gay footballer felt comfortable enough to come out. "It's everyday life. It's not something that's going to be a shock," he said. "I'm sure there are many footballers who are gay, but when they decide to actually come out and say it, it is a different story. It's one that I'm sure they've thought about many times. But it's a hard thing for them to do." …

Jarvis told Attitude that he thought times had changed and an openly gay footballer would receive the support he needed. "There'd be support everywhere within the football community, whether it be players, fans or within the PFA [Professional Footballers' Association]. There would definitely be groups of people who would be supportive and help them through it," he said.

Jarvis is a winger for Premier League club West Ham United.


  1. ripper says

    I’m probably one of the few here who actually follows Premiere League Football… and every week there’s another racism scandal. Fans constantly make monkey gestures at African players. Even the captain of England’s national team made racial epithets to an opposing player.

    I’m looking forward to a player coming out, but whoever does is going to catch hell. I hope they have thick skin.

  2. says

    @ RIPPER :
    No. you are not the only one with an interest in the Premiership !
    And I totally agree; given the amount of racial taunting in English football it would be well nigh self immolation for any player to come out. Sure he will get support from fellow players but he will be torn apart by the baying mob. Seriously !

  3. gsh says


    You’re right, and I don’t really see how a straight footballer posing on the cover of a magazine wearing next to nothing can help with that situation.

    It helps himself get his hands inside the gay wallet, that’s for sure.

  4. peterparker says

    It looks as though he has completely shaved his pubes bald. And then someone at Attitude decided to photoshop it even more nude. For the life of me, I can’t understand why straight (and some gay) men feel the need to make themselves look like prepubescent boys. It’s so gross!

  5. jamal49 says


    Shaving oneself is not about wanting to look like a “prepubescent boy”. Sometimes it’s just about personal grooming preferences and personal hygiene.

    I’ll take a man anyway he feels comfortable with himself.

  6. Bobby says

    Shaving everything might be hot for some for a day but when that stubble comes in, it’s tricky. I like men to be natural and yes it does look like they’re trying to emulate young boy’s bodies. It’s gross.

  7. D says

    Love it, He was a talent when he played for wolves and will be a talent for the Hammers. On the field he doesnt look this cute haha.I was pleasantly surprised :-X.

  8. Ken says

    If you have a Mac, you can make this site, and any other retro white on black site, readable by pressing CTRL+OPT+CMD+8. That makes the text black on white. You can switch back to look at the photos.

  9. Mike B. says

    I think the “dent” is him sucking in his (non-existent) gut for the camera + lighting meant to highlight his abs.

    And I have to say, whatever my feelings about how I prefer men in the sack, I really have to draw the line at pubes in print.

  10. Diogenes Arktos says

    Other than personal preference, the difference between smooth and hairy chests is somewhat a matter of fashion. A few decades ago, there were actually hair pieces for chests.

    As much as I like hair, I think a picture like this should not show pubes. There may actually be regulations to that effect.

  11. Billy Crytical says

    Yep. Soccer is a gay utopia, that’s why there are zero out gay men playing. *roll eyes* The negative attitudes toward gay people go back all the way to pee-wee soccer leagues. Gay players will have experienced years of those negative attitudes and it’s lead them to the decision not to come out.

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