‘The Advocate’ Print Edition to Return to Newsstands After Two-Year Absence

The Advocate will be returning to newsstands after a more than two-year absence, according to a press release from Here Media:

Advocate“Due to both reader and advertiser demand, we are thrilled to bring The Advocate print edition back to newsstands in 2013,” said Advocate editor in chief Matthew Breen and executive vice president publishing Joe Landry in a joint statement. “We remain committed to providing timely and in-depth reporting of issues important to the LGBT community and our community allies, as well as providing the best media outlet for businesses targeting the gay market.”

For the first time in over two years due to strong reader demand, The Advocate, which has been sold only by subscription since 2010, will again be available at major distributors nationwide starting February 2013.

The first edition will be back on January 15.


  1. Mark says

    Who cares? Who even reads The Advocate when they can come to Towleroad or Queerty or a dozen other LGBT blogs? The magazine became irrelevant when the editor in chief wrote a cover story saying the Advocate endorsed Obama for president. How shocking that a gay mag endorsing a pro-gay president. I presume we’d have otherwise thought they endorsed Santorum or Romney. I’ve also heard the magazine is written mostly by their interns and low-level associate employees. It’s a mess.

  2. Alex says

    By the way, whatever happened with all those lawsuits? I recall the company was being sued for millions after screwing over a bank. And weren’t there also a bunch of writers who were never paid for their articles? I never read The Advocate anymore. Team Towleroad.

  3. Greg says

    This is kind of hilarious. What isn’t included here is the news that the magazine will now be published bi-monthly. How can the editorial possibly reflect current issues and news that changes hourly when it has to meet rigid publication schedules? I wouldn’t want to be interviewed for the magazine when anything I say would be dated by the time it’s on newsstands. Why would advertisers put their ads in a mag that will be two months old? I think this is finally the death knell for the once vital The Advocate.

  4. Jerry6 says

    Glad it is back on the news stands for those that do not get subscriptions mailed to their homes. I have been a reader since it started in San Fransisco all those many years ago. Like many things in life, it is not always perfect, but it is like a confortable pair of old shoes; you keep them polished because you just might want to wear them again.

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