The ‘Gay Dog’ Has Been Saved


Good news! The Tennessee dog sent to be euthanized by its owner because he suspected it was "gay" has been adopted.

Writes Stephanie Fryns: "I am adopting this big boy first thing in the morning. He has Kristin Joy Duewerth who is going to help with cost as well as many others in the area. He will be neutered/ htwm tested/ and vetted. He will be temperament tested and then places in a rescue verified and approved home. Woof connections is pulling many pups tomorrow, wonderful!! They need help with vetting the ones they pull also. We are all working together ( Diane Butler , Susan Bell) to save all the babies on the euth list for tomorrow."

(h/t buzzfeed)


  1. Homo Genius says

    I am glad. As a major dog person I found that story really sad. IMy only concern is that he is now with a “rescue” group. Some are great but others are off their rockers with insane nit picky rules. A few in my opinion are just covers for hoarders. The last time I dealt with a rescue group I was denied because I had a doggie door.

  2. ratbastard says

    Good. I hope his new family allows him to be who he is. Maybe TR can do a follow up when he has a public coming out of the closet. Lil’ C*unt [AKA Little Kiwi] will be beside himself, gushing with joy.

  3. SFshawn says

    Great to hear.
    Animal lovers really should read Unlikely Friendships:47 remarkable friendships in the animal kingdom…it’s incredibly beautiful.
    Yahoo for this dog!

  4. Chris says

    Homo Genius, you are right, some of the rescue groups are obsessed with such stringent rules that it seems they prefer not to allow dogs to be adopted.
    Years ago, after my Chow Chow had passed, we attempted to rescue, rather than purchase, another dog. After much work, much expense including expanding the fenced in area behind our house, and changing the deck because they thought the stairs were dangerous (they were up to building code and my mother’s yorkie used them when visiting without difficulty),anyway after all that, we were denied because we were using a professional, bonded, licensed, dog sitting service during the day while we both worked.They obviously didn’t want the dog to be adopted.

  5. Jack says


    How could you get that deep into the process without first talking about your work schedules and your use of a sitter? It would seem that this would be discussed in the first 10 minutes, not weeks into the process, after a home inspection.

    These rescue folks mean well and they have some reason to be diligent in screening. But many of them take it to an unreasonable level. It may be that their sense of righteousness about their rescue work combines with the power to judge applicants, and it winds up going wrong. They should be screening out abusers and people who clearly have no ability to care for a dog. Beyond that, it is none of their business.

  6. uflyguy says

    I do rescue dog transports and some of the rescues rules do seem a little out there. If you want to adopt and have a problem getting selected through a rescue, go directly to the Animal Control in your area and adopt directly from them. Most of them don’t care other than you have the fee to fix them and get them up to date on shots.

  7. Francis says

    If someone is willing to do this to a dog, you know there are people who would do this to a human being. Goes to show just how hateful so many are against homosexuality. Shame.

  8. says

    More over, please do consider adoption, from a rescue or shelter if/when you can. Most dogs from breeders not only create more of a pet over population problem we have currently, but cost a fortune. Most rescues have any type of dog you can image, and even down to personality, will let you adopt a dog that gets along well with your household.

  9. Alejandro says

    I volunteered for two weeks at an animal shelter due to a traffic ticket I got. Did community service there. I was completely indifferent on the subject. But left there startled at how pretty awful human beings can be. People would dump their dogs that they had for years for the DUMBEST reasons. Like insanely dumb. One lady straight up came in on day and said she got new furniture and her dog just didn’t look cute in her house with her new furniture. I SWEAR IT. I was shocked. The staff told me it happens every day. People will just walk in and dump their dogs and the reason they give is “cuz I’m bored with him”….I mean the crazy thing about it was the dogs could seriously sense they were being rejected, and were seriously sad about it. Like you could actually tell they were sad. Most got euthanized and it was the hardest thing ever to bond with the dogs, then come to work the next day and ask where so and so cocker spaniel was and be told he was put down. It sucked.

  10. Longmortel says

    I had a former neighbor who dumped his dog in the shelter for this very same reason! He saw the dog humping another male dog and wanted no part of having a ‘gay dog.’ Never underestimate the stupidity and hate of human beings. Ever.

  11. Mexi-Cali Dude says

    While some rescues can be very strict, you have to realize the incredible amount of work they do, and the incredible amount of careless people they encounter. Did you know 1 in 5 dogs adopted from a rescue are returned, and many not returned are dumped back in a shelter. A dog can sense rejection just as we can. They really have a sense of awareness. And if you’ve ever owned one, you know that. So for them to be dumped in a shelter, then taken to a rescue, then dumped back in a shelter by careless owners is real rough on them. The rescues going through those strict guidelines is an attempt to curb that and be sure the dog gets the best forever home.

  12. Duration & Convexity says

    In your attempts to vent out frustrations with SOME rescues, don’t forget that by not adopting, it’s the dogs you’re hurting. So whether you go on, or a rescue, or walk right into a local county shelter and adopt right then & there, the point is adoption should be an option for you. The best dogs I’ve ever owned were adopted dogs from the pound. And ridiculously cheap too.

  13. Carlos says

    Can you imagine what he’d do to his gay son? Honestly, can you even imagine? It’s crazy that people like this exist, but having lived in some homophobic areas last yearr— I swear they do!

  14. Nayslove says

    People need to realize that dogs “hump” to show their dominance of the other dog, NOT as a sexual thing, it’s a DOMINANCE thing! They just want to be the boss, nothing more. Responsible pet owners, unless they are in a breeding program do spay and neuter as it 1, is the responisible thing to do, and 2, it is for the health of the pet as these are places that can turn into cancer.

  15. Sports Fan says

    Not having a ‘gay dog’ is actually a big thing with some straight men. I’ve heard of similar stories of men beating the crap out of their poor dogs because it humped another male dog. They don’t get that it’s a dominance thing with the dogs, and not sexual (but even if it were…). The human race can be pretty dang ignorant.

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