1. Stefan says

    This guy is awesome. I miss the music videos he started out with (Michael Buble’s Russian Unicorn, Taylor Swift’s Rockin’ All Night Long, and Miley Cyrus’ Black Umbrella are actually on my iTouch). But this is pretty hilarious 😀

  2. Tatts says

    Unfortunately, there’s not much difference between the bad lip reading of the player being interviewed at the beginning and what most players say when they are interviewed. They make about as much sense as these guys.

  3. phil says

    OMG! I’m a huge niner fan, and the Harbaugh baby voice for cake is PERFECTION! And it’s got my favorite player (wolf whistle) Joe Staley, strangely asking to burn an old man.


    The rest of it is pretty amazing too, especially the refs and Pete Carrol. And Brady high-fiving his whiteness! Ha!

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