Three Charged with Anti-Gay Hate Crime in the Chicago Suburbs


Three people have been charged with aggravated battery and mob action as a hate crime in the Chicago suburb of St. Charles after Susan Patton, the woman pictured above threw a drink in another woman's face at a bar and the altercation continued after the woman targeted with the drink left with her two friends, the Chicago Tribune reports:

As the group of three walked across a parking lot, a grey Mazda pulled up to them and stopped, witnesses reported. Patton got out of the car and again confronted the woman, police said. When the woman's two male friends stepped in front of her, Patton struck them, police said.

Bolt and Miner then got out of the car and joined Patton in punching and kicking the two men, "while taunting them for being gay," police said. One of the men was able to call 911 on his cell phone, causing Patton, Bolt and Miner to get back in the car and drive away, police said.

Police said a fourth person was also present during the incident and could face charges as the investigation continues.

Arrested were Patton, Stephan Bolt, and Christopher Miner, who remains in custody. Patton and Bolt are free on $3,000 bond.


  1. johnny says

    Fantastic. Their hate and crime and faces are all out there for the public to see.

    The more these horribly ugly incidents are trotted out into the public light, the better. This country needs to see that this kind of hate is no longer tolerated and…


  2. ratbastard says

    Well, they look like 3 winners. And as bad and violent as men can be, in my experience women are the direct cause of MANY fights, especially in bars and clubs. There are few things worse than a drunk woman talking smack and passive aggressively throwing sh*t at people.

    Yes ‘progressives’…I broke the golden rule of not placing all blame on males and females oppressed. I didn’t follow the narrative.

  3. Francis says

    Well, all three sure look like prizes (not). I’m sure they’ll enjoy prison and this incident on their records for the rest of their lives. It’s alarming to have to read story after story of ignorant trash and thug types going after people they perceive as LGBT and attacking them as a result but the only way to stem the number of these attacks is to make them public and highlight the hatred. We’ve become more brave and we’re no longer afraid to speak to police, speak out to the media, and ensure justice.

    Fensox, people are listening. Just by bringing these hate incidents to light instead of having them ignored like they would be in the past, creates dialogue. It’s not safe to exist as gay in this country in most places, especially suburbs like St. Charles. We can’t just suffer in silence anymore.

  4. Trash says

    It’s Chicago – what do you expect from that crime-ridden sh1thole? And I’m from Illinois, before anyone gets angry at me for “putting down” Sh1tcago.

  5. David Hearne says

    I worked in almost all of the gay bars in DC and never saw two men fight inside a bar. When I worked at The Other Side, girl fights were rare but happened.

    Having said all of that- I don’t believe in “hate crimes” enhancements. It’s subjective and political. Prosecute criminals for the crime they commit, including the crimes against gay people and I will be happy. When I was on the Matthew Shepherd bandwagon, it was because we still had reason to suspect prosecutors and courts of not taking crimes against gay people seriously. Unfortunately, the latest place we have seen that disregard was in Washington DC of all places where some street animal got 8 whole months for killing a gay man outside a bar on U Street.

  6. Craig says

    Look at her face, she seems so proud of her trashy….C*NT!

    and the two vile looking loser friends of hers. All three need to be put to sleep. Taking space in our society.

  7. Boston Dude says

    Gay hate crimes are necessary as they seek to terrorize one set demographic and send a message to people in that group, as it’s stemmed from a deep rooted place of hate. To not recognize that is to be complacent toward homophobia.

  8. CS9 says

    Hmm. A physical hate crime perpetrated by 3 young white people and not only is there not a PEEP about race, but the number of comments are a bit on the ‘thin’ side. Yet a black athlete verbally spews homophobic rhetoric on a radio show and there’s pages worth of outrage, racial epithetic, calls for all sorts of retribution and whatnot. Selective outage. I’m seeing a bias. And because I’m seeing a bias, it’s making me want to side with…

  9. Francis says

    Hate crime enhancements have proven to have an impact in reducing hate crime activity because people know it will lead to prison. And it’s important for those apart of a group with an individual(s) were targeted for who they are to know they are being supported by those who are hired to protect and serve whatever individual community said hate crime occurred.

    Also, trash, hate crime rates in Chicago are low. Especially considering the fact the city has an atrocious crime rate overall. Don’t paint the city with the bigot brush, this happened in a surburb.

  10. Robert says

    “It’s Chicago – what do you expect from that crime-ridden sh1thole? And I’m from Illinois, before anyone gets angry at me for “putting down” Sh1tcago.”

    St. Charles is an hour outside of Chicago. That is not Chicago.

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