Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1285


JOHNNY MARR: "Upstarts", from the former Smiths guitarist.

SHEMAR MOORE: Showing off his abs on Anderson Live.

MARRIAGE NEWS WATCH: AFER's Matt Baume with the lates on Rhode Island, Illinois, Colorado, Hawaii, and Nevada.

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  1. Matt26 says

    I can totally understand why AC asked Shemar Moore to be his guest and why that lady wanted to see Shemar’s 6-pack.
    Shemar is the hottest man in tv. Hot hunk, with big smile, sense of humor and great abs. Oooh, baby.

  2. Chris K says

    Never post pictures or videos about any kind of insects or, particularly, arachnids here again. I didn’t even watch the video, but just the thumbnail was enough to make me itch all over and be scared of stepping on the floor in case there’s something there ready to jump on my foot.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    Matt & Kiwi:

    y’all are so right. And he’s forty-four years old. Oh, my. The only way I could get a flat belly like that would be about 5 days after I die.

    And there are rumors…for years. My friends in New York claim he wasn’t even in the closet in the early 90s–when he was a model. But it’s not important that he comes out like Jodie Foster did Sunday night–he’s sexy, and that’s all that matters (Now, I sound like THE QUEEN).

  4. jamal49 says

    I used to like Shemar Moore until he mouthed off some homophobic stuff. Nice six-pack though.

    Uh, the spider thing? Not so cool. My major phobia is spiders.

  5. AriesMatt says

    OMG, I totally hate bugs but it was totally worth it for the first guy in that video. SEXY! Yum. You couldn’t pay me enough to let that bug crawl on my face, tho.

  6. Tallulah says

    I saw one of those spiders in Zihuatanejo. It was on the wall of my room. One of the workers hauled it off in his hands to put in his own house. I’m fine with lizards, but monster spiders freak me out!

  7. Lucas H says

    OMFG, I might be drunk enough to watch that GROSSE AND DISGUSTING spider video right now. I hate spiders. Yuck. I want to see.

  8. Lucas H says

    Oh, cusswords. Many many cusswords. Wasn’t there a Fear Factor challenge where they had to eat those things? *shudder*