Towleroad Talking Points: Gun Control and Police Chases




A look back at today's top stories


A wild scene unfolded last night in Rhode Island when around 300 people turned out to address the legislative committee that is reviewing a bill that would potentially grant the state marriage equality. Check out video from the statehouse, including an adorable little boy fighting for his two moms. Our series preparing you for the Supreme Court's hearing on Prop 8 and DOMA continues and this time Ari Waldman tells us if we should prepare for a broad or a narrow ruling

In a move sure to piss off the NRA, President Obama held a news conference today in which he unveiled his plan to reduce gun violence



The Onion brings us news that Jodie Foster's pseudo-coming out has led to a rash of gay teens feeling comfortable to come out in cryptic form

With Oprah sending out confirmation that Lance Armstrong did indeed admit to doping in their interview, Jon Stewart previews what the confession may sound like




An anti-gay church in Seattle has decided to move into a very popular gay neighborhood, and say they look forward to helping all those infected with AIDS. Also, the NRA uses the Secret Service protection of Obama's daughters as a way to make a completely inept and embarrassingly stupid point about gun control



For those of you who did not grow up in Los Angeles, this is what we watch on TV most days

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