1. Robert says

    Hey, look, a united colors of Benetton characterization of gays! That should cork some of the cryholes here.

    Although the screenshot is annoying enough already. Why is it that all the gays in LA and NYC think their lives are interesting enough to turn into series?

  2. says

    if your life is more interesting feel free to turn it into a series.

    don’t be mad at the young queer people who go to those bigger cities and thoroughly enjoy the f**k out of life.

    and don’t be mad when they get together and create a web series. you don’t have to watch it. and you don’t have to make your own

    it’s just funny that your panties are in such a twist because they went out of their way to create something.

  3. Matt26 says

    So this is gay funny? Not funny at all. When adults playing teenagers became funny? How about some good story lines and acting?
    No hopes for this one. Annoying.

  4. Stefan says

    Summary of all comment threads on Towleroad about gay [insert media here]:

    “I like this! It looks cool! It has [XYZ characteristic] when most others don’t!”

    “Ugh, this portrayal of gays is so [annoying/stereotypical/immature/too NY/too LA]. It does not comport with my experience. Pass.”

    “Hey, you didn’t make you own [insert media here], so you don’t have any authority to comment on this publicly consumed media. Just don’t [watch/listen to/participate in] it.” OR [Random ad hominem attack]

    [Random ad hominem attack]


  5. says

    it’s not about semi-Closeted resentful gay Jesus-Freaks, Stuffy. It’s not a show about you.

    it’s clearly a show about the happy quirky whimsical queer existence of happy whimsical queers in brooklyn.

    you dont’ have to identify as Queer, but your obsessed with those of us who do is more than a little bit funny.

    there should, of course, be a program for you guys as well. a show about a bunch of guys who live vicariously through anonymous internet-handles. you could save so much money because you’d never have to hire actors or even camera crews! it’d just be a series of computer screens displaying text.

    oh, what a riveting program that would be!

  6. SOLUTION says

    Right over there boys, there’s the room where you’ll each find your own special set of panty hose. Just step in, that’s right, now close the door. Click. Twist.

    “OK, turn on the gas.”

  7. ryansson says

    All the NYC boys in my life look and dress like Ralph Lauren models too. At last someone has made a film about our criminally underserved demographic.

    About time, you guys.

  8. Ken says

    This looks better than most web series of its type. I hope it doesn’t disappoint. Fingers crossed.

  9. gwyneth cornrow says

    It IS Cole! Fagulous. He deserves to be the focus of attention. Do gay white 20 somethings really watch these things?

  10. Fensox says

    @SParker, Nailed it!

    I will check this out. The Outs worked so well because Hunter Canning is a great actor and the writing was amazing. I live next to the outs guys (and gal) and I tell them every time I see them that they need to do more shows. I would be ok with them breaking up if everyone of them goes to some other show and makes it better.

    I liked the Outs so much because the first two episodes had fun dialogue, a non-traditionaly cute lead and good pacing.

    I wish they could have added some color, I wondered if the reoccurring black dude was ever going to become a regular.

    Anyway, if you have a NYC show you need to show race diversity. NYC is a crazy mixed place, anyone who only interacts with white people is: Rich, Crazy, Racist or a combo.

  11. says

    to Fensox’ point, NYC and BKLYN’s queer communities are THRIVING and the most beautifully diverse in terms of ethnicities and cultures.

    and yes, i’m hoping that gets represented more, too.

  12. ratbastard says

    Lil’ Phukface,

    My fist,your face. Sorry, I know where you’d like my fist to go, but I’m not into that.

    You’re like that extremely annoying boy or girl in H.S. or man/woman in the office who is an obnoxiously over eager opinionated arse kisser, gung-ho about all the sh*t most everyone else knows is sh*t. No, Lil’ Phukface, you most certainly are not the sh*it.


    Honest assessment: it looks lame, and I’m not surprised. And I agree, it lacks [like it’s heterosexual version[s], diversity in looks, age, race, ethnicity, etc.,

    If I want to watch young white dudes having sex and high on drugs, I’ll watch some porn, where I’ll see the genuine article.

  13. Matt in TX says

    sex, love, booze, drugs, friendship, family, and amazing acts of stupidity. But mostly sex.

    Drugs + sex + “amazing acts of stupidity” = why we see the HIV infection rates we do. Will this show accurately and honestly deal with that? Don’t hold your breath.

  14. Lazlo says

    This looks sweet. I’ll check it out. A few of them seem like they can’t act but that’s not a big deal breaker (although sometimes it is; looking at you the web series “Hustling”. Sorry I couldn’t make it past ep.1, LOL). Like the diverse cast as well. Sometimes shows/comic books/etc can do diversity for diversities sake but this mix of characters looks good.

  15. Lazlo says

    @Matt in Tx I saw at least two different characters in the trailer with condoms, so we’ll have to wait and see.

  16. Mikey says

    It read to me as a parody, a “not another” gay NYC webseries.

    I’ll give it a shot for Cole, alone.

  17. Robert says

    LITTLEKIWI – you already queened out about you knowing the people involved with this, so stop acting like the issue here is with bitter commenters.

    This show is being made because of pure self-absorption. It THINKS it’s saying something unique, when it looks extraordinarily pedestrian. It’s ground that’s already been tread. The only people that will enjoy watching it are the people who live it, because there’s nothing people love to do more than laugh at/look at themselves. Just get a mirror already.

  18. Zlick says

    I don’t know why everyone bags on web series. I have a friend here in L.A. who created one and stars in it. Refreshingly, the cast includes boys and girls, gays and straights.

    But yeah, there’s a lot of them based on young life in New York and L.A. Why’s that? Oh yeah, a ton of unemployed actors. So in the 21st century – instead of just waiting tables while waiting for a big break in show biz – you can now raise some money, make a web series, have some audience, something to show prospective producers, and actually ACT in something. Seems like a win-win-super-win. Cut these kids some slack. They want to act. More power to them!

  19. Zlick says

    And are they too good-looking and white, by-and-large? Well, gee, maybe that’s because the vast majority of roles available in the actual acting profession are for good-looking white people. Sheesh. Not the fault of these kids.

  20. SayTheTruth says

    I this is a success or merely leaves a mark, I would be surprised. Not saying it’s a bad product in itself but at face value it seems too similar to other shows, half clowny, half dramatic, and entirely oversexed and campy.

  21. luke says

    i’m curious, do many of these actually get off the ground? i’ve looked up a couple that have previously been posted here, and the outs seems to be the only one that has more than one episode really

  22. Zlick says

    My friend’s series just finished shooting its second season. I don’t know if that’s “Getting Off the Ground,” but it’s something. And, as I said, it’s better than waiting tables while waiting to be discovered.

  23. UFFDA says

    Many of us are sure this is going to suck for the same reasons that you can be pretty sure the next monster/space/disaster film is going to be stupid and predictable: pretty people; idiot dialogue explosions everwhere; 30-seconds to go before the ultimate explosion; just in time the cutest guy/gal escape from the hatch/capsule/module; relief while no one notices the infected goo on the wingtip that is even now reconfiguring itself into ANOTHER MONSTER.

    Puleese surprise me! Make me care.

  24. Ryan says

    Do they go to school or have jobs? How are they supporting themselves? From what I understand, it’s not cheap to live in NYC. Well, at least they have their priorities in check – having sex is much more important in the long-run then getting an education or any meaningful job/career!

  25. David Hearne says

    The problem is that when the gay scene was defined, interesting, vibrant, sexy, and well dressed (ie worth doing shows about) America was watching the Jeffersons and Welcome Back Kotter. Now gay people are more mainstream and the mainstream is boring and trite. In between things got really gray and depressing and no one wants to watch shows about that.

    Let the market decide. Some people really liked Dawson’s Creek and Party of Five. Maybe they will like watching a lisping stereotype of mismatched emotional objectives mixed with a naiveté that in real life these guys would have lost by the time they made their first rent payment.

    It was sad when Will Truman was playing the game and said, “gay movies and vacuums” and Grace immediately responded “Things that suck.” But you know it’s true. While Jeffery was somewhat tolerable thanks to Picard (whatever his real name is) the rest of it was predictable and tedious. I maintain that Fraser is actually the longest running gay TV show.

  26. Riley says

    I think it looks fun! Wow, some of you people are really negative.
    “The only people that will enjoy watching it are the people who live it.” And from reading a lot of the negativity on here it looks like all the angry people are those who don’t live it, or can’t live it. Are you really upset about the webseries or are you upset because you’re not young and happy and sexually active with a fun group of friends?

  27. millerbeach says

    @Robert…YES! You are so correct, sir! Everyone LOVES to watch themselves on television! I host a television program, and, no matter how dull the guest or topic, I STILL watch beginning to end, only because I am host of the show. No matter how painful the show, I like to watch myself on t.v. It must be an American thing…LOL Too bad this couldn’t be picked up by LOGO, it might give them a break from all the other re-runs on that channel. Good luck all the same…you are trying something different, which is difficult at best. Kuddos for even trying.

  28. James N says

    Please not another stupid and stereotypical gay movie about guys who just want sex and drugs. Its 2013, we are better than that!
    I will pass on this one.

  29. Bamjaya says

    The only gay reality show that was ever worth watching has been “The Fabulous Beekman Boys,” with a cast of people with jobs and a discernable life goal.