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Reporter Destroys the Westboro Baptist Church in Malibu: VIDEO


Shortly after their massively unsuccessful picket of Santa Monica High School, the Westboro Baptist Church headed up to Malibu and unfortunately ran into Brick Stone, who gave them a thorough trolling.

"Have you ever wondered how good gay sex must be if they're willing to go to hell for it?"

"Can a person go to heaven if he has homosexual urges but refuses to act on them, and he's so upset about the openly gay people that he makes his whole family have signs that say 'God hates fags'?

"Would you glass bottom boat Pat Robertson?"

"Didn't I jerk you off in a Kmart bathroom once?"

"Why did the Newtown kids go to hell but not aborted fetuses?"

"Didn't the hot members of your church leave because their brothers were kind of screwing with them?"


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  1. PWNED

    Posted by: You gotta be kidding | Feb 26, 2013 10:03:37 AM

  2. What a hoot

    Posted by: MarkTrail | Feb 26, 2013 10:21:37 AM

  3. I noticed Marge deflected the question about the "hot" daughters and implied harassment from their brothers. Answer the question Marge!

    Posted by: Acronym Jim | Feb 26, 2013 10:33:23 AM

  4. An absolute delight.

    It may be heresy to say so, but I think Steve Drain is hot. What can we do to get him on our side? I'd be happy to take a hit for the team...

    Posted by: Mike_in_Houston | Feb 26, 2013 11:46:54 AM

  5. WHAT A SICK FAMILY.........

    Posted by: disgusted american | Feb 26, 2013 12:03:55 PM

  6. OMG at 1:14 the talks just like John C. Reilly! lol!

    I fully expect the next Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly movie will be a WBC parody.
    It's just too perfect.

    Posted by: Yaoi | Feb 26, 2013 12:13:31 PM

  7. Awesome & brilliant!

    Posted by: Critifur | Feb 26, 2013 12:14:40 PM

  8. Wow each time I see a clip about them they look even more rediculous and stupid than the last!

    Posted by: Will | Feb 26, 2013 12:31:44 PM

  9. Loved this. He definitely did a great job!

    Posted by: Walter | Feb 26, 2013 1:53:25 PM

  10. Wow, Marge Phelps was sure quick to recognize a big, black d*ck.

    Posted by: beef and fur | Feb 26, 2013 1:58:16 PM

  11. Great job Brick.

    Posted by: andrew | Feb 26, 2013 2:04:47 PM

  12. How do these assholes make money?

    Posted by: jaragon | Feb 26, 2013 5:53:05 PM

  13. @jaragon: they make money by praising the Lord in ways that get people really, really mad, and then suing in court if anyone does anything that provides the slightest excuse. The Phelps' family has a lot of lawyers in it with nothing better to do.

    Posted by: Bill | Feb 26, 2013 6:19:26 PM

  14. Reporter Destroys the Westboro Baptist ?

    The heading should actually read: A well paid Distraction and misdirection shill comes to Westboro Baptist Church protest, throw pies, makes animal balloons and asks ridiculous, irrelevant questions.

    Posted by: Onslow | Feb 26, 2013 6:40:13 PM

  15. Onslow, I think you need to watch the piece again and pay close attention to the signs carried by the WBC members as he asks them questions.

    Posted by: DannyEastVillage | Feb 27, 2013 7:36:18 AM

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