1. Cali says

    That there is a “don’t say gay bill” floating around shows the level of societal homophobia we’re dealing with in this country.
    And worse- our LGBT kids are dealing with.

  2. says

    I love how Campfield seems to “recall” the advent of AIDS as if it happened at a swinging gay cocktail party he attended.

    I’m not worried. No way the average American is going to elect a “soulless ginger” (thanks Cartman) as President (relax – totally kidding – redheads are just as likely to have a soul as blondes or brunettes).

  3. JOE 2 says

    Stacey Campfield, whose name is nearly impossible to say with a straight face (no pun intended), might as well just take out a full-page ad in The Tennessean saying “I want to suck c0ck.”

  4. ***** says

    How is it possible that Campfield does not realize that the world is laughing AT him and not with him.
    Possible viable scenario. Captain of the football team gets outed by counselor based upon the Senator’s bill, father beats kids ass, throws kid out of his house, kid on the street picks up his first trick from the streets and recognizes State Senator Campfield and allows him to perform fellatio on him while providing the FILM AT ELEVEN WITH A CELL PHONE VIDEO OF A HOT SUCK JOB BY THE SENATOR. SOUNDS LIKE THERE MIGHT BE MORE THAN ON OUTED PERSON RESULTING FORM THIS LAW.

  5. Gestly says

    I will remind everyone that Stacey Campfield is SINGLE, never been married, and in her 40s and obcessed with gays and gay sex; if I didn’t know any better I would suspect he’s just another self-loathing closeted Republican.

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