1. Caliban says

    Uh, the “All Occasion Party Place” needs to change their name, perhaps add “*except for fags” to the end.

    I believe things are changing so that soon it will not be in a business’s financial interests to take such a stand but that change is slow, especially in certain states.

  2. Stefan says

    As much as this sucks, I’m not sure why it’s a big deal. In Texas it probably is in many businesses’ financial interest to gain notoriety for not serving gays. It was the same way in the South even up until a few decades ago. It becomes a badge of honor, and that can be true even somewhere like Dallas/Ft. Worth which would seem to be too metropolitan. And, more importantly, such discrimination is legal unless it’s a place of accommodation (which then puts the business under the Commerce Clause). I’d rather it be that way really: if I go into business and a bunch of Westboro freaks (or the woman from the Party Palace and her ilk) want to use my facilities I should be able to refuse them business if I want to.

  3. Nathan C. Nickel says

    Well, I like to think of situations such as this as “win for her WIN for us.” Yes, she “wins” because she doesn’t have to worry that she is condoning “that sinful gay lifestyle.” . We WIN because we can be assured that hard-earned money will not go to her in the form of profits which she can then use to support anti-gay organizations. At least we know now not to send our $$ to her. WIN for us!

  4. I DO! says

    Why do you even have to tell the proprietress what the nature of your party is? I’m having a party. Caterers will be coming in to set up. Stay out of the way.

    Better yet, throw a big party, stage a fake gay wedding reception, stand back and film the hilarity.

    We do not have to ask permission to be gay.

  5. Love Me, Love My Gay Boyfriend says

    I would refer every deadbeat white-trash $hit-$mearing trailer park couple to this woman that I know. See how long she stays in business.

    But why don’t gays want to give their business to gay-owned venues? Why wouldn’t you even consider paying money to someone who hates you? I understand the principle, but I don’t get the pragmatics of it.

  6. NE Rich says

    Here we go again, Christ. OK Ok gay entrepreneurs, here is a great idea that can make money too. A GBLT Angies list for goods and services. Put your gay $ where it will be appreciated. It’s TX so I’m sure this place will thrive with the publicity generated from this story. I’m sure other GBLT folks in their area must be able to steer them in the direction of a non fundamentalist owned business

  7. UFFDA says

    I don’t know what to think about the issue raised by STEFAN (above). If I were in any kind of business I would not want to serve the Westboro people. Would that be unlawful discrimination? I am sure there are plenty of people who despise gay people as much as I despise Westboro, no matter that they’re unjustified and I am justified…eye roll…in my opinion.

  8. anonymous says

    @Stefan… you say:

    ” And, more importantly, such discrimination is legal unless it’s a place of accommodation (which then puts the business under the Commerce Clause)”

    A rental hall is a place of accommodation. Accommodation as a legal term refers to any business that provides services to the public. In the case of a rental hall, once they offer rentals to the public, the are required to offer those rentals to ANYONE because of the civil rights legislation. But, federal civil rights legislation doesn’t offer protections based on sexual orientation. Many local governments do though. And, Ft Worth does. This business just happens to be located outside the city limits. So, they can legally discriminate. But, they are still a public accommodation business and CANNOT refuse service based on race, gender, religion, creed or national origin.

  9. Joe in CT says

    I checked out their website. It’s a windowless warehouse “party space” with a disco ball, a corner stage and some sad little lanterns hanging too close to the ceiling. Move along boys…you and your fabulous friends will be happier in a more gay-friendly, festive, and attractive place.

  10. DannyEastVillage says

    When asked which was the most important commandment, Jesus answered that to love God was most important, with loving our neighbor as ourselves playing a hard second. He doesn’t seem to have mentioned hating gay people. However, “christian” hotbed Texas seems to think hatred of gay people is the ‘first and great commandment,” and that those other two–well, they don’t seem to count.

  11. says

    People often say, in response to stories like this: Why would any gay person want to give them business in the first place? The problem with that idea is that you don’t know going in that a business is going to discriminate–you find out when they refuse you. At that point you can either quietly take your business elsewhere, or you can call attention to the discrimination so that others don’t suffer the same treatment and, when non-discrimination laws apply, you can get the business legally nailed for their bigotry.

    In my state, what the banquet facility did would be clearly illegal. (Likewise, a gay-owned business couldn’t turn away those they don’t happen to like.) It is a place of accommodation–as Anonymous notes–and non-discrimination laws don’t allow public facilities to discriminate where I live. Such is not the case in TX.

    And, agreed, the place looks like a dumpy airplane hangar. Choose better next time, boys!

  12. Caliban says

    I haven’t look at the venue and I don’t care to. I hate that this self-righteous sow runs her business the way she does but, that said, I’d rather know that and NOT give her any money.

    In the part of the country where I live local businesses often put Bible quotes or “Jesus fish” in their yellow pages ads and I don’t use them. It’s not that I have a problem with ALL people of faith but I figure that if you have to include it your advertising you’re not the kind of “Christian” I’m likely to want to give my business to. In my experience, the “born again” are usually the ones you regret having been born in the first place.

  13. Reilly says

    Tatts, I have to disagree with you — there IS plenty to see here. I’ll give you that it’s not exactly surprising; this sort of discrimination does occur with disturbing frequency, and the stage for this particular production was, after all, Fort Worth. But if the LGBT community and our allies don’t raise holy hell about things like this, they will never change.

  14. T.J says

    I have a sincere question for those comparing us being gay and in love to the westboro church. Would you also compare a intteracial couple getting refused into a diner to have a meal with the KKK? Would you say “well, I’m sure the interracial couple wouldn’t want a KKK member coming in their diner, so they should probably just go somehwere where interracial couples are allowed”

    No? Why not?

  15. Duration & Convexity says

    Yeah, I’m sensing those who are flippant about the idea of gay couples being discriminated wouldn’t be so keen if this was a hispanic couple, or black couple, or handicapped couple told to go elsewhere. I really get the impression the comments would read a little different. It’s part of our conditioning though. We as gays have always been told, even as children, that being gay is wrong and evil. Even after coming out and accepting who we are, for many gays, they can’t quite shake off the notion that being gay may be evil so gays really do need to get out of the superior heterosexuals way and act in line.

    Often without even realizing they are essentially saying that.

  16. Kent says

    I agree with TJ. Would some of you also support a gay couple being thrown out of a restaurant when discovered they are a couple (whether asked or if they showed appropriate affection, like holding hands)?
    Would some of you also support me and my husband being denied a hotel room when the manager at the hotel found out we’re married? How about a groccery store then? What next?
    Sounds like you want to mandate discrimination in the name of “straight people are allowed to actively act on their hate for us. You all should deal with it.”

  17. GregV says

    I try to spend my money at companies that stand for fair and decent treatment for all.
    Often I will check my HRC app on my I-phone to see where a major company ranks before I decide on a hotel or gas station, etc.
    They don’t list small local businesses, but for those, you can look for signs that they are welcoming — maybe a rainbow flag sticker in the window or a listing on a gay-friendly website or word-of mouth from gay friends who were welcomed there.

    A 30-second search showed me a wedding venue in Kaufman, TX, near Dallas that offers a 20% discount for using the name of their gay listings website as a discount code.

    I appreciate the idea of fighting this but, come on, how much money would my grandparents have spent at a lunch counter if they had to force them to let their black friend in the door?
    How much money should you or I or even any Christian with a conscience want to spend to support a business where the staff presumptuously speaks on behalf of God, telling you whom He does and does not like and what He does and does not want you to do?

  18. MandyCandy says

    A few posters really want to see segregation for gay people in America take place it seems. Need a florist? Find a gay one. And a gay cake shop. And a gay place to eat at. And a gay limo company. Nevermind the fact that in a state like Mississippi where I live in, my spouse and I would be driving hundreds of miles, if not far more.

    Segregation is not the answer. Saying, you’re entitled to your thoughts and I’m entitled to mine, but in a business setting, we should be free to partake on equal footing, is what makes for a free country. Not one where a certain segment of the population is segregated.

  19. 2 Dads says

    There’s no reason a loving same sex couple not harming anyone should have to ‘get over’ being denied service and entry in various establishments in the U.S, all because of who they inherently love.

  20. Observer says

    It’s a simple question: would those of you who feel a bussiness should be entitled to discriminate against gay people because they are gay support an anti discrimination clause federally mandated to include sexual orientation as it does gender, race, religion. If not, why not? Why do you support this country stritcly targetting gay people and denying them services but not other demographics. And how is that not a society where homophobia is endorsed? And why is it wrong to say a Christian person shouldnt be allowed in this coffee shop for being Christian, but a gay couple denied is part of life and gay people should learn to move on?

  21. Okie says

    If this catches on and we as a community allow and even encourage, which some commentators seem to, businesses denying goods and access to same sex people, then you’ll see us not allowed in restaurants to eat. We won’t be allowed in toys stores with our kids. Denied membership to gyms to work out at. That’s what you’re looking at. Why you say? Well, come and live in a place like still water Oklahoma. Where if people know other establishments are getting away with it, you can bet your bottom dollar, 99.99999% of establishments here WOULD have a “No gays allowed” sign right outside their doors. Is that the future we as gay couple want to foster for the next generation of gay people?

  22. UFFDA says

    OK so what about my earlier question? Can I discriminate against Westboro people in my business? I badly want to. If so then why can’t they or others who hate gays refuse us service? I want to have it both ways. Can I? Why can’t I?

  23. USC Trojans Fan says

    You know what I find really offensive in all these stories and every single time they are posted? A poster or two comparing a same sex couple in love with the Westboro Church Klan. And it happens everytime. Just stop! Seriously. Enough.
    No, we’re not the same as the Westboro church in action, in theory or in principle. Kindly pick a new slippery slope argument. But the moment a same sex couple, harmless and in love, is compared to a hate group that screams profanity outside the funerals of soldiers is the moment you lost the credibility in your argument. And it’s highly insulting.

  24. IonMusic says

    @ UFFDA

    Pick a new argument and comparison. You’re only exposing your own anti gay bias with that comparison. A gay couple does not equate to what many perceive to be a terrorist group like Westboro Church who seek to terrorize communities and events. That you can’t grasp that means you should walk away from this debate, because you’re only further going to expose your own bias.

  25. Kent says

    So UFFDA, thank you for confirming what many of us were asking. You DO think any and all business should freely discriminate and deny services to gay people in this country. Your ideal is a 1950 ideal where we gays are having separate water fountains and denied entry in a restaurant. That is sitting well with you because you harbor anti gay beliefs. Don’t expect all of us, and those of us comfortable in our skin and sexuality, to adopt your same point of view.

  26. anonymous says

    @UFFDA… No a business CANNOT discriminate against the Westboro Baptist Church. The federal civil rights laws include a ban on discrimination based on religion. Discrimination based on race, religion, gender, creed and national origin are all illegal based on federal law.

  27. Bama-Man says

    Guys. UFFDA is a known troll on here. He also posts as Andrew. Another looney tunes. They go on rants about how Irish and caucasian men are mistreated in the gay community. And constantly harps about so called reverse racism in the gay community. And he’s expressed how he knows very few gay people in real life, by choice, and doesn’t like to surround himself with us, but gets a kick out of visiting our blogs to comment about gay people. He also thinks homophobia is often invented by the gay community and rarely exist in society. That’s who you’re dealing with here. A Grade F troll.

  28. David Hearne says

    @ Craig

    “TEXAS WEDDING VENUE” – that’s really all I needed to read.

    Posted by: Craig ”

    As opposed to Oregon wedding cake bakery or New York Subway car, or English bed and breakfast, or New Jersey boardwalk pavilion, or ….

  29. Scott Johansen says

    To answer the question for all the simple minds who bring up the Westboro Church or any other extremist hateful organization as a comparison to a loving gay couple:

    No, I would NOT discriminate against the Westboro Church members entering my place of business. I would serve coffee, a meal, a venue, a hotel room to a Westboro church member and the whole family. Just as I think they should with a same sex couple. Now if the Westboro Church started to scream, threaten and shout their opinions at my other patrons in my establishment…then I would deny them entry or exit them out of my business. But that would be based on their disturbing the peace and actions, not their beliefs.

    And in the case of these and similar cases of same sex couples denied entery, they aren’t disturbing the peace when entering your business venue. If they were shouting pro gay stances, surely you’d have the right to exit them out your business as well. But giving them the boot based on their beliefs is NOT the America I want to live in, nor should you settle for living in.

    Freedom should mean we are all entitled to varying beliefs, but should be able to coexist and not be denied access to basic goods based on beliefs.

  30. David Hearne says

    @ ionmusic

    “A gay couple does not equate to what many perceive to be a terrorist group like Westboro Church”

    Only an idiot would consider there WBC to be terrorists. Clearly what they do is SPEECH. Terrorist scream Allah’s name and then blow something up or kill people. The WBC screams God’s name and wave offensive signs at people. What kind of moron would equate the two?

  31. Hugh says

    I basically agree with what Scott Johansen wrote. Westboro church peeps are only offensive because of the words they use, profanity laced, and their frightening behavior. Not their thinking. And gay couples aren’t entering a flower shop screaming gay rights slogans with profanity. They are wanting to pay for a cake, or eat at your restaurant. In exchange for money. Not your endorsement of who their beliefs. But you actively seeking to deny them access based on who they are and their beliefs is skating on a slippery slope that can crack in the future. What group based on who they innately are should we then deny access to?
    Open your mind and really reflect on that.

  32. M says

    We need a federal law banning discrimination against sexuality and I know it will happen within the next 10 years after marriage equality wins. You watch.
    No more of having gay people standing on the sidelines being told to accept discrimination. Those days are slowly yet surely being chipped away.

  33. Lelo says

    Guys: Ignore David Hearne. He’s a major conservative who’s passionately defended Anne Coulter, Romney, Marco Rubio, Log Cabin Republicans. Please identify the trolls on this site, and there are a great many, and give them the silent treatment. We should know by now where people’s agenda is when they post on here.

  34. Steve-ATL says

    Basically, someone like David Hearne and UFFDA, by their own admission want it to be legal for everyone to have a ‘No Gays allowed’ billboard outside their business. And for gays to not only deal with it, but learn to accept it as a whole. That is their homophobia speaking and it’s important we as a community not be brain washed by their tactics that dictate we, as tax paying citizens, be treated as second class citizens. This is 2013 in the United States of America. No, you should never settle for an argument that concludes gay persons should be denied services for being gay. And don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

  35. Kevin Alonso says

    This is why federal discrimination laws need to include sexual orientation. And that really should be the next chapter of our movement in the coming few years.

  36. Marcus says

    @ UFFDA

    Gay business owners do in fact enable services to many types of people, including religious, including even some people who may be against gay rights. Happens every day. You just don’t like the idea of those same religious people extending that same level of freedom and rights to gay people. I see this issue going to SCOTUS within the near future, maybe during Hilary’s term, and sexual orientation being deemed a protected class. If you can’t be denied services based on your religious beliefs, I shouldn’t be based on who I love. Simple as that.

  37. UFFDA says

    OK that was a help. Thank you. The ones who claim that I am a troll for asking the questions I have are hysterical children unworthy of response. But both HUGH and SCOTT JOHANSON have understood and answered my question, and M has the best answer: a law that bans discrimination based on sexual orientation. That would take care of it.

    Personally though I would have a very hard time permitting Westboro anywhere near me or my business. They would not be welcome and I would apparently be in trouble with the law.

  38. So Cal Dude says

    In our city, non discrimination laws prohibit a public establishment to discriminate on the basis of someone being gay, or religious.

    That means a gay couple minding their own business and not hurting anyone would legally be allowed to shop, buy flowers, a cake, and enter any venue they wish, so long as they act accordingly and exchange funds.

    Same story with a religious group. They could go to any gay bar, or gay owned restaurant and pray, pay, eat, dine.

    That’s called a free society. NOT one where one demographic is entitled to more rights & freedoms than another.

  39. Mizzou Muttigers says

    I guess I can answer this. I own an event (and catering) venue much like this. Once in the past, I did have a local Church; very anti gay church, want to have a reception for one of their prominent members at our venue.

    To those asking “well, would a gay venue want to have an anti gay group at their place of business?” While yes, gay people do it all the time. In many regions we’re forced to do it, and have absolutely no choice. And also, I took the big check for food and venue that Church gave me and you want to know what I did with the thousands & thousands of dollars? After paying my staff, I donated a big hefty check to the Trevor Project. An organization that seeks to help the helpless and hopeless gay youth in our country. I took their money and donated it to our cause.

    That for me is my ideal USA. Where I exchange goods with someone I don’t agree with in values, yet take their money and donate it to my cause. I don’t discriminate based on who they are, nor should religious people outside a church run facility be allowed to discriminate against us based on who we are.

    For me, it’s a very simple concept and one I hope is recognized on a federal level in the future.

  40. Steve-ATL says

    MIZZOU MUTTIGERS: Thank you for grasping what soem seem to fail. You perfectly understand what a free society is. A religious couple is not forced to drive hundreds of miles to find a place that will furnish them, that would be illegal. A gay couple shouldn’t have to either.

  41. Miguel says

    While I can sort of understand the argument of ‘why would you want to spend your money with bigots’ ….that’s a short sighted perspective, and fails to see the big picture in stories like this. If we allowed every business owner who is prejudice to practice their prejudice in their place of business, a muslim person wouldn’t be allowed to buy a soda at a kosher deli. A female wouldn’t be allowed to work at many gyms or swim in many swimming pools in many places. Hispanic kids wouldn’t be allowed in some day care programs. Those things are all illegal. People are entitled to dislike said groups, but not reject them based on their core being. Why should is be any different for gay people? It shouldn’t.

  42. UFFDA says

    Thanks again for all the helpful thinking, especially from the business people.

    If the Westboro people come to my establishment I will leave for the day and let my employees take care of them. So far it’s the best I can do when what I want to do is…well, unmentionable.

  43. Stephen K says

    I am sorry but this couple is being dumb. Me and my boyfriend are getting married in downtown Fort Worth in May and you have to be aware that you live in the south. Yes, it shouldn’t matter to the owner but why would you be willing to give your money to someone who hates you? There are plenty of affordable gay friendly, venues, bakers, caterers, and other vendors. We have found no problem finding everything we want for our wedding. One of the many places we looked was 809 vickery. If you happen to be reading this it really is perfect if you are just looking for a banquet hall, they are gay friendly, and very affordable.

  44. says

    @UFFDA In the unlikely event I owned a banquet hall and the even more unlikely event that the lunatic Phelps klan wanted to book their lunatic wedding there, I would greet them kindly under my rainbow flag while holding the hand of my husband and ushering them in past the homoerotic art and books till they arrived at the hot tub full of naked men. That would be true hospitality. Then, they could stay and enjoy it with their lunatic guests, or they could cause a ruckus and be tossed out. When your state has laws so that every person is welcome in every business, it doesn’t mean your business has to pretend to be something it’s not. And business owners can say if they think their venue is not right for you and then let you decide if you want these people to get your money — that’s different than hanging out the NO —- ALLOWED sign.

    And, yes, well said SCOTT JOHANSON–that’s what it’s all about.

  45. MiMi says

    If a latino, Jewish, interracial, Christian couple can freely rent out from a ballroom and not be discriminated based on who they are, then so too should a gay couple be allowed to do the same. Anything otherwise is for the practicing of a modern day segregation and completely violates civil rights for some. Your dislike of me shouldn’t affect me being able to buy water from you, or use for reception hall for my event.

    Equality for all should be for all.

  46. Cool MC says

    Scott Johansen and MIZZOU MUTTIGERS summed this up perfectly and seemed to understand the big picture here.

    Those saying, just go elsewhere are really choosing to be ignorant at the topic at hand. Truly

  47. Marcus says

    Should black people also go somewhere where they’ll be allowed? or how about places that don’t like Jewish people, should they also just find establishments that allow Jews inside?

    Ridiculous. I guess some of us are just not complacent about discrimination in any form, but some seem perfectly okay with discrimination so long as the target is gay people. Don’t expect every gay person to be so accomodating to bigotry.

  48. J. Mendoza says

    If people were allowed to deny services to anyone they didn’t like, this country would be utter chaos.
    So cut the “just go find a place that accepts your lifestyle” bull sh-t. I don’t accept the religious lifestyle yet last I checked, I STILL have to serve a religious person, in their religious gear, while they hold a religious text, and even when they are mouthing off religious sermons.

    Federal clause that protects sexuality. And soon!

  49. Music4Life says

    The point isn’t wanting to give your money to bigots. Yes, now no gay couple in their right mind would go to this venue. The point is that gay couples, just living their lives, shouldn’t have to fear being rejected from basic goods for things their heterosexual counterparts enjoy. They shouldn’t have to fear doing research on which places they are allowed in and which they aren’t. They shouldn’t have to get an approval on an HRC website as to which business they can walk into and which they’re not welcomed. When every other creed and type can walk and go where they please.

    I’m black and I know every day racist POS take my money. Do I care? Nah. I give them my money, they give me their product, we go on about our lives. If I had to be reminded of every person who’s racist and doesn’t want me to step foot in their business, that would be demoralizing and go against everything this country should stand for. No different than gay people. We shouldn’t be rejected then reprimanded for what we do in the privacy of our bedroom, when we want to go buy some flowers with our boyfriend.

  50. my 2 cents says

    Just the notion of ‘gay friendly’ and strictly going to ‘gay friendly’ places and not challenging those who practice prejudice, and essentially ‘ghetto-ing’ your life in a corner of ‘gay friendly’ completely defeats the purpose of equality. Being mainstream, and engaging those who practice bigotry is far more effective than googling and dining at only gay owned restaurants. If LGBT pioneers before us sought out only ‘gay friendly’ people to surround themselves with, and didn’t challenge homophobic status quo….we’d all be living in San Francisco, and wouldn’t have any licenses, much less a marriage license. Learn to realize your same sex relationship is no less worthy of rights than any other.

  51. UFFDA says

    ERNIE – that was funny. What a wonderful approach. I’m putting up my porn faves right now and baking penis cookies for my Westboro guests. On the house.
    Thank you.

  52. Caliban says

    OK, I commented on the first page and said, “I’d rather know that and NOT give her any money.” And that still stands true.

    However, in light of the many comments here I’d also like to add that a business that serves the public shouldn’t be able to deny services to gays or anyone else. I spoke hastily, without thinking through the full implications.

    I’d encourage any gay person or ally to support businesses that in turn support us, to the best of your ability. But you don’t always know and maybe in your area that isn’t possible. In that case, refer back to paragraph 2.

  53. Alejandro says

    No, we as heterosexuals DON’T have to allow gays in our businesses. You chose to be gay- not us. We don’t have to expose out kids to your lifestyle in our business.

    You all have your own gayberhoods in every town. You want to be gay and eat at a restaurant or with your “husbands” go stay in your own areas of town! We don’t have to accept you inside our buildings.
    And I’m so proud of this reception hall. Go Texas!!

  54. Alejandro says

    And let me make another point very clear to you, the gays. Don’t compare religion to homosexuality. Religious people can enter any place we wish without being discriminated against thanks to a supreme court ruling that realizes the persecution religious people faced throughout history. They ruled in favor of MORALITY. And guess what? There’s no single supreme court ruling that forces any business to allow gay people inside it’s doors. So don’t dare twist this. We have morality, but more importantly, THE LAW on our side.

  55. UFFDA says

    May your God bless you ALEJANDRO. Because the real God smiles indulgently at just how lost and hopeless you are while ignorantly living among perfectly decent gay people all the time everywhere. Muah…my ass.

  56. Caliban says

    You’re full of sh*t, Alejandro. But you’re right about one thing, no one should ever compare religion with being gay. Because religion IS a choice! Why not switch religions? People do it EVERY day or drop it altogether! People go door to door to ask you to CHOOSE their religion over all the others. If you had been switched at the hospital with a Jewish, Muslim, Mormon, or Buddhist baby that’s what YOU’D be, never missing the religion of your parents.

    So shove it. People are sick and tired of hearing people like you moan ON and ON about your ancient texts, which YOU don’t even follow yourself! You’re nothing but a self-righteous hypocrite who picks through an old book for rules instead of actual ethics or morals. People like you make me sick.

  57. Diana says

    First of all, the gay movement in Texas needs to step it up and start fighting more for equal rights.

    Second of all, those of us not in Texas should refuse to spend our tourism dollars there (or in any overwhelmingly anti-gay place) if they don’t want to treat us with respect. I would expect this type of stuff in some backwards craphole like Mississipi or Alabama, but with big cities like Dallas, Houston, and Austin, Texas is modern enough to know that this discrimination is unacceptable.

  58. UFFDA says

    Brilliant CALIBAN. Alejandro will have no answer because he’swrong/mistaken/confused/irrational and intemperate – therefore altogether disreputable. No one considers or respects the opinions of a disreputable man.

  59. David Hearne says

    @ STeve Atl

    So according to you, a “free society” is one in which no one has Freedom Of Association and everyone who engages in commerce is legally forced to use his private property and labor to serve people he does not wish to associate with?

  60. David Hearne says

    @ Miguel

    “People are entitled to dislike said groups, but not reject them based on their core being.”

    Actually people aren’t free to dislike according to some, including some courts. Read the actual law and think about ethnic markets. In some of these places certain people get a big hello and excellent service including a free bottle of fish sauce, while persons of other ethnicities barely get the time of day. That is actionable in some places.

    So you not only have to serve people you don’t want to serve, you can’t tell them that you would rather not serve them So that tramples two aspects of the First Amendment. Do you see the objection here?

  61. Bernie says

    another “loving” Christian who has a judgemental god……..I am hoping that the bad publicity puts these folks out of business so they too can play victim and blame the gays……and yes, I know this is Texas, but that is still not an excuse……my god is loving, supportive and non-judgemental

  62. andrew says

    Take your money someplace else and get as many of your friends and relatives to do the same. Be glad that you found out that they were bigots before you gave them any “gay” money.

  63. Jerry6 says

    Why do we waste time with long comments every time this type of thing happens? All we need is to read the basic story so we can simply Blog a “Thank You” for the info and to add the establishment to your list of places not to patronize yourselves in the future.

  64. David Hearne says

    @steve atl

    “Basically, someone like David Hearne and UFFDA, by their own admission want it to be legal for everyone to have a ‘No Gays allowed’ billboard outside their business.”

    Actually that isn’t a bad idea: respect the right to freedom of association of the business owner but require that he post a list of those he won’t do business with.

  65. millerbeach says

    Why would ANY gay man want to live south of the Mason/Dixon line? We all know the collective I.Q. drops 50 points once you cross that line, not to mention total lack of culture. Yuck. They don’t even know how to speak the language.

  66. DC Arnold says

    Lest we forget this is Texas we’re talking about here. bass ackwards and the armpit of the US, my heart goes out to this couple but they should have at least booked a banquet room that wasn’t owned by a bigot. Interview people first face to face. Your gay dollars go much further amongst your own kind (and expect to pay more).

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