1. Mykelb says

    These ignorant jackassses don’t understand the law. They can rant and rave but ignorance of the law in a courtroom will get you jailed. BTW, one cannot be discriminated against or shut up if one is in the MAJORITY.

  2. oliver says

    I see that Jeffrey Johnston is wearing a big gold wedding band. I pity the poor religious auntie that married him. Or is he wearing that ring as part of his ex-gay therapy?

  3. Jon-Marc says

    This is hosted by Stuart Shepard, the same guy who made a video praying for rain at Mile High Stadium the night of Barack Obama’s acceptance speech in 2008.
    “I’m talking-umbrellas-ain’t-gonna-help-you rain,” Shepard says. “Not flood-people-out-of-their-houses rain, just good ol’ swamp-the-intersection rain…network-cameras-can’t-see-the podium rain.”
    “I’m still pro life, and I’m still in favor of marriage as being between one man and one woman,” Shepard explains. “And I would like the next president who will select justices for the next Supreme Court to agree”
    Of course, as everyone remembers, his prayers were answered with not a cloud in the sky and perfect weather, which, using Shepard’s logic, means God favors same-sex marriage and a woman’s right to choose. Who cares what this man says? He’s a caricature of himself

  4. Francis says

    Ex-gays need to run down and attack out gay men because we’re a threat to their existences as men who accept who we are. It’s tragic, it’s pathetic, and it’s ridiculous. They have to portray and believe they are victims of a grand gay agenda because that gives them the justification they need to continue their homophobia. And we know it’s not gays discriminating against and trying to deny Christians service at work. The delusion is strong with these fundies.

  5. TonyJazz says

    I’m being so mistreated by the gay community. They force me to accept them being the people that they were meant to be!

    How dare they!?!?!

    (this man is mentally ill)

  6. LazerLight says

    The ex gays are ALL crazy, that is their choice. But that they actively endorse homophobic policies and regulations means they definitely need to be held more responsible for homophobia.

  7. Lukefromcanada says

    my biggest issue with these so called ex-gays. if they want to lie to themselves then fine. but why do they often do a 180 and completely turn their backs on the community that may have been the only people there for them when they needed help and support the most. why do they then become amongst the worse of the worse of homophobes when they have experienced homophobia first hand. its insane

  8. JackFknTwist says

    One cannot argue with “God’s plan for marriage”.

    It’s a meaningless piece of cant.
    If God was here to conduct the debate that would be different.
    But quoting an unknown imagined phenomenon is an absurd position from which to start any discussion.

  9. Firestorm says

    If you want to delude yourself and climb back into the closet, that’s your choice. But don’t think we’re going to let you drag us in there with you.

  10. Bill says

    The funny thing was the politician who said “get thee to a nunnery,” a quote from Hamlet. What he might not have known – the term “nunnery” was used in Elizabethan English to mean a house of ill repute (to use the euphemism in case Towleroad’s filters get upset). The word “nunnery” has also been used as slang for a convent, so perhaps Shakespeare was taking advantage of the double meaning.

  11. Nino says

    I actually know Jeff Johnston. His whole “ex-gay” life began after he was spurned by a guy he really loved back in San Diego in the 1980s. It must still really hurt! I feel sorry for him.

  12. anon says

    They can’t decide if they are a religious organization or a public health organization. It’s always a matter of convenience how they frame their arguments.

  13. says

    I cannot understand anyone wanting to be “ex-gay”……if you love another guy or enjoy the company of other gays what would you do with the “ex-gay” concept ?
    Would you Say you never enjoyed sex with men, or say that some of us are promiscuous or effeminate ??
    Or do you just fall back on the old guild trip of your childhood…..god/bible says it’s wrong.
    I just don’t hear the ex-gays saying that they didn’t like the sex and friendship, instead they fall back on feelings of guilt.
    It’s quite the head phuck.

  14. Buckie says

    It’s funny, these “x-gays” seem obsessed with preventing anyone from contradicting them or challenging their insistence that everyone would just be happier if they pretended that they are not gay.

    They speak at Christian churches sympathetic to their message, and make sure they have bodyguards to physically remove/assault anyone that questions their tactics and condemnation of the kids they do “outreach” to.

    These Christians are murdering gay youth. It really IS that simple. They are murders. They drive kids to suicide.

    And the need to be stopped – preferably by other Christians.

    That’s why I’m keeping out of it.

    It’s up to you Christians,whoever you are, to clean your own filthy house. I don’t want anything to do with your dead-boy-on-a-stick. If you want my respect you’re going to have to step-up and earn it.

    The more time that passes the less I regard Christianity and Christians as anything more than a pox on humanity.

  15. Randy says

    So their video is one of the rare YouTube videos to censor all comments and ratings, but somehow it’s always someone ELSE trying to silence people.

    Yeah, right, whatever.

  16. Sammy says

    Sad. The need to identify with the community which a person claims to no longer belong. The truth is that the community that they crave to belong to really has no respect for them. They’re just useful tools in a campaign of hate. Very sad.

  17. ARMY BOI says

    It would be fine for the governments of this country, both state and federal, to base their policies on biblical principles, if we were a Christian country. We are a democratic nation of laws and, as such, the government has the responsibility to protect the civil rights of every one of it’s citizens, and to afford each of us the same rights and privileges as our fellow citizens. Some people keep trying to turn issues like gay marriage into a policy debate based on [religious] MORAL arguments. Whether or not any particular religious group views gay marriage as morally acceptable is of absolutely no consequence when it comes down to determining if gay marriage should be LEGAL. Those are two entirely different things!

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