Gay Couple Denied Use of Banquet Facility in Fort Worth, Texas Finds ‘Burn Fag’ Painted on Their Fence


Over the weekend, Steve reported on a gay Texas couple who were told by a gay banquet facility outside of Fort Worth that they would not hold their wedding reception.

Allen_hudginsBen Allen and Justin Ryan Hudgins found “Burn FAG” spray-painted in black across their fence last night, the Dallas Voice reports:

The couple lives in Everman, a town in Tarrant County located southeast of I-35W and I-20, less than 10 miles from Downtown Fort Worth. Allen said it happened sometime after 7 p.m. last night. Everman police were called and promised extra patrols in the neighborhood for the next month.

The couple has been together eight years and bought the house two years ago. They haven’t had trouble in the past. Hudgins’s mother lives four blocks up the street. The daughter of the town’s mayor lives on their block. After police took the report, Allen said they covered the graffiti with a blanket because there’s an elementary school across the street.

Allen told the Voice that they had been receiving homophobic threats on Facebook following media reports about the discrimination they had faced.


  1. says

    “Over the weekend, Steve reported on a gay Texas couple who were told by a gay banquet facility outside of Fort Worth that they would not hold their wedding reception.”

    should be changed to “Over the weekend, Steve reported on a anti-gay Texas couple who were told by a gay banquet facility outside of Fort Worth that they would not hold their wedding reception.”

  2. says

    Why do gays live in Texas? Or in the South, for that matter. The majority of bigots live in the ‘red’ States.

  3. Bob says

    I read and re-read this trying to make sense of the first sentence. Finally it dawned on me that the second gay in the sentence should have read anti-gay. Btw, Timothy, in your effort to correct it, you got it wrong too.

    I would think being refused services because of their sexuality would be grounds for a lawsuit. Hope so.

  4. PAUL B. says

    As a small business owner I’ve often had the thought of asking my potential clients at the beginning of the negotiation…how they feel about marriage equality. Bang…right out of the gate! If they respond in a manner I approve of…they’re in. If not…I would politely ask them to look elsewhere for the service I provide. I could die a happy man if I could just do that once in my life.

  5. Chevytexas says

    Why Texas? Because those of you who seem to think you live in some blessed place are delusional. I travel all over America, small towns just like Everman which are the usual demi-suburbs, nothing worse. Everman has the usual mainstream Christian churches, chain restaurants and puhlenty of gay and gay-friendly hardworking folks. This was played locally as distasteful, “unTexan” and the sort of thing done by poorly-raised teens, not a mob, not an unfriendly dirt-poor wide spot. This is probably, if you’re lucky, the place you like to think you live in now.

  6. Brian in Texas says

    I live in Houston and we have a twice elected openly gay mayor and have one of the largest pride events in the country.

    The last anti-gay business that Andy reported on was from liberal Oregon.

  7. says

    a qoute fromt eh original article

    “it’s a banquet hall located just outside Fort Worth, Texas, called All Occasion Party Place (isn’t that funny, on a side note? I guess they mean all occasions except homosekshual ones). And it’s a good thing that it’s located just outside Fort Worth, because the city has an ordinance barring anti-LGBT discrimination in public accommodations. Ben Allen and Justin Hudgins are in the middle of planning a wedding, and on Monday they contacted All Occasion Party Place to schedule a reception for 150 people. No problem. Oh, but wait. Allen and Hudgins are evil sinners according to the bigots running the banquet hall, so no can do on that reception.”

  8. David Hearne says

    @ Bob

    We recently read of an ati-gay attack on a New York subway. Friday there was anti-gay vandalism reported in Bethesda Maryland (one of the wealthiest best educated communities in the US). The only two places I h ave witness anti-gay attacks first hand were in Washington DC and San FRancisco… I have never seen one in Baltimore, Atlanta, or the gulf beaches. My best friend and I danced without incident in every straight bar in Ocean City Maryland in the summer of 1978. I have never been uncomfortable in Houston either as a gay person or one walking down the street hanging on a black guy. In short, my experience doesn’t support your assessment.

  9. says

    then why do you refuse to put a face to your comments, Herr Hearne?

    if your life experiences have been so peachy and you have no fears as a gay man why do you continue to refuse to ever put a face to your commentary? just curious, Trolly Wimp 😀

  10. Chevytexas says

    Alright, ladies… enough geography awready. My point, if it was a bit stuffy for a Texan, was that this was called out and treated seriously by their community. We all like to think that, when pressed, our neighbors will step up. This seems to have been the good news from Everman. We already know that prejudice and hate have no acceptable zipcode.

  11. Stefan says

    Congratulations on having the ability to put a URL link on your name, Little Kiwi. It must be very fulfilling. Oh, and you’re a troll too. Let’s just all call each other trolls. So productive.

    Anti-gay incidents can happen anywhere gay people and anti-gay people live together. They can happen in supposedly gay neighborhoods and progressive neighborhoods. And they can happen in the places that might seem to make more sense, like areas with large Evangelical populations. David Hearne’s point was to stop indulging in stereotypes. I’m not sure why it bothers Herr Kiwi so much.

  12. says

    if you don’t yet know that Hearne is merely the alias-du-jour of this site’s resident black, woman and “liberal” hating trolls then you’re a dunce.

    i just like reminding them of how sad they are 😀

  13. andrew says

    Stop crying. Take your money some place else and get all of your friends and relatives to do the same. I am sure that there are even bigots in Texas who like the green color of “gay” money.

  14. Francis says

    The problem isn’t Texas per se. There are cool places in Texas. But if you go outside of the city centers, things get rough in a hurry. Homophobia, is a major issue in about 95% of cities in America. That’s the rather tragic long and short of it. Some places are more homophobic than others but there are very few cities in this country where you can outright avoid it.

    Yes, an Austin is more liberal and significantly more accepting than the suburbs of Fort Worth, and a San Francisco is significantly more accepting than an Austin. If only it were so easy to pack up and uproot yourself from where you live w/the economy being in the toilet.

    This isn’t the first case where a couple has been more or less intimidated by bigots to force them out of their house in Texas. There was a story a few months ago regarding a couple who moved from Northwest Texas due to constant harassment and graffiti.

    OH, and Andrew, shut up. How dare you. These guys are being harassed and you tell them to stop crying? You always side with the homophobes.

  15. andrew says

    @Francis: Of course I won’t shut up and you have no right to tell me to shut up. If you think that I am siding with the homophobes when I suggest to that couple that they take their money elsewhere and get all their friends and relatives to do the same, you don’t understand English.

  16. Francis says

    Is there any way to contact these two men for support? Are they getting any help from LGBTQ groups in Texas? Good to see the police is going to step up patrol in their neighborhood and has supported the couple, which often doesn’t happen in these rural towns. They need to get security cameras and look into buying a dog. I’m feel very badly for them. Being scared and feeling insecure in your own home must be a horrendous feeling.

  17. Francis says

    You’re right, I shouldn’t tell you to shut up, Andrew. I mean, it doesn’t mean anything, you’re going to say whatever you want, but I have a problem with the way you consistently don’t support the gay people being discriminated against. It’s always “get over it”, “stop whining”, etc. instead of showing some empathy and sympathy for people who have just had their humanities thrown in their faces. In that you’re siding with homophobes who call gay people whiners and say all we do is complain. And make comments such as “why don’t you just go to a gay venue/bar/restaurant/locker room/etc.”

    The answer is, yeah, you don’t give money to homophobes. But this type of blatant discrimination is completely wrong and can’t continue and it’s up to us to raise a stink every single time it happens to ensure it doesn’t continue occurring.

  18. andrew says

    @Francis: Once again you don’t understand English. Where did I say: “Why don’t you just go to a gay venue…”? I actually said that ” there are even bigots in Texas who like the green color of gay money”. I was suggesting that they take their money elsewhere and further suggested that they and their friends and relatives boycott these bigots. Learn to read English. Don’t just knee jerk react because I don’t say things exactly the way you like.

  19. Onnyjay says

    Sorry, lived in Tex-ass long enough to learn what sweet folks some of them can be, and what ass-hats the rest are. Don’t go there unless you want to deal with dirt, dust, heat, humidity, stupid headgear, really ugly boots and impaired mental and social development.

  20. UFFDA says

    STEFAN – I trust you know that KIWI has a long and well peopled history here of many who have lost respect for him. He is perfect proof that a fine intelligence is no measure of character or antidote to a bullying, intolerant nature. I used to be enamored, now he’s just little Fecal Face or Frankenfag to me… lipstick on a pig.

  21. Jellybean says

    Kiwi needs to work on his own blog instead of always wanting people to display who they are. It’s gotten OLD. And he never ONLY makes one comment on an article, but several. He is always meddling in U.S. affairs. GIVE IT A REST!!!!!!

  22. Brian says

    I am getting tired of people blaming any issue that happens in Texas on “Texas.” I related to Houston from Chicago (where I lived for 8 years) 2 years ago. I have never encountered homophobia in my personal life here and find everyone to be accepting and very libertarian. Libertarian is a good thing. Houston has a twice-elected openly gay mayor that everyone loves. San Antonio, Dallas and Austin are all amazing, very diverse places. I am sure outside of cities it gets a little weird, but what’s new? I personally try not to assume anything and be dismissive. I have learned from living here that my stereotype of Texas was unfounded.