Ghanaian Musician Wants ‘Romantic Date’ With Homophobic Peer

WanlovGhanaian musician Wanlov the Kubolor did something pretty remarkable on Valentine's Day, something many musicians wouldn't do even here in the relatively more gay-friendly States.

In a country where gay sex remains illegal, Wanlov told a radio host, "Gays are cool and not people who are out to rape you or anything." The remark was directed at Blakk Rasta, another Ghanaian musician with a history of gay bashing.

For Valentine's Day, Wanlov said, "God should turn me into a gay so that I can go on a
romantic date with Blakk Rasta."

"I want this wish because I want Blakk Rasta to know that gays are cool
and not people who are out to rape you or anything," he said. "I
only want to be gay and achieve that dream with Blakk Rasta and no one.
After the date, then I will want God to make me straight again." It's not the most positive endorsement for gay love I've heard, but definitely worth a shout out.

Unfortunately, Blakk Rasta's set in his way. According to him, his Rastafarian beliefs prohibit him from even entertaining the idea of liking gay people.

"I am a Rastaman and we do not take gay relationships lightly," he said after Wanlov made his comment. "It is not as if we do not know that gays have their basic human rights, but we do not support what they do, as in having sexual intercourse with a person of same sex."

He went on, "It is not that we are saying they should be beaten up, but we say it is an abominable act and we do not want to associate with it. So for Wanlov to say that about me, I am sure he was having a big joke or something. But if he is serious, then I am sorry because he would get disappointed. It won't happen."

Wanlov, I'm sure, could do far better.


  1. LOL says

    Why are the comments in this and many of the other posts repeated. Is somebody hitting the “post” button twice? DANNYEASTVILLAGE and RISE comments are posted correctly (once), but this repetition is quite common in other posts as well.

  2. Lover says

    Ghana is 62% Christian which means a high percentage of anti-gay Christian haters and funded by anti-gay Christian hate groups from America. Too bad these poor black are not smart enough to figure out that they are being used and when they are used up they will most likely be killed with HIV/AIDS so the white slave masters can take over their lands.

  3. Demian says

    Wanlov is just uttering the wish of many straight men. Make me gay for one night, I want to try it. And there is nothing wrong with being curious, we only get one chance at life.

  4. Demian says

    @LOL The server is extra slow today and we think we didn’t hit enter adequately the first time.

  5. David Hearne says

    @ jamal

    Read it again. I would bet that Lover is black. He’s promoting the view that HIV is a white weapon on the blacks of Africa so we can steal their treasure. This is a recurring meme in the hotep/dogon/Kmet “children of the most high” , blacks are the real Jews BS. Seriously, somewhere in the world, Howard University perhaps, is a giant BS machine that generates stubborn ignorance like that.