Illinois House Executive Committee to Consider Marriage Equality Bill on February 26

The Illinois House Executive Committee has set February 26 (at 3 pm) as the date it will consider SB 10, or the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act, passed by the Senate last week.

ILThe Chicago Phoenix reports:

The committee vote is the next hurdle the bill must overcome on its path to becoming law and needs at least six votes there before it is cleared to hit the full House floor.

Advocates are expecting success in the committee, which comprises seven Democrats and four Republicans, but anticipate a tougher road to the 60 “yes” votes required to pass the measure in the full House.

The Illinois Senate passed the bill on Valentine's Day in a 34-21 vote.


  1. Icebloo says

    FU#K !No wonder the USA is such a mess ! Just how many votes and committees do laws have to pass in this country ???!!!

    I can see now why we have fallen so far behind the rest of the world. We have let politicians screw us over time and time again – we even let them design these broken state political systems where they have added all these extra layers so they can make more money from the taxpayers.

    It’s time to cut out all this crap and get back to basics. Either put laws to the vote or don’t – stop wasting taxpayer’s money debating and debating and debating !

  2. LincolnLounger says

    It’s scary how politically ignorant too many people are on this board. This is how change happens — neighborhood by neighborhood by state by state. There’s no magic switch — it’s hard work.

    I’ve spent the entire week sending FB messages and e-mails as we are knocking on the door of marriage equality.

    If you people cannot help, then stay the hell out of the way. And for the love of God, knock of the whining. Too many of us have waited, worked, worried, and wept to make this change.

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