1. UFFDA says

    Somehow it ought to be gay people who help put a stop to this kind of crap. After all, he’s our friend.

    On the other hand he should, like George Clooney, just say “I’m not, but if you insist, go ahead, there’s nothing wrong with being gay.” Or words to that effect. It’s a lot better than having to remain silent, as Richard Gere wisely did, when rumor had it that he shoved live gerbils up his a@@. Imagine such trash! It’s far more than outrageous.

    Oh and Jackman’s wife should stay off the internet on this subject. It means noting. In addition she should not be telling Hugh what she finds.

  2. Drew says

    I really don’t think, at this point, that it’s unreasonable for Jackman to respond this way. Jackman’s been brave as hell to walk the line he’s walked and he undoubtedly knew the score, but while there’s nothing wrong with being gay, there IS something wrong with being a lying closet-case who’s using his wife as a beard–which IS what you’re saying when you claim Jackman’s gay.

  3. Kevin says

    I agree with @UFFDA, we should help kill this rumor. Jackman has been more than gracious about this crap, but it’s something else entirely when it begins to hurt his family.

    I have always hated rumor mongers, and even when the rumor is something I’d like to be true, it still sucks that there are people who spread falsehoods in a malicious manner.

  4. luminum says

    So, when Hollywood Reporter chooses to report on one thing he said in their entire interview, we believe he hasn’t expressed something? Or that HR just didn’t pick it as their juicy quote to run?

  5. luminum says

    So, when Hollywood Reporter chooses to report on one thing he said in their entire interview, we believe he hasn’t expressed something? Or that HR just didn’t pick it as their juicy quote to run?

  6. mark says

    Why does he have to say anything? Just because he is famous? So what? Who cares? People spend waaaay too much time thinking about the lives of celebrities. What changes if he talks?

  7. Rey says

    Jackman is a huge supporter and ally. And he is on-board with so many of us ogling his stunning good-looks and physique. People should lay off unless he starts saying hateful things (which he won’t, of course).

    My spouse would be irritated too by constant gossip identifying me as a secret hetero.

  8. Matt26 says

    Wonderful, handsome guy. He’s married and has kids and he seems loving and caring husband and father. I think it tells enough. He supports gay rights and it is so nice of him.

  9. jjose712 says

    I know i lot of times gay rumours are really true, but in my opinion Jackman doesn’t fit on the usual mold.

    First, he was married before being really famous, when closet cases marry, they do it to hide their homosexuality or debunk the rumours. When he married, there were no rumours because he wasn’t famous at all (and it takes some time before he was).

    Second, closet cases generally don’t do gay roles, and he did Oz in musical theatre, to more enphasis.

    And third, closet cases avoid talking about any gay thing, and he was an ally since long time ago. He talk about gay rights and was in pro gay projects.

    I was very surprised about how spread the rumours are, because as i say, he doesn’t fit the mold at all. Not even for a glass closet actor (it’s curious that glass closet actors are usually bashed a lot more than closet cases)

  10. GregV says

    We never seem to hear such false rumors in reverse form toward gay celebs. (“Ellen spotted having lunch in “East” Hollywood with a MAN (!), two months after being caught red-handed dancing with two male break-dancers in a straight bar. Is she hiding a hetero secret?!”)

    I can see how it would be annoying in either scenario to have it suggested that your relationship is a sham.

    But it sure will be nice someday when we’ve evolved enough that the whole concept of having a sham marriage to gain social acceptance or job security will be seen as an absurd relic of the homophobic past. The only way these rumors can exist is in the context of a homophobic society.

  11. KT says

    I think part of the reason the rumors still sadly persist is that Jackman’s wife is 13 years older than him; people say she is just a beard because a man who looks like that would be dating 21 year old model after model, not married to a 57 year old woman. God forbid a man fall in love with an older woman. I feel bad for them, not because people think he is gay but because by doing so they are saying there is no way a straight man like him would be married to a woman like her. It sucks and is unfair to her.

    Besides, JJose712 is right – closet cases stear clear of championing gay rights. And glass closet cases don’t date or marry women – they just don’t talk about their personal life (with the exception of their family, friends, pets, childhood, school years, bad habits, addictions, pet peeves, food perferences, favorite color, etc, etc)

  12. Markus says

    Jackman is gay. Anyone who has ever worked with him knows this. It’s not his job to come out and champion gay rights but he really should find a way to walk the line more effectively.

  13. jjose712 says

    GregV; Well there are obvious reasons to not work both ways. When you say you are gay, you are taking a risk, so there’s no reason to think the man or woman lie.
    On the other hand, we had tons of examples of people who say they were straight in every interview to come out of the closet some years later.

    And to be fair, there was a rumour abou Ricky Martin and a woman after his coming out, of course it was so absurd that died very fast

    KT: I never thought about the age of his wife, but you are probably right about that.
    Anyway, this is Hollywood, there are blind items (some times not so blind) about actors everyday.
    I think Hugh is very classy on his take of rumours, but in my opinion it’s not easy to stay cool.
    One thing it’s if you are single, but when you are married with children, they are not calling you gay, they are calling you a lier.
    I know being married in Hollywood doesn’t mean you are not gay (well, in other places either), but in my opinion Hugh simply don’t fit the mold of closet case

  14. SFshawn says

    Guess what Ms. Jackass your hubby is an actor and just like the thousands of closet cases including Rock Hudson(married 3 times!)and numerous others with marriages AND children it doesn’t mean they are REALLY ‘straight’,call it bisexual,call it WTF ever you want they have sex with other men. Just deal with it already. When an actor,politician,athlete LIE or DO NOT TELL THE WHOLE TRUTH then they are liars and hypocrites and should be called out on it EVERY TIME. After being out 30 years it’s not gay men who want all men to be gay but society and insecure “straight” women AND men who want EVERYONE to be STRAIGHT!

  15. dt says

    first off… “everyone knows he’s gay?”

    really? how do we know this? the only gay rumors i’ve ever heard about him were from reporters asking him about gay rumors.

    let’s just assume that he’s not living a lie and he’s straight and happy married. he’s allowed to be bothered by rumors about his sexuality… even while thinking there is nothing wrong with being gay. he’s in essense being called a liar and that’s not cool.

    the dude came up in the theater world… is there a safer place to be gay?

    and why do so many people “need” him to be gay? if he’s closeted and married, he’s a liar and fraud and frankly, we don’t need him… (personally, i think the guy is straight and we are all just applying the musical theater stereotype to him… not to mention the ageist and sexist idea that his wife must be a beard since she’s older and by society’s standards, less attractive than he is.)

  16. Eric says

    The problem is that our society is just aware enough to know that being married to a woman and having children doesn’t prove you’re totally and absolutely heterosexual, but not aware enough to know that a man can love musicals without being homosexual or bisexual.

  17. Joseph says

    A correction to SFShawn’s comment: Rock Hudson was married one time for 3 years, he was not married 3 times.

    I have no idea about Jackman. I’ve never read or heard of any credible evidence to indicate that he is gay, just the rumors. If he is straight, well, there are far, far, far worse problems than being perceived as gay. If he is gay, then he’s helping to spread the idea that being gay is shameful and I can’t respect a man who does that. So I hope he’s straight, unlike, say, Luke Evans, who we know for a fact is gay and is bearding it up for Hollywood success.

  18. Gabe R L says

    I admire Hugh, but I’ve never been able to completely dismiss the gay rumours, even though I don’t completely support them either. There are men who lie very convincingly about their sexual preference and cover their tracks well. But he might not be gay; he could be bi or what I call a little vague. He is an artist, and he has too much attractiveness, talent, and personality to be a straight man. Also, I do think spreading rumours is wrong, and that gay rumours are used justt for titillation.

  19. Stefan says

    The headline and story isn’t fair as presented, Andy. He didn’t say it bothered his seemingly idyllic life–that was a quote from the author of the story. And as many comments note, it would be upsetting to any spouse–or to any person–to be accused of being not only a liar but an unfaithful liar. I hate to think how we treat our enemies if we treat our friends like this.

  20. Isaak says

    Really, Frances? Everyone thats ever worked with him knows he’s gay? Hmm, well, I worked with him and he never seemed or acted anything but a loving husband to his wife. Not a cad, not a partier, not self obsessed, just a genuinely nice person doing good things. And THAT’S what everyone I know thinks of him, having worked with him.

  21. dt says

    seymore… i’m hoping that’s a joke… otherwise he’s got bigger problems!

    sam… i don’t think he complains about it… he gets asked about it all the time… purely because of his involvement in musical theater. had he only ever played wolverine, this wouldn’t even be brought up.

  22. Michael says

    Maybe someone has already pointed out the obvious here but he only said the rumors get to his wife.

    Where exactly is he saying he isn’t gay or bisexual.

    When it comes to these items, if the person doesn’t flat out say they’re totally heterosexual then the door remains wide open, if not flung open even more.

    Here’s an example: I am not gay.

    I didn’t lie, not at all. I am mostly gay.

  23. SFshawn says

    Joseph was correct and Rock Hudson was only married once. It was Cary Grant and his 5 marriages and multiple children that had me confused since he had that long term relationship with Randolph Scott yet all his children and ex-wives are convinced he was 100% hetro but he wasn’t. Hell, I even think Brian Brown with his 8 kids and his NOM group is a FLAMING SELF-LOATHING CLOSET CASE and no amount of impregnating women will erase that internalized homophobia his screams into the airwaves everyday.

  24. Janet says

    I’m a straight female. Who cares, seriously we really need to stop spreading rumours. I’m sure gay men would love it if Hugh were gay, he’s f**king hot. IT DOESN’T MATTER. I just want to say I can accept a gay leading man and still find him attractive. I hate the idea of ANYONE having to live lie because of how someone may judge them.

  25. Nooooo says

    OOOOOOOOO no. Please don’t be gay. He looks like he’s got a little penis as most heteros do. Not cute, even by gay standards. Remember. If they play hard on TV, they’re not hard in real life. In X men he can do all kinds of stuff (CG). In real life, he crashes into stages trying to do the same stuff he does in the movies. Please, don’t insult gay people by even toying with it. No one cares whether he is or not, just his publicists who feel he’s a small-peened uninteresting hetero guy.

  26. Anonymous says

    He must be really good to have someone like the CIA attack him, you know they always start rumors about people being gay to destroy their reputation. It is an old psychological warfare thing to destroy a successful persons reputation to tear them down if they get too big or successful or god at what they do.

  27. bostonbeat says

    1. I do believe the gay rumors…let’s not fool ourselves. In 30 years someone will write about it.

    2. We do put too much emphasis on celebs and their private lives

    3. Maybe they are a committed couple and have a PRIVATE understanding?

    4. He’s hot and a so-so actor. Hehe…

    That’s all.

  28. David Hearne says

    Awhile back I read a photographer writing that something he came to accept was that there were male models who really are straight. The quote was something like “I mistook their good genes for vanity and thought they were simply in the closet.”

    I found that to be a damning statement. When we see a handsome man and think he “looks gay” are we more often than not actually thinking “He looks vain, so he must be gay.”?

  29. FFS says

    There was an interview with Ricky Sinz a few years back (in an UNZIPPED article, I think) in which he teased that an A-list action movie star used to “enlist” his services and then belt show tunes at the top of his lungs while getting drilled up the go-go hole.

    I’ll admit, Jackman was my first thought. Seems like a perfect fit.

    Tommy Boy is no signer, after all.

  30. says

    To Mrs Hugh Jackman: What’s happening is wishful thinking writ large, in the age of social media at that. I apologize in behalf of all the homos in the world who just don’t buy “Hugh Jackman is Gay” but understand perfectly why we gays claim him for our team, whether he likes it or not. Hugh is everything we could wish for in a man, and while he’s not unique in being ‘equalitarian'(Clooney, Pitt, Franco, even Clint Eastwood)he can sing and dance, and that’s what really gets the screaming queens with jazz hands. Your husband is so perfect we want to take him away from you and own him. But let me qualify: most gorgeous-looking gays have no problewm with a straight Hugh Jackman. It takes all sorts. It’s the ugly insecure queers who find mountains out of every mole hill – and they all look like Perez Hilton. Think about it, Mrs. J: would Hugh really leave you for someone like Perez Hilton?

  31. Really says

    People think he is gay because he likes theatre and is a bit ‘camp’. Its stereotyping us as well as an attempt to demean him, so claiming he is gay is pure homophobia.

    The fact thats its usually gay people and our allies that claim he is gay is rather disturbing.

  32. Gazer says

    Hugh is the one of the Best Straight Allies we have ever had! He’s so talented and funny and can camp it up like no ones business but he’s in love with Deb and that’s that! It’s simple except we are harming him because the small minded people out there can get their heads around it! I remember his response to being called gay was “I Wish” There should be more like him and hopefully we can be decent enough to them as well! His kids are going to be old enough soon to be affected by this nonsense soon as well!

  33. Lymis says

    Why are the only options “Totally, 100% straight, completely monogamous” and “Totally gay, lying closet case in a totally sham marriage?”

    I know nothing whatsoever about Jackman’s sexuality or relationship, but I can look around the real world and see plenty of people who are genuinely in love in a solid relationship with their spouse, and who have a mutual acceptance that a little on the side here and there is fine, often for both partners. And that some of them are bisexual.

    And before anyone goes on about that being just a different form of being a lying closet case, being out about it would just create a media firestorm of “Who’s Hugh’s latest boy toy?”

    Jackman aside, the gay community has got to become a hell of a lot more supportive of bisexuals before we can start throwing this particular stone. For one thing, it takes all the power away from the ex-gay movement.

    I am ALL for taking down anti-gay assholes with whatever tools come to hand, especially if they are working against gay rights while being closeted themselves. But when someone is on our side, attacking them for however they live their sex lives, and even prying into it, is just wrong, unless they are being a hypocrite in some other way and gaining by it.

    Once it’s no big deal to be either openly bisexual or openly non-monogamous, then this sort of speculation might be merely entertaining. Until then, we’re participating in hurting someone who is on our side. I’d rather watch his movies and leave his private life to him.

  34. Rin says

    The gay rumors would bother me, too, if I were his wife. It has nothing to do with being gay, it is an indictment of HER. IF Hugh was married to Kate Beckinsale there wouldn’t be the gay rumor to contend with. What society is saying is that she’s older, chubby, and less attractive therefore he can’t possibly love her.

    Play that in reverse and you’d all feel the same way. I’ve seen young hot dudes with their older boyfriend and people will say they’re not gay they’re a gold-digger.

    It’s much the same. We’re all just shallow and looks oriented.

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