1. Rob says

    That’s the thing about going on Larry King Live- it’s a fairly public forum. You can’t act like the audience was eavesdropping on a private conversation, and ask for your privacy respected.

    Republicans embrace equality in fits and starts- it’s a real aching process for them. They have this notion that straight, white, Protestants really are better than gays, blacks and Jews and that mingling with us and our causes is a messy, distasteful business. I know, because I’m descended of them. I have golfed with them in country clubs, I have heard every despicable word of it.

  2. Brian in Texas says

    People are used in ads all the time without their permission. Usually it’s news anchors or political TV pundits. But, if she’s not fully supportive of equality it should be made known and she should be removed from the ad. We only want full supporters.

  3. johnny says

    Sorry, I smell a rat.

    There’s no conceivable way that the HRC did not contact her and/or that she didn’t know her image and quote would be used. I simply don’t believe this crap. I think someone has been pressured BIG TIME by the Right to get herself removed.

    Yes, if she’s going to be a turncoat on her own earlier beliefs, then we don’t want her on our side anyway.

  4. Francis says

    It’s fine. She’s just a turncoat. The ad has been seen by millions already, so it’s sort of irrelevant at this point, but yeah, she should be eliminated from the video. We don’t want fake supporters.

  5. Jack M says

    I agree with Johnny, the HRC would be smart enough to make sure it was legally OK to use her in the ad. I think Georgie and/or her in-laws made her do this. Gotta love the GOP.

  6. LOL says

    I think JOHNNY is correct. HRC is not the new kid on the block, and I’m certain that the professionals that operate the business are aware that it is standard operating procedure to notify and get permission to use images and quotations of people being featured in published articles.

  7. SeanUMich says

    Since this is an advocacy/political ad and it is not for commercial purposes, they really do NOT need her permission to use her words. If that were the case, almost every political ad out there would need to get the permission of their opponent when they used their image, likeness or actual quotes in an ad. I am sure Obama did not want some of the ads Mitt Romney ran used, and I also know Mitt Romney would certainly not want the “47% ” secret video used in an ad.

  8. candideinnc says

    As far as I am concerned, the approbation of Rethuglicans on ANY issue is the kiss of death to me. This woman was married to the worst president of all times. What the hell do I care what she thinks…much less Cheney! Do you really think they will change the minds of bigoted Rethugs out there?

  9. Mawm says

    Sorry Honey, but your statements are the public’s now. I’m sure some politician would love to be able to tell his opponent not to use his words in an attack ad.

  10. ratbastard says

    They of course should have at least as a courtesy informed her of their plans beforehand. Either way, they got publicity. Maybe this is the whole point.

  11. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Not exactly the same, but this reminds me of Cindy McCain’s flip flop on DADT, publicly complaining that gays can’t serve openly, then reneging later in statement saying she supported her husband’s position.

  12. Caliban says

    Yes, god forbid anyone from that heinous, craven family actually do anything for equality, ANY kind of equality. IIRC, some of her “pro-gay” statements were about when she recalled asking George W *not* to exploit anti-gay animus in the election because they had (the ubiquitous and invisible) “gay friends.” But he and Ken Mehlman did it anyway.

    From a legal standpoint she’s a public figure making a statement in a public forum and the HRC can use it if they want. However, since the depth of her support has all the weight of gnat fart in a wind-tunnel maybe they should remove it.

    I’m torn. Part of me thinks they should take the shallow tw@t to the wall and MAKE her publicly state she doesn’t support marriage equality before removing it. Letting her off the hook with this bullcorn over “permission,” which wasn’t needed to begin with, is too easy. It’s YOUR legacy, Pickles. Either state your position outright or stand by your own past words. Which is it going to be?

  13. Chris in Irvine says

    What a two-face b$&@h! I’m sure what she wants is to get paid to be on the ad. After all, who is going to support her husband’s “skill” of painting?

  14. AdamTh says

    The HRC should respect Mrs. Bush’s wishes and remove her segment from the ad. I can’t believe the HRC did not contact her first. Don’t turn this ad into a $1M disaster, it will cost a lot more than that to fix.

  15. Michaelandfred says

    um….Laura, you said this on tv already. In public. Anyone can youtube it, or use it. They’re not using you to sell a product, they’re just showing you actually saying what you said, when you said it. You think every time John Stewart or Colbert show and then mock a clip they ask permission first? That politicians ask their opponents if they can use a statement they made somewhere?

    You said it, millions watched it in real time, now it’s out there, forever. Thanks for the help!

  16. peterparker says

    The thing is, Laura Bush *never* stated that she supported marriage equality.

    When asked by Larry King whether or not she supported ‘gay marriage’, she said:

    “Well, I think that we outta definitely look at it and debate it. I think there are a lot of people who have trouble coming to terms with that because they see marriage as traditionally between a man and a woman, uh, but I also know that, you know, when couples are committed, um, to each other and love each other that, um, they outta have, I think, the same sort of rights as everyone else.”

    King then asks “So would that be an area where you disagree?”

    Bush responds, “Um, I guess that would be an area where we disagree. I mean, I understand totally what George thinks and what other people think about marriage being between a man and a woman and it’s a real reversal, really, for that to, um, to, um, accept that, gay marriage…

    King interrupts and asks “But you do?”

    And Bush responds “But I think we could, yeah.”

    That is *hardly* a ringing endorsement for marriage equality. If you look at her statement about having “the same sort of rights as everyone else”, that could EASILY be interpreted to mean all the rights of marriage except for the use of the word ‘marriage’–which we all know is a ‘separate but equal’ status and therefore unequal. But gay groups took Bush’s words, interpreted them in a way that fit their narrative that she was an ally, and ran with it as an endorsement of our equality–something that I truly don’t think she ever intended to express.

  17. Patric says

    Great point, PeterParker.

    The big point for me is that, regardless of what she might be saying now at a time when it is very convenient for her to do so and at a time when she is concerned about her own legacy, is that she really did nothing to stop the exploitation of bigotry against us when it was deemed critical to her family’s chances of holding on to the White House in a very close election in 2004 (after-the-fact recollections about what she asked her husband notwithstanding).

    I thought that the statements included in the ad from her and Powell were at best ambiguous in any event and could have been read as expressions of support merely for CUs.

    She’s been more a part of the curtailment of our rights than she ever will be a part of the advancement of our rights and I say we toss her to the side as quickly as she did the same to us in 2004.

  18. Jay says

    Laura Bush is a public figure who gave her opinion in a public forum. HRC does not need her permission to air the clip. Just another Republican hypocrite who keeps changing her story.

  19. Jay says

    Whatever, Laura –

    Either you said it or you didn’t. Clearly you said it. Now you want to backpedal?

    I have NO SYMPATHY for you and no, HRC shouldn’t take the ad down. You said it. You said it on a public television station, live, to millions of viewers.

    President Obama kept playing with the “I’m evolving” BS line for years…before, during and after the first election. He was caught on video repeatedly saying he thought marriage should only be between one man and one woman. BUT… he also was very clear that he thought Prop 8 was wrong. But that didn’t stop the Prop 8 supporters from using his voice in a Californian robocall 24 hours before the 2008 election to target swing voters to vote for institutionalized hate. His dissembling cost misery for millions of people and since has cost millions of dollars as we are still fighting Prop 8 in the courts even today.

    You want a free pass on your words? In the immortal words of John Geilgud: “Go screw yourself.”

  20. bobbyjoe says

    Who gives a sh*t what this noxious twit spouse of one of the worst presidents in American history has to say about anything? Laura’s just lucky she married a Republican, ’cause if it had been Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama who’d run a stop sign and killed somebody (like Laura did), the Repugs would still be bringing it up every five seconds, pretty much anytime they spoke about anything.

  21. pdxblueyes says

    Seeing how the right makes use of comments OUT OF CONTEXT all the time to make their political point, this is stupid. She’s being quoted completely IN THE CONTEXT of her statement. Funny how one sided that can be for the Republicans…

  22. mike ramon says

    bush has a right to her own opinion, if she does not like the idea of equality for gays and lesbians, then speak out and say it bush don’t hide your true feelings.

  23. andrew says

    Now if we could only get Cheney, one of the men responsible for the needless Iraq War that cost thousands of lives and over a trillion dollars to take his name off that ad. We don’t need his sort supporting our liberation.

  24. G McGinnis says

    All comments made in a public forum are fair game. If you don’t want something you say publicly to come back and bite you in the ass,don’t say it. I wonder if she had the same issue when Ron ran smear ad’s while campaigning using clips with comments his opponents said publicly. Hum.

  25. nick says

    This is disappointing coming from her. She should not have made the statements at all if she did not want people to hear them. What she said speaks for itself, it doesn’t matter if it’s in a commercial. If she wants to be taken out, though, I would take her out. It shouldn’t be seen as someone forcing her to make an endorsement she doesn’t want to give.

  26. Icebloo says

    This is public domain. She gave the interview on TV. They should not have to ask for permission.

    She is a typical Republican. She lies, lies, lies, lies, lies. I told you we can never trust ANY Republicans – they don’t have the same values as us – they are liars, backstabbers, immature, uneducated, self-serving fools.

    It just goes to show what a liar she is when she says all this in an interview when she is wanting us to buy her new book but when we ask her about it later she doesn’t support us.

    Now you know why she’s married to the biggest moron on the planet – she’s just the same as him. Money doesn’t mean they aren’t just white trash.

  27. Icebloo says

    A couple of years ago the Dallas gay Pride organizers wanted Laura to be the Grand Marshall. I protested and protested. Why the hell would we want such an evil, untrustworthy bi#ch like her in our event ?

    Having any Republican at a gay event would be like asking Hitler to attend a Jewish event !

    Laura Bush is white trash and her trashy, mouthy, dumb kids are even worse !

  28. Marco Luxe says

    OK Laura, only if you give a full statement of what you now believe. You can’t have it both ways by trying to opt out. Either you stand by your words, or you must publicly refute them and join the self-avowed ranks of un-American bigots. I await your press release.

  29. Equal Whether You Like It or Not says

    I’m extremely disappointed in Mrs. Bush, who is otherwise known to be a kind, thoughtful, intelligent and classy person.

    It is a pity and a shame that she has declined to step up and speak out unequivocally on the side of equality. I have to say that I am surprised at her lack of courage and independence. The positive image that I have had of her has faded considerably today.

  30. Onnyjay says

    She’s as much an idiot as her husband, who no doubt had a lot to do with her change of mind (?) on the subject. Eff them all, and never let them steal high office again. Really, never again.

  31. MikeH says

    Chad Griffin when asked directly by Chris Matthews yesterday on Hardball admitted that they didn’t ask anybody for permission. Matthews already knew the answer to the question before he asked it and wasn’t at all surprised, nor did materially change anything about the ad or it’s point. The fact is that all the people quoted in the ad are public people making statements in a public forum. You don’t need their permission to rebroadcast the statements. It’s fair use. As for Bush asking that her statement not be used… too bad. If she wants she can come out and backtrack or whatever she wants to do… they will just draw more publicity to the ad and in fact raise questions about why she phrased her statement that way in the first place. Clearly a no win for her. HRC should just ignore her and if the press asks questions to HRC about it, they should just refer them back to Bush. HRC was really smart in this… they took a page from the GOP playbook and used public statements by conservative figures to further the cause of marriage equality. As Fox News knows, it is first impressions that stick in peoples minds. I think it is hilarious the right wing is whining about their own tactics being used against them.

  32. GoProud Jay says

    Proud of Laura for sitting idly by while the self-serving gay media and their pat-themselves-on-the-back liberal minion buddies, who will use any and anything little thing to further their media agenda, try to exploit her.

    Jeb Bush ’16!

  33. grego says

    We don’t need or want spokespersons who don’t support the cause. Maybe she wanted a paid endorsement, i dunno, but if they didn’t get her permission, especially with the luke warm tone of the comment she gave Larry King, they need to apologize and remove any reference to her.

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