Mario Lopez to ‘Streak’ on ‘Extra': PHOTO


I've just been sent this preview shot of Mario Lopez disrobing for a 'streak' on Extra tonight. I assume it's related to the Super Bowl given his attire. I'm also assuming that given his propensity for stripping down and showing off he doesn't really mind that he lost the bet.


  1. disgusted american says

    I dont care what Mario Lopez looks like – and I know we all make mistakes – but seriously Dude- YOU Cheated on your Wife Ali Landry on YOUR Honeymoon?????? …dude, Im gay – but even I see she’s HOT…..your EGO Bugs me!

  2. Felix says

    Nice people from the blogsphere: kindly reminding you that the best way to get rid off a FAME WHORE is to avoid posting on their threads. either positively or negatively. Thank you.

  3. Bill says

    He cheated on his wife during their honeymoon? Where did that come from?

    I once heard about a straight guy who caught his girlfriend in bed with another guy a week before they were to be married. It’s no surprise that the wedding was canceled at the last minute. This particular straight guy was somewhat homophobic, so maybe it was “karma”. Hey, maybe that is a good rumor to spread around: act homophobic, and your girlfriend will cheat on you. If you can get the yokels to believe that …

  4. ThomT says

    @David – yep, Mario is “pushing” 40 (born Oct. 10, 1973). And, while I’m no fan of Lopez, I will say that I know plenty of guys who are “pushing” 20 and 30 that aren’t anywhere close to the physical condition he’s in at 39. While I don’t think he has any real talent I have to admit that he certainly knows how to care for and market what he does have. I know it’s hard for some young people to believe but 40 isn’t the last stop before death.

  5. Gabe R L says

    Bill: that was a ridiculous statement. Whether he was homophobic or not it still is sad what happened to him. It would only be karma if she cheated on him with a gay guy.

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