1. Jordan says

    Is it just me or 2013 proving to be a really poor year for marriage equality and gay rights thus far (in this short time span) but after the incredible momentum we gained this past election…I figured SOME of these battles would be slightly more triumphant.

    Rhode Island was a bit of a disaster. An overwhelming blue state, where democrats all but run the entire show, and a majority of the state is in favor of gay marriage yet….stand sill there.

    Wyoming…we thought we had it, but couldn’t get civil unions.

    Now this in Hawaii?

    So far it’s been a big bust.

  2. MiMi says

    Either our organizations and LGBT got complacent after our victories, or the bigots got more galvanized. But this is definitely frustrating and the third state in a row where we’ve come short this year. If we fail in Illinois, then we need to go back on the drawing board because we’re clearly not putting enough pressure on our elected officials when THEY are the ones halting our progress, and their constituents are in favor of our rights (usually was the other way around)

  3. johnny says

    Everyone is waiting on the Fed, IMO. That’s why you are seeing this thing get shelved in so many states and sort of stalling out. Once SCOTUS hears and decides on DOMA and marriage equality, you’ll see the rest of the country fall into line (depending on how that goes.)

    Until then, it’s simply not hot enough either direction.

  4. Francis says

    Fear of backlash.

    Also, Wyoming is one of the most conservative states, and both Hawaii and Rhode Island, while being blue states, have major religious factors in place. Karl Rhodes has been pro-gay consistently but he didn’t want to set up the marriage equality bill to fail. Teresa Pavia-Weed in Rhode Island has been essentially blocking the vote in the state Senate. There are anti-gay Catholic Democrats in power in Rhode Island who have colluded to ensure marriage equality isn’t passed or there is a major fight before it does pass with deep concessions given by the liberal Democrats in return.

    It’s looking more and more like the ballot route is becoming more palatable than the legislative route in most states, as sad as that is. Legislators have churches in their ears as well as often their own families, and anti-gay constituents, who are scaring these bigots into waffling on our rights. Everything points to Illinois passing equality soon but very disappointed that a year that appeared to be potentially a huge one for marriage equality isn’t going to be quite as wide-reaching. Goes to show we’re still that untouchable fringe minority in the eyes of many.

  5. Francis says

    Johnny is also right. In fact in Rhode Island and a few other states, DOMA and Prop 8 have been brought up as reasons not to make a move on marriage equality. That if these two are struck down it gives these weak legislators an out to support equality themselves.

    BTW, the Honolulu mayor came out in support of marriage equality yesterday afternoon.

  6. Amir says

    The thing with waiting for SCOTUS decision is that; I’m a firm believer in SCOTUS decision call could have been influenced for the better by at least one state passing marriage equality before they meld minds. That would have given our side more pull and strength and I was confident we’d get another state under our belt. I do agree with other commentators that if we don’t get Illinois, then NOM and company are definitely getting in the ears of our elected leaders and we need to up our game.

    SCOTUS is not going to give a general sweeping endorsement of marriage equality for every state in the union. So we can’t afford to just let this states slide.

  7. Peter M. says

    “…he determined there was not the political will for a gay-marriage bill this session.”

    WTF does that mean? Hawaii is an overwhelmingly blue state, marriage equality is on the Hawaii Democratic Party platform (“We support the rights of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex community to equality before the law, including the right to equal relationship recognition including but not limited to equal MARRIAGE RIGHTS rights both at the State and Federal level.”), a majority of Hawaiians support same-sex marriage according to several polls but “there was not the political will for a gay-marriage bill”?!!?
    SHAME ON YOU Hawaii Democratic Party!

  8. says

    Amir is right. States shouldn’t wait for the SCOTUS decision as it’s unlikely it will be sweeping, and adding at least one more state to the equality column before the cases are heard in March will help send the signal that the trajectory is inevitably towards equality. That’s why having a big state like Illinois achieve equality soon is important. It’s too early to tell whether 2013 will carry forward the 2012 election momentum–in some states the momentum may have created more ambition that the political ground game was willing to hold. States with their political ducks in a row should push and push hard.

  9. johnny says

    Hold on a sec…

    I’m not ENDORSING states to sit it out and wait for the fed, I’m only saying that’s what they’re most likely doing.

    And, no, it’s not helping our cause.

  10. Francis says

    No-one said you were endorsing anything, Johnny :)

    Peter, don’t make the mistake that having a D next to your name equals liberal. In states like Hawaii that often is not the case. These guys have the fundies in their ears. And are fundies themselves. Legislators are not our friends in most cases, we’ve seen that time in, time out. Time to really funnel our efforts and political will into ensuring marriage passes in Illinois.

  11. Icebloo says

    Shame on the Democrats ! They all said they supported us when they wanted our money & our votes !

    If there is no political will in Hawaii for gay marriage then thrre is no will for gay people to pay our taxes !

    I am DISGUSTED with the Democrats in Hawaii !

  12. Icebloo says

    Gay marriage is now in the official platform of the Democratic party so ALL states with a Demicratic majority should be approving gay marriage automatically.

  13. Icebloo says

    Gay marriage is now in the official platform of the Democratic party so ALL states with a Demicratic majority should be approving gay marriage automatically.