1. BETTY says

    I think she was just too lazy to take down her Christmas decorations LOL. Btw, am I the only one who didn’t like her second Christmas album?? I loved the first and really looked forward to the second one to come out. After I left the store I listened to it in the car…by the time I got home I wanted to toss the CD out the car window!

  2. Sergio says

    Her obsession with Christmas is weird. She had the whole month of December to celebrate for crying out loud. She really needs to grow up. And I agree with Betty – her second Christmas album sucked.

  3. Icebloo says

    Mariah is just trash. The more she reveals of herself the more I see she is dumb and trashy. How lucky she was to be born with a good voice because otherwise she would be living in a trailer.

    Her husband has the personality of a brick. I will never know how he made a name for himself as a TV presenter because he is BORING, BORING, BORING. Many times I have seen him interview funny celebrities who joke with him and give him a great line to feed off but he is never smart enough to get it. What a moron.

    These two deserve each other.

    It is depressing to see such finanical rewards heaped on two such undeserving individuals.

  4. Matthew says

    @icebloo Only really intelligent people deserve to be financially successful?

    While Mimi and her husband may not have been born with the biggest brains on the planet, they used what they were given.

    In Mariah’s case, a 5 octave voice. I’m not sure what Nick has, but he wasn’t born into wealth so whatever he’s doing to secure a hosting gig, his own radio show, and an executive position at Nickelodeon, it seems to be working.

    Good luck to them both. That screeching is pretty terrible though. Definitely prefer the first album.

  5. Greg says

    Lord knows I love me some Mimi, but she just seems so freaking childish and over bearing in this clip. I imagine all the eye rolling her myriad of assistants must do behind her back. Re-Christmas? Really? Cant you just polish off a bottle of wine and watch bad tv like most of us NYCers did during last nights storm? lol

  6. Marky says

    I have to say I love this woman!

    For you all that says “Merry Christmas II You” sucks, you are crazy!! Please get on those meds!! I got it and loved it. I am shocked that she wrote “Christmas Time is in the Air Again” it sounds like a timeless classic. “When Christmas Comes” “Charlie Brown Christmas” are amazing and NO ONE has EVER sang “Oh holy night” better than her, check YouTube if you need to. I know “Betty the Troll” didn’t buy it or throw it out of the window but I recommend it to everyone. It is the only CD I have bought in the last few years in which I liked all the songs.

  7. Marky says

    And how can I get hired on MiMi’s staff? That guy holding the dog is SMOKING HOT.

    I will say the song in the background is good her singing with her classically trained mom, BUT this is my criticism off MiMi I saw the live show on TV and her mother….hmmmm…could have used a facelift. I’m surprised she didn’t have her mom fixed up (unless mom doesn’t want it)

  8. BETTY says

    Ouch Marky you really hurt me (sarcasm). Not that I have to explain myself to a fellow “troll” but I did buy it. At Best Buy and full price for that matter. FYI: I never said I really threw it out the window, I said I WANTED to throw it out the window. Read Marky (or whatever name you normally post as).

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