1. woodroad34 says

    Better question is: why does anyone ask his opinion? He’s outmoded, non-thinking, gut-reactionary. The worst possible person to get a reasoned answer from. His religious rights trump everyone else.

  2. Gr8guyca says

    Can Ken Mehlman be forgiven for his past action as a dominant player in the Republican party and using that to advance an anti-gay agenda? Perhaps not. But, if there is something that can serve as penance, then he is doing that.

    One cannot overstate the importance of the amicus brief that he filed.
    By bringing in prominent Republicans – and the list seems to be growing – he has provided a Conservative rationale that might appeal to the Conservative Justices. It also gives those Republican Justices more “cover” in their decision. And it adds to the impression that equal marriage rights iare no longer a Democratic value; they are a human

    Will this persuade Scalia? No. Nothing will. He will go down as being on the wrong side of history and one of the worst Suoreme Court Justices in history. He will be seen as the arrogant, bigoted, mean-spirited person that he is. His narrow – and wrong-headed – approach to the Constitution should have nade him unfit for his position. He has, for many, diminished the prestige of the Supreme Court.

  3. MaryM says

    Ken Mehlman can only be forgiven when those states which outlawed marriage equality thanks to his toxic efforts, overturn those decisions.

    Until then Mehlman remains a hideous slimeball who deserves utter contempt.

  4. Abel says

    His pancake makeup appears to have been troweled on today. I keep wishing this troll would go away, but he keeps popping back up, determined to remain visible in hopes of some remaining political career.

  5. Neil says

    Weren’t the Jim Crow laws overturned by the courts instead of by “the people”? I would love to hear someone ask Santorum if he feels the same way about those judicial decisions that changed the fabric of American society fo the better, even against the will of many people.

  6. Bob Hope says

    I’m hoping Santorum plays a huge role in the 2016 Presidential primaries because he’s the ultimate spoiler.

    His Chicken Little approach to marriage equality drives Middle America to our side.

    At the same time, he forces moderate Republican candidates to the far right on social issues which makes the whole party as unelectable as Santorum is himself.

    I say the more Santorum press coverage, the better.

  7. mark says

    Isnt the stillborn child the one he took home to the family kept it over night and slept with the body? Now thats real family value. He is just sick and closeted

  8. Zero is Not My Hero says

    The simplest questions, Santorum has no answers for. Ask him how marriage equality hurts his marriage, and he’ll ask you how it helps him. There is no ‘there’ there.

  9. Jim Stone says

    I personally don’t think a frothy mix is “good for our country!” Sorry Ricky..homophobia thankfully doesn’t win votes anymore. Crawl back under a rock you bigot!

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