Morrissey: If More Men Were Gay, There Would Be No Wars

Morrissey gets a question about politics from Rookie magazine:

MorrisseyWhat political causes mattered most to you back then, and are they still important to you now?

War, I thought, was the most negative aspect of male heterosexuality. If more men were homosexual, there would be no wars, because homosexual men would never kill other men, whereas heterosexual men love killing other men. They even get medals for it. Women don’t go to war to kill other women. Wars and armies and nuclear weapons are essentially heterosexual hobbies.

The most political gesture you can make is to refuse to eat animals. It was so when I was a teenager, and is still the case now.

Morrissey was mocked on Tuesday night by Jimmy Kimmel after canceling an appearance because Kimmel had booked the cast of Duck Dynasty as well. Duck Dynasty is an A&E show about a Louisiana family that hunts ducks. Morrissey called them “people who, in effect, amount to animal serial killers.”

The WaPo reports:

Tuesday night, Kimmel was sincerely unapologetic for the snafu, telling his audience a young band from Denver called Churchill had very nicely stepped in for Morrissey, whose stance Kimmel said he “respects” – and about as convincingly as Seth MacFarlane saying he respects TV critics.

  “There’s a very good reason why I didn’t dump ‘Duck Dynasty’,” Kimmel explained. “It’s because they have guns and Morrissey doesn’t.”

 And if Morrissey is really serious, he shouldn’t be making TV appearances of any kind, Kimmel continued. For instance, when he appeared on David Letterman’s show recently, “there had to be an Outback Steak House ad in the mix.”

 Morrissey, Kimmel concluded, “keeps finding ways to depress us.”


  1. Rich F. says

    Every time Morrissey opens his mouth, I want to eat a double bacon-cheeseburger. Or an 18oz Porterhouse. Or a freshly-boiled lobster. Or a venison tenderloin. Or a half rack of ribs.

  2. Oh, the hypocrisy says

    Whoa — that’s not the right headline! I know Towleroad. When a comment like this is made, the headline and the lede have to include the words hateful, bigoted, slur, harmful stereotype, etc.

    Oh, wait. This was said by a gay man about straight men? Whatever, then. Totally different rules. But no pathetic hypocrisy here … somehow.

  3. Fensox says

    Kinda a good point from random troll. This post isn’t any different than the AFA posts you do. Idiot says idiotic thing that involves gays.

    There is less malice here as Morrissey is an aging musician.

  4. fern says

    I believe there is truth in what he says and I commend him for having the courage to say it (about both hetero men liking to kill each other and the duck serial killers). Brilliant and compassionate people show society for what it really is. Love him for bringing truth into the world!

  5. Moz's says


    There would be just as many wars if more males were gay.

    Now a discussion could be had that if males were a smaller % of the population and females a larger % that there would be fewer wars, but that would be getting into science and not just morrisey’s ( a musician) opinion

  6. ratbastard says


    Agreed. But then the U.S. would be calling Russia on the hotline asking what’s the matter, and they’d be saying ‘Nothing,why!’ And the British would be fretting about why France didn’t send any Christmas card this year.

  7. Mark says

    Yes–because places gay men frequent are always wonderful, all-accepting bastions of peace, empathy, harmony and inclusion. Gay men abhor conflict and drama–just look at the Towleroad comment section! LOL

  8. Kyle says

    Antiquity is full of examples of homoerotic warmongers: Alcibiades, Alexander, Hadrian. And an 18th-century example is Frederick the Great.

  9. ron says

    That weirdo hasn’t been interesting or relative since 1991. He and Sinead O’Connor should get married.

  10. ron says

    That weirdo hasn’t been interesting or relative since 1991. He and Sinead O’Connor should get married.

  11. Shelly says

    I think, though he’s clearly dealing in sweeping generalities, there is a small kernel of truth in that feminine structures and relations tend to be more lateral and masculine ones more hierarchical, and that this is reflected in contemporary culture along a gender spectrum with more effeminate males being less likely to attempt to solve problems through violence compared to the more traditionally masculine approach. But, to take that all out of historical and cultural context and state this as an overall “fact”/prediction is obviously wrong as others have noted, and in pragmatic terms a useless one at that.

    Seems to me humanity has gotten as far as it has by balancing laterality/cooperation with hierarchy/competition, and though there’s always room for improvements in getting that balance correct in various spheres of life, either extreme on its own is problematic. And though we can abstract these tendencies along gender lines, it’s likely counterproductive to do so.

  12. moike says

    Keep in mind he’s doing a US tour right now and this is definitely getting him in the press. More so than if he’d actually done the show, and honestly expecting Morrissey to do the show with animal hunters on it is delusional.

  13. MichaelJ says

    Wars are not motivated by some inate desire of men to kill other men. They have more to do with controlling resources (e.g., oil), the interests of people who profit from wars (e.g., weapons developers, companies like Haliburton that provide services to the military), and leaders who find wars a good way to rally public support and power for themselves. Perhaps their outsider status makes gay people somewhat more likely to think critically about the economic and political powers that be, but there are certainly plenty of gay men adn women who get behind war efforts and plenty of heterosexuals who don’t.

  14. David Hearne says

    Bull. If I were dictator, the first thing I would do is therapeutically eliminate one billion people from the face of the planet.

    War is the natural state of mankind.

  15. David Hearne says

    Michael- that’s very simplistic. War is about ideas and identity. The Islamic Jihad is not about acquisition of wealth, in fact it thrives on poverty. The Jihad is about acquiring territory and giving it Islamic names, about acquiring people whether willing or unwilling to bow and scrape to desert gods.

  16. Scott says

    Thank you, @MichaelJ- very intelligently and thoughtfully stated. As a younger guy, I’m not too familiar with all of Morrisey’s work, he’s an “ok” artist, but honestly, his personal life and statements make him sound like a complete bore and borderline jerk.

  17. Bill says

    It will be interesting to see him explain the Spartans.

    Or (if scurrilous Roman rumors were true) Julius Caesar. In Caesar’s case, he denied it, but the actual claim was that he was a bottom, and due to his status, he was expected to be a top. At the time it was very common for political enemies to slander and libel each other, and there were no legal remedies, so one can’t take any rumors very seriously.

  18. nikko says

    oh please, he’s just stating the obvious-straight men are way more violent than gays, that’s why the world is as war-ravaged as it is and why the biggest party- poopers are straight guys. Can’t believe you guys didn’t applaud him for that truth.

  19. says

    I’m tired of statements like this. It’s like when people say, “If there were more women running the world, there would be no wars.” Let’s ask Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir, and Indira Gandhi how that worked out…

  20. TonyJazz says

    Mozz has always had a bit of a ‘prima donna’ air about him, but that is often true of outstanding artists….

    Don’t many of you appreciate the finest rock back of the 80s (the Smiths!)?

    I wish him all the best….

  21. Firestorm says

    “Homosexual men never kill other men”?

    Alexander The Great, John Wayne Gacy, Andrew Cunanan (the guy who killed Versace) and Jeffery Dahmer would beg to differ, Mozzie.

  22. Derrick from Philly says

    “Bull. If I were dictator, the first thing I would do is therapeutically eliminate one billion people from the face of the planet.

    That’s an awful thought, David. And after you’re done what would you populate Europe, Rusia, the United States & Australia with? Muslims? (Leave Canada alone)

  23. ble.d_out.color says

    Yea I just wanted to chime in and commend Shelly on her extremely balanced and intelligent comment. I was going to respond to the generalizations and frankly unfair comments Morissey made against straight men but she pretty much nailed it.

    So I’m just going to laugh at the use of the term “animal serial killers”. Seriously, this a**hat needs to take a course in psychopathology and stop likening omnivorism with murder with the intent to inflict pain. That being said, I *REALLY* dislike the backwards hicks of Duck Dynasty, so in this case I cant bring myself to care that much if someone tries to read them for filth. He just picked the wrong aspect to complain about in my opinion. If someone wants to eat veggies and no meat fine. And vice versa. But please leave your morallistic superiority out of it, k thanx?

  24. David Hearne says

    Derrick – It was the muslims I was thinking about ejecting. Which billion people did you think I would vaporize?